What’s your best free traffic method for promoting rebranded/rewritten plr products?

So I always thought of this in the back of my head. But it didn’t necessarily go like this.

Let me explain. You see, the idea of promoting plr products sounds great, especially after you have either rebranded them or rewrote the content. But then what?

You may come across a biz-in-a-box type offer every now and then, or every week! All of these usually have the same type of “take action guidelines” which are:

  1. Customize
  2. Upload
  3. Send traffic
  4. Profit!

Sounds great, right!?? Maybe, and I’ll tell you why I picked maybe.

Customize is just like what we just talked about (up above these sentences, rebrand, rewrite, etc.)

Upload. Basically upload your files. Duh.

Send traffic. Whoooooooooooooa. Hold up. You mean send traffic to the sales page? How do I do that?

Good question.

Well if you look at one of my past posts you’ll see that I put an all in one traffic guide out there for free (I didn’t write it, I tried to give the creator credit but he/she disappeared).

But, that all in one guide is geared more towards a continuity type setup (or more like a niche setup). To break this down, the guide I gave you for free applies to one niche at a time.

Which means that I can’t rebrand/rewrite multiple plr ebooks and promote it with the tactics in the all in one traffic guide.

Put simply, the guide was made to help one niche and not multiple (niches at the same time, under one domain, etc.)

Now I’m not saying you can’t make a living off of rebranding/rewriting plr products and selling them. You can. BUT… where are you going to get this traffic from? Are you going to create multiple blogs for each product and their respective content for each?

(Mind you, blogs are not necessary to promote a product. BUT, it does give huge benefits to the owner of the site [i.e. its a homepage or a site that people can go back to vs. just promoting on an email list where nobody knows you or can’t really get to know you unless they reply back to an email, which is very slim!])

Say you had 10 products. That’s 10 extra blogs! Mind you, tack on the SEO work and the auto responder (the money is in the list, remember?)

Now what if that number goes up to 20 blogs, 30, maybe 50 or 100!?!? The potential is huge but the workload would be enormous for one person. So with that said, unless you have an outsourcing team who can take care of this, blogging is pretty much off the list unfeasible.

Facebook and solo ads are great, but they cost money!!!! But if you got the money, might as well. But for those who are not that fortunate and are hoping to turn their last $20 into $100, what do they do?

Free traffic methods. That’s what we have to do. We got to get our traffic the free way, by spending our time to drive traffic to our site(s). At the time of this writing, there is no clear-cut guaranteed method for free traffic (yet).  Simply put, there are too many methods for free traffic. Worst of all, the time spent trying to get free traffic you will never get back.

So why don’t we make this pretty efficient and put out all our best “free traffic methods” for others to learn about.

Paid traffic is good but if I can get it for free? Now you’re talking my language.

I did a little bit of research cause I didn’t want to leave this post high and dry. I ended up finding a link on the warrior forum to an all-in-one traffic tips thread. I was really hoping on finding strictly “free traffic methods” but this should suffice until I come up with something else. I sincerely hope this is helpful for you.


P.S. The reason customers (or users of plr) can buy these biz in a box(es) or all these different types of plr is because they are actually using it due to already having a following. What do we do if we do not have a following yet?

Till next time… and I know I said I would do that product review. Hopefully it’s next.

p.p.s. If you’re looking for a free traffic generation guide, check out my post here.

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