Regular PLR Content As We Know It Is Dead – Here’s What Smart PLR Users Are Buying Instead - Premium PLR Content

Regular PLR Content As We Know It Is Dead – Here’s What Smart PLR Users Are Buying Instead

Hey again. It’s been a minute since I’ve had a pure post to my blog. This one is about Premium PLR content. Let’s go.

So the other day I was doing some research on…

plr content (again) and I found out that most plr content that is released nowadays is not “premium”.

Premium plr content is considered to be content that is not created primarily for selling plr to.

Instead, it is content that is created to be sold to an end user instead of a business user.

SIDEBAR: I kind of covered this in my first post; “6 ways to profit from PLR content” method #7

This is why nowadays you see plr providers or plr affiliate promoters with a whole new package Sunday through Saturday, like clockwork.

Sometimes I wonder myself how this is possible. It makes no sense.

From my reasoning, if there is a new plr offer every day… there’s no way that it could be premium quality.

The only way this is justifiable is if the person creating the PLR is actually a GOOD WRITER. Otherwise, it looks bad in my opinion to release a PLR product everyday. Writer’s block is a real thing.

In other words, someone’s business (or businesses) are definitely cutting corners here.

The thing is, sometimes it’s not easily recognizable to find out who is until the plr buyer has purchased the content.

Some plr sellers actually put out good quality plr that could be used as-is or lightly rewritten, reformatted and/or rebranded for selling immediately.

Others will just put out plr content to make a quick buck regardless of if the buyer can learn or use it, thus devaluing the whole plr industry (and giving it a bad rap).

What’s worse is regardless if the plr is good or bad, the common theme is that PLR is still being sold at a high rate.

This could increase the competition for all the buyers who use what they purchased.


The Difference With Premium PLR Content

As a result of that, there may be search engines clogged with content results that are duplicate, marketplaces (like Amazon, Tradebit, eBay, etc.) selling the same content (maybe with different rights) and so on and so forth.

Even worse, if it is bad plr content, then tens or hundreds or thousand(s) of people just got horrible content that may be placed right back on the net!

With sites like Tradebit, the “devaluing seller’s race” could be a quick (and downhill one) to the lowest price that it could be sold for (due to the license, if it includes a price limit option).

Also, depending on the plr rights to the content, it could be devalued faster if it’s given away with certain rights.

Enter the solution: If a plr buyer or a plr business that uses plr content wants to truly separate themselves from the chaff (their competition) they should purchase premium plr content.

Premium plr content is the best plr content that a plr buyer will come across in a LIFETIME of them using Private label rights.

Here’s the thing; premium plr content will almost never have to be edited (unless the plr buyer so chooses to do so).

SIDEBAR: Arun Chandran makes use of Premium PLR in a blog post located here, on his blog (1 Product – 20 Minutes – 400+ Downloads).

It’s just that good when it comes to the quality. It is EXCELLENT.

In my opinion, no other plr content comes close when it comes to premium plr content.

There is no competition in other forms of “quality plr”.

Put simply, you will know for sure when you come across a piece or a bundle of premium plr content. You just can’t miss it.


Premium PLR Content Pricing Will Tell You Everything

One highlighting factor for finding premium plr content is to look for the price of the premium plr content. PLR content in itself usually sells for say, $1 a page (per article).

Quality plr might cost you say double that ($2).

SIDEBAR: I’d like to just say here, do not take my word for this pricing. It is an estimate. Some plr sellers sell top-notch-quality plr for cheap ($1 a page). Example: Tiffany Lambert of is one of them. Let me say this much; her plr content is AWESOME. There is very little editing to do unless the competition already posted the whole content(s) online. Tiffany Lambert could easily be a Premium PLR seller (*cough* just by raising her prices *cough*) but that decision is her choice to make. Her pricing does not reflect the quality of her PLR. By the way, she did not pay me for this shoutout (lol).

Premium PLR content? You’re looking at about $5 or more for that same article!

SIDEBAR: In this modern era, this is still a bargain! Ghostwriters are charging $10+ for one original article of premium quality. Some are even charging $30-$50+.

It is not out of the ordinary to come across a premium plr bundle that is selling for $97, $247, $297, $497 and so on and so forth.

These are the premium plr content that businesses, blogs, companies and small website owners should be using.

