[PRODUCT REVIEW] PLR Rewriting Formula

[PRODUCT REVIEW] PLR Rewriting Formula

Hey there fellow PLRGameChanger fans!!! Today I will be doing the long awaited review of the product “PLR Rewriting Formula” by Arun Chandran.

I know it’s been a minute (or a long 3 months since I’ve had a post up on my blog). Without any more time wasted on this intro, let’s get going.

Introduction Of PLR Rewriting Formula Product Review

I always had a problem with rewriting PLR content. It never came easy.

I went from product to product trying to rewrite my plr content using those products and none of them made it as easy as it seems.

To be honest, some of ‘em y’all might be familiar with…

(For example: spinchimp, power article rewriter, magic article rewriter, spin rewriter, the best spinner, etc.)

I’m so glad that I never had the money to invest in any of those. (But it’s not like I stole any of the products, they were just trials).

However, a couple of years down the line I came across some free information online (regarding how to rewrite plr content).

This information did help me greatly but it really did nothing for me when I tried to fully rewrite my content or when I tried to achieve the 90-100% original rate when rewriting content.

As a result of that, I either failed consistently, gave up, or took at least 4 hours trying to rewrite 1 PLR article.

With the creation of Arun’s guide, PLR Rewriting Formula, it helped to open my eyes to a whole ‘nother realm of rewriting that I had no idea about.


Pricing & Details Of PLR Rewriting Formula

The price for this guide is $12.97 at this time but don’t get mad at me if the price goes up in the future (to like $27 or more… ‘cause it’s very well worth every penny).

Let me say this again… the guide is easily worth more than $12.97.

You might wonder… Why is this guide so good and why would you put it above the others which are freely available via Google.com?

Simply put, the guide gives information that is out-of-the-box.

  • It features strategies that employ a timer
  • it shows you how to rewrite a PLR article from top to bottom (using two different ways)
  • it shows how to use article spinning software (like the ones above I called out)
  • it shows you how to turn 1 article into multiple ones
  • it shows you how to check your content to see if it’s duplicate
  • it informs you about different ways to use your plr content without rewriting it and much more

As a result of using this guide, you can definitely expect to become a better rewriter.

If you’re still reading this product review to this line, it can be assumed that

  1.  You are interested in the product and
  2. You are interested in rewriting plr content or any content.


Who It’s For

Put simply, this product was made for users of Private Label Rights Content who spend too much time rewriting their PLR content.

This guide was also made for users of PLR content who would like to speed up their rewriting time.

(i.e. the user takes 15 minutes to rewrite 1 plr article; the user would like to get their rewriting time down to 10 minutes).



One of the biggest benefits of this guide was the fact that it addressed multiple ways on how plr content can be used before it’s rewritten.

Aside from that, there are other benefits such as…

  • becoming a faster rewriter
  • freeing up time
  • becoming a better plr rewriter (or a better rewriter in general)
  • learning different tactics on rewriting plr content and much more



Given that I have quite a plethora of different “how to rewrite plr” guides… I’ve seen and heard of some of the methods in this guide.

BUT… what this guide does is it shows multiple examples of the methods of rewriting.

Most of the guides I read before reading “PLR Rewriting Formula” had 1 example. This guide has many.

That’s what sets it apart from the others.

Also, the guide does not have a money-back guarantee. But again, the guide is worth every cent.


Similar Products

I don’t mean to be rude but I’ve already addressed that here in a previous post. The free/paid products on google.com are sufficient enough to get the job done…

Then again, those products aren’t the “PLR Rewriting Formula” and those products are kind of outdated.


Final Opinion on PLR Rewriting Formula

All in all, the PLR Rewriting Formula will help you to rewrite your PLR content or any regular content into unique content in a very short time using the tactics featured inside the guide.

All you have to do is follow the step by step instruction and rewriting plr will be a breeze.

Even if you decide to use your plr in a different way, there are tactics that can employ your plr to be used without rewriting it.

If you are still dealing with the problem of rewriting plr content (and taking forever with it) then this is the guide for you.

Click here to get it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Because this is a product review, I placed affiliate links in this post for this guide. I do get compensated if you buy through my link and I would hope that you buy through my link.


If for any reason you want to go to the direct site (with no affiliate link), click here for the link.


Whew. I think this review took me about 2 hours to write.

Forgive me for my writing as this is my first product review.

Depending on when you read this, it may be the new year (2018) or way past it.

I’m hoping everyone has happy holidays and I’m hoping that I have more posts for you (my readers) on a regular basis.

This escapade has gone on for long enough.

Enjoy. Till Next Time…

Written on Christmas Eve [12/24/17]

p.s. If you’re looking for a simple checklist to make your PLR unique, check out this post. It’s FREE after all.

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