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[FREE VIDEOS] PLR Set-Up Masterclass + COVID-19 Thoughts

Hey again fans. I have the PLR Set-Up Masterclass for you in this one. Let’s dive in.

So I figured I would finally finish up the series of the PLR Masterclasses by finally posting the last one.

I figured this would be a good time to post it due to the COVID-19 that is rapidly going around the world, as well as NY (where I am located!).

Since we are all stuck having to stay inside for enormous amounts of hours, it just makes sense to either learn or brush up on what we already may know.

This set of videos will teach you how to set up your product on your own server (or a payment processor like thrivecart) once you complete rebranding it (if it was a PLR product).

The same method should apply for a product you have the rights to sell (MRR, RR).


The PLR Set-Up Masterclass Videos

The PLR Set-Up Masterclass will teach you:

  • how to upload and edit your salespages
  • to upload and edit your squeeze pages
  • how to upload and edit your thank you pages
  •  to set up your autoresponder correctly with your processor

All in all, it’s a great series of videos to further educate yourself on setting up your original content or your newly rebranded PLR/done-for-you content to be sold.

Unfortunately, like all the other videos, this video series is pretty long. Regardless of that, it still holds great information. Do take a look if you’re interested because its free.

NOTE: You WILL NOT find these videos on my channel. These videos are UNLISTED. Feel free to share the blog post as much as you want, but if you search my channel (on YouTube) you WILL NOT FIND THESE.

EDIT 2023: I decided to place all the videos here (3 years later LOL). I realized that everyone might not want to watch a sequential playlist, so hence the change up.

So forgive me if this page loads super slow now. It is what it is.

Covid-19 Blurb/Rant

My Response to the COVID-19 One Month in Quarantining NY

P.S. I know this BS sucks (COVID-19) but we all just got to stay safe and socially distance ourselves. Please wash your hands and make sure you have hand sanitizer when you go out as well. Keep a spare bottle in your car if you have to. Make sure you have gloves and a mask (preferably N95). I don’t really believe in homemade face coverings but if you can’t get your hands on a N95, do the best you can. Disinfect frequently known surfaces around you as well.

The odds of someone being a carrier can be high, especially if they are asymptomatic. By doing the basic minimums that are stated above along with staying at home, we can all help to possibly reduce the exposure of the virus.

Best case scenario, it was a hoax. Honestly in my opinion, that is hard to believe with all the bodies and death among us. But despite all of this, we have to stay strong and stay safe. Big Kudos to all the Doctors and Nurses and first responders risking their lives every day to combat the virus.


At the time of this post, NY was said to be improving. Hospital beds are freeing up and ventilators are being shipped to other locations instead of to NY. However, that doesn’t mean that we just throw all of our progress and see our friends (God knows I want to badly!).

Lastly, when this virus was detected (in late Nov. or early Dec. in China) it took until about mid March for things to get somewhat back to normal. If we look at that timeline, it can be safely assumed that things took a 3 1/2 (3 and a half) month span for the virus to ride out. So, since I’m in NY, I assumed that things weren’t going to get better until around mid June-July 4th. There are great signs of improvement but I would not be surprised if the quarantining movement got extended a bit longer (just heard yesterday on the radio that they extended it again from Apr. 30th to May 15th.)

This is why I call it Quarantining Spring (cause this whole season is basically canceled).

Till next time… and hopefully that won’t be a long time.

p.s. By the way, The PLR Set-Up Masterclass 2.0 just came out the year this was edited (2022). If you’d like to watch that, you can check it out here.

You can also checkout Charles Harper, the maker of this series, here at

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