Unfortunately, they stick to the cheaper “maybe quality” plr and have to do more editing or they might have to rewrite the whole thing.

The thing is, premium plr content can be scarce.

Some premium plr sellers like to limit the amount of plr they sell to keep their content from being widely spread and to keep the competition between buyers to a low.

This in turn creates a consistent buyer base for the seller and both parties are satisfied.

Some premium plr sellers just keep their premium plr selling all the time and they don’t worry about competition in between buyers because they know that their premium plr does not apply to everyone.

Premium plr only apples to a significant few who want to own, learn, use and potentially profit from the content itself.

Remember, premium plr is a delicacy itself and it should be treated as such.

Now what if you came across a premium product (plr or not) that you had to have?

A product that might not be selling anymore but you only wanted to sell it yourself?

That is where exclusive or unrestricted rights comes into play.

SIDEBAR: Just check out this link or the link I put in the first sidebar (method #7).


Premium PLR Content With Exclusive Rights

Exclusive rights is the option of buying exclusive plr (or unrestricted plr) rights from the business selling the premium plr (or regular plr).

This would typically entail for you to be the seller of the product in all of its entirety in whichever way you choose, as long as it does not violate your exclusive license rights issued to you.

In most cases, the original product creator would stop selling the product because he or she has relinquished his or her rights to the original product.

This option would usually cost more than the plr rights to the content itself.

For example: Jimmy D. Brown sells plr content on his site day in and day out.

He is considered to be “THE Premium plr seller” in my eyes and everyone who sells premium plr should look to him for examples.

On his site he might sell a product for $97 (for personal rights, end user, end consumer).

But right next to it is the option to have the PLR rights, which he might sell for $497!


You might say, “Sheesh, that’s expensive!” Is it worth it?


Can you tell if it is worth its value? Definitely.

Let’s also say for example that you wanted to buy the exclusive rights to this same product. Usually the exclusive rights would have to automatically include plr rights (because it will be your product).

You might spend more than $497.

You might spend maybe like $750 or $997 or whatever the product owner deems necessary.



Keep in mind that if this option is explored, now you have the potential to make your money back in multiple ways.

This is because the exclusive PLR license usually doesn’t have as much limitations as a regular PLR license does.

With that said, one can use the content in multiple ways or sell the PLR content with PLR rights.

For example: Arun Chandran is currently leveraging PLR content on his blog.

He has bought some plr courses (with exclusive rights) which aren’t sold anymore to the public.

Then he listed them on his blog (within his rights).

He also purchased some plr courses which are or were selling (plr, personal or exclusive, not sure).

Then he put them on his blog (within his rights).

On some of his posts (or damn near all, lol) there is a link to buy the plr rights. On some of his posts the link goes to his own sales page. This is because he can offer those rights (due to his exclusive rights).

Some of his posts the link goes to the actual original creator’s plr sales page (might be an affiliate link). Either way, he is making money from his efforts in a very clever way.

SIDEBAR: some licenses have restrictions. While I cannot speak for every license, there are general rules for different licenses. However, this is all determined on the license you have. I covered this in my second post, “Check your License Rules”.


In Conclusion

So, the next time you open a promo plr email or look at a plr sales page, you should be thinking somewhere along the lines of:

  • Am I going to truly use this plr?
  • Is it worth the cost?
  • Has the quality been able to be reviewed and is it satisfactory to my liking?
  • Is there a premium plr alternative?
  • Will it or my customers get the true benefits of this plr?
  • Can I profit from this plr without doing complete surgery on it?

These are just a couple of questions I came up with. I’m sure I could come up with more but that is not the focus.

They say content is king, and it is when you have really amazing content. Sticking to ordinary plr sellers is not bad.

But when you have to do extensive work (such as surgery on the plr) that’s when it becomes bad. 

Stepping up to premium plr sellers is like a whole new world waiting to be explored.

It’s like stepping up from a 4 (in a woman/man) to 9.9 (since everything isn’t perfect in life).

Like moving on from your trusty fix-it car to a brand new car with all the features and no problems.

It’s like moving out of a basement or a rinky dinky apartment to a fully furnished mansion.

It’s like moving on from a landline to the latest cell phone on the market.

Also, it’s like moving from an Android to an iPhone (lol just playing :”) (or a Blackberry > IPhone).

Thing is, are you game to search and find out for yourself?

Till Next Time…

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