[CASE STUDY] How I managed to make $8 from Fiverr using PLR/MRR products

[CASE STUDY] How I Made $8 Selling Products On Fiverr (PLR/MRR)

Hey again. So, I decided to finally bite the bullet and release this case study about selling products on Fiverr. Let’s go.


So, some years back (2013) I came across a method that a man called Fergal Downes gave me due to a free WSO in the WSO section of the warrior forum.

Here’s the link: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers/626107-free-fiverr-wso-1000-per-month-fiverr-method-only-work-30-mins-per-day-free-video-course.html

It was called Fiverr Sniper and I think it was a 7 part video course. (I actually still have it… maybe if I ask Fergal he might let me give it away… lol)

Anyway, I started to use the video course in late November of 2013… and I did make TWO sales selling products on Fiverr. LOL.

Here is where I screwed up…

There’s a specific part in one of his videos where he says to (and i’m paraphrasing) “use good quality products from master-resale-rights.com”

(I can’t really delve more into this information without asking permission first, so I’ll do that asap and get back to this specific part.)

I decided to use very old products that you, your mom, pop, kids and grandparents could probably find on the net for free (even today).

You wanna know how old? Look at the one (and only) product I listed on this site. That’s how old.

(I may most likely add more products to this site so the previous statement may most likely be invalid by the time you’re reading this… so to make things clear, the title of the product was “7 Ways to Affiliate Profit”.)


The Method (Selling Products On Fiverr)

There was a package I got a hold of that had that product and many others. I sold that product and many others out of that “package”… if you know, you know.

I did a two-for-one deal, so If you bought one gig, you could have another gig for free.

AND IT WORKED!!!!! Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. But it was short lived… only for a little bit of time.

The second buyer I got smartened up and found my products I was selling on Fiverr… somewhere else most likely (for free).

He had demanded that I refund him, but instead I asked him if I could help him out any further.

He replied that he wanted an ebook about traffic, so I sent him a more in depth product on that.

(and he was ok with that).

All in all, because that happened, I wasn’t really ecstatic on continuing selling “products” on fiverr.

As a result, they eventually paused themselves or got deleted one way or another, either by me or fiverr.

Also, some products just couldn’t be sold on fiverr at all. (“21 Income Streams” lol)


You Can Do This Too

So, if you want to make this work for you, here’s what I would suggest:

Go ahead and get plr and mrr products and market them well on fiverr.


Lastly, if you could distinguish from the original product (by rebranding, or changing, rewriting, etc.) before you sell it then your products will be on a whole different level.

Only problem is that for some (like me who may be lazy), it may take too much time or work to do so.

But look on the bright side; at least you’re not creating a sales page and all that jazz…

With all that said…

I think I might jump back into this one. I thought I had it good by just (recently) releasing a product as a gig that is SOLID in terms of information.

Unfortunately, I never really fleshed out all 20 gigs on my profile (to pull customers due to giving away a free extra gig).

Also, I didn’t make it easy to attract customers (by doing image or video promotion).

So, of course I wasn’t making any sales. But, when I did make those two sales, they came pretty fast due to the promotions on site of fiverr.


To Conclude

So, yep, there you have it. I’m gonna get in contact with Fergal and see if I can drop more information here… but I hope he doesn’t kill me for dropping this one for your future research:


At least the silver lining for me here is… I still have a 5 star record on fiverr…?

EDIT 2021: I decided to remove the product from this website and the store, hence the reason why you cannot go to the “shop” or “store” area of this website.

I kind of messed up woocommerce here so I figured it would be easier to start anew somewhere else.

So  if you’re reading this post edit, you won’t see the store link.

But, if you’re that eager to see what it used to look like, the wayback machine is your best friend.

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