[FREE VIDEOS] PLR Rebranding Masterclass

[FREE VIDEOS] PLR Rebranding Masterclass

Hey. So I have another masterclass for you, The PLR Rebranding Masterclass. Jump in.

So this set of videos is all about rebranding your PLR content.

Rebranding PLR content is a must. If you’re going to use it, it would make sense to rebrand it.

What would end up happening if you don’t is that people will find out the original source.

The point of PLR is for people to NOT find out the original source. If they do, your credibility may go down the drain.

Now in some cases, some people won’t care (since the information you provided was quality).

But, some people may really make it a point to destroy your reputation. So just make sure you rebrand.

If you don’t rebrand, then at least give full disclosure that you didn’t create the content you’re going to present.

In most cases, people will appreciate the honesty that you’re just marketing the product instead of passing it off as your own creation.

Before you get to the videos, check out this nice PDF my online friend Arun Chandran created.

It talks all about the benefits and drawbacks of rebranding vs. not rebranding. Plus, it’s FREE.


The PLR Rebranding Masterclass Videos

With that said…

There are only four videos but they are jam packed full of information (like most things that I put on this blog anyway).

This masterclass will teach you how to

  • Rebrand your text documents
  • Rebrand your graphics
  • Rebrand your sales copy
  • Rebrand your videos

All in all, it’s a great series of videos to further educate yourself on the art of rebranding PLR content in many forms.

Unfortunately, like all the other videos, this video series is pretty long. Regardless of that, it still holds great information. Do take a look if you’re interested because its free.

NOTE: You WILL NOT find these videos on my channel. These videos are UNLISTED. Feel free to share the blog post as much as you want, but if you search my channel (on Youtube) you WILL NOT FIND THESE.

EDIT 2023: I decided to place all the videos here (3 years later LOL). I realized that everyone might not want to watch a sequential playlist, so hence the change up.

So forgive me if this page loads super slow now. It is what it is.

EDIT 2022: Once again, these videos did not display correctly unfortunately. I fixed it though, so things should be good going forward. I wish I had dealt with this problem earlier, but such is life.

Till Next Time…

p.s. I have a previous masterclass called the PLR Repurpose Masterclass which I listed here for free too. Check that out here.

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