[FREE VIDEOS] Facebook Monetization Strategies

[FREE VIDEOS] Facebook Monetization Strategies

Hey again. So it’s been a while eh? I happened to stumble across this course about Facebook Monetization Strategies.

It’s all free and I thought I would share it with you guys. 

Given that the topic is about Facebook monetization strategies and making money from it, I thought it would at least interest y’all and possibly benefit you guys. 

Facebook is one of the biggest social media websites today, next to YouTube. About 2.9 billion people use Facebook MONTHLY.

To put that into perspective, there’s about 8 billion people on the planet. Plus, some people still don’t have internet.

So, ignoring using Facebook would be a huge mistake.

Plus, when you can use PLR effectively, these ideas in these videos can potentially help you to get traffic, leads, and/or sales.

(Specifically as a creator or business owner, blogger, etc.)

Also, you can take these ideas and run with them in many different niches, just like you can with PLR content.

The name of this course is “Facebook Monetization Strategies“.

This course mainly deals with earning money from a membership site and using Facebook to do so. Without further ado, I’ll just drop the link to the playlist below the videos below. Enjoy!

NOTE: You WILL NOT find these videos (Facebook Monetization Strategies) on my channel. These videos are UNLISTED. Feel free to share the blog post (not the playlist link) as much as you want, but if you search my channel (on YouTube) you WILL NOT FIND THESE.

EDIT 2023: I decided to place all the videos here (3 years later LOL). I realized that everyone might not want to watch a sequential playlist, so hence the change up.

So forgive me if this page loads super slow now. It is what it is.

Lastly, if you are looking to create a type of membership that could use these tactics, you can click on the link below to get free access.


This course (hosted on a different website) teaches you how to create a passive micro-membership.

It is very informative but let me warn you, it is LONG.

So be prepared to buckle down for that because the information is good nonetheless.

I highly recommend everyone who watches Facebook Monetization Strategies to watch the “Membership site” course as well.

I’ll be back real soon with some more stuff and hopefully some more content.

Till Next Time…

p.s. I have some membership content I’ve been wanting to release for some time now. So, when I do that, I’ll update this post with a link to it. Trust me, it will be good.

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