Well... some internet marketers might hate me for pulling attention to this one... but it is what it is.

[FREE VIDEOS] How to Rebrand your PLR Ebooks 

Well… some internet marketers might hate me for pulling attention to this one… but it is what it is.

My good friend (his excellency) Arun has these great videos on figuring out a PLR strategy. On his website (flaminghotplr.com) he also sells PLR content and gives ways to use it (like I do!)

EDIT 2021: Due to flaminghotplr’s reconstruction, I decided to upload the whole series on my YouTube channel since I have the rights to it.

I unlisted it, just like my other series I posted here on my blog. So, you won’t find it if you go to my channel.

You will only find it if you come here or search YouTube (and find that someone else uploaded it too).

EDIT 2023: I decided to place all the videos here (1 and 1/3 years later from the original playlist link post [LOL]). I realized that everyone might not want to watch a sequential playlist, so hence the change up.

So forgive me if this page loads super slow now. It is what it is.

Own the PLR Strategy video series so you can watch it anytime, anywhere and sell or rebrand it yourself! Click here to check it out.

To top it off, he also has a readily accessible video course on rebranding your plr ebooks and creating funnels for them. For FREE.

Check it out at: flaminghotplr.com/plr-course

EDIT 2021: As said above, flaminghotplr.com is in the midst of reconstruction. So, this PLR Course I wanted you guys to see is actually “PLR Powerhouse”. You can find it on YouTube, it’s a 12 part series.

Mind you, while we’re at it, I might as well give you another trusted source. His name is Aurelius Tjin and his site is unstoppableplr.com

He’s got a 2-hour PLR training camp that he is hosting. All for FREE on the same topic (of rebranding/rewriting plr).

Check it out at: unstoppableplr.com/plr-training-camp

You might wonder,

“Why would you think that internet marketers might hate you for this?”

It’s really ’cause I’m basically giving you a link to a paid product (for free, hosted at someone else’s site).

The same product that these “im marketers” are selling (on Udemy or wherever else) someone else is giving away for free… and I have made note of that.

You see, while we can still edit plr videos and stuff and add our own brand/watermark in front of it, it’s still the same video.

With that said, its easy to remember watching the same video multiple times despite whatever branding was in place. But, if the information is sound then it doesn’t really matter.

The information in the videos are still relevant. That’s the only reason why I would let you guys see it.

And oh yeah, its FREE.

p.s. I still have not gotten to looking at the PLR strategy videos… but they look jam packed full of information based off of the thumbnails to the videos.

Do yourself a favor and look at the two rebranding video courses I posted (FlamingHotPLR, Unstoppable PLR) first, then look at the PLR strategies course.

p.s.s. The review is coming soon. Till next time!

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    love it here… i love to see more everytime i’m here

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    Do you have any type of pointers for creating posts?
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