What I Wish I Knew About Free PLR/DFY Content When I First Started To Create A Blog + COVID-19 Response + BlackLivesMatter

What I Wish I Knew About Free PLR/DFY Content When I First Started To Create A Blog + COVID-19 Response + BlackLivesMatter

This is going to be a long one due to the multiple topics I am covering about Free PLR. Let’s go.


Free has always sounded good to me, if not many people.

I can’t begin to explain how free makes me feel when it comes to “stuff”.

You want a quick adrenaline rush on the sheer amounts of free items you can acquire right now? Head over to your local craigslist.

Shoot, if you actually put your mind to it, you can make money off reselling that same free stuff.

Or, if your local restaurant in the mall is open, they might offer you a free piece of their signature entree or new product they’re trying to sell.

I’m pretty sure you’ve been a part of this process. If you haven’t, it will usually look something like this:

This article’s not about that though, let’s not get carried away. I want to talk about free when it comes to private label rights content.


What’s The Deal With Free PLR Content?

As you already well know, Private Label Rights Content has been getting a horrible reputation for a long time.

What doesn’t help is the unfortunate fact that there are some plr sellers giving out free plr that is of horrible quality.

From a customer’s point of view, they may think that they’re getting a great deal.

However, this may not be the case. As a result of acquiring and using that free plr, they may put in more work than they anticipated depending on how they use that free plr.

So, before you decide to just pick that free plr up and use it, you should be asking yourself why they are giving it away for free.

After all, it is supposed to be of quality, right?

So you think. I’m about to let the cat outta the bag real quick.

As a blog owner and a “somewhat great understanding” of being a marketer, I can think of a couple of reasons why they would want to give their plr content away:

  • They can’t make money off of it anymore
  • They want your email address
  • They truly want to help you
  • They want you to see the quality of their writing

Let’s dive into a couple of these, shall we…


Common Free PLR Methods Internet Marketers Use

It’s been a common practice in internet marketing (or any other field) that once a seller’s sales dry up (in any given product) that product is usually taken off of the marketplace and then given away in exchange for an email address.

Also this practice comes into play typically with a seller’s first product.

With that said, they aren’t making (any more) active money by selling the product itself.

However, they can make money by giving it away for free.

“How would they make money that way?”

They would make money (in the long run) by giving away the plr content in exchange for an email.

There is a belief (within email marketing) that a lead can become a customer eventually. Hence, the exchange of plr content for a lead.

In the case of the product that was once sold but was taken off the marketplace, the seller would probably only offer personal and giveaway rights.

By doing this, the seller can then make money from adding extra affiliate links.

Plus, they can add other links to his or her own product(s) that they are giving away.

NOTE: This method typically applies to PLR Ebooks/reports only because unless a PLR article is created in Microsoft Word and “hyperlinked to oblivion”, I can’t seem to imagine how a PLR seller would embed or place affiliate links in his or her article that he or she is selling. I don’t think it would be far fetched for a PLR seller to sell his or her articles as PDF files but that would be kind of pointless (’cause PDF’s aren’t editable).


My General Guidelines For Free PLR

Now I cannot and I refuse to clump all PLR sellers together.

There are some that truly want to help out the greater good.

With that aside, I can’t vet all of the PLR sellers that are giving away plr content.

There are just too many.

But, I can say that I do have a couple of general guidelines.

Any PLR that looks like it’s going to be hard to read, digest and edit is generally not worth your time.

Try to check if you can see a sample (from the set you are going to purchase) before you acquire any plr content. 

Most high quality PLR sellers might only let you live with one paragraph or two of their plr content.

Some are gracious enough to give (or let you see) one or two PLR articles. 

Please be happy because remember, this is “high-quality PLR content” you’d be dealing with.

It doesn’t leave a PLR seller’s hands quite easily.

Don’t get me wrong. You can definitely still use Free PLR content.

If you decide to go this route, just know that you can’t just cut and post the whole dang thing to your blog (I guarantee someone already did, and if you do so you will ruin your site).

You most likely might have to rewrite it. God forbid if you get horrible quality plr.

What I’m trying to say is, if it takes an extensive amount of time to rewrite or even find your desired PLR, you’ve lost money already.

Time = Money. Don’t spend it on girls either (lol :’D).

In Conclusion

Bottom line: You’re better off buying high quality (plr/dfy content), doing a full rewrite or partial rewrite, moving around a couple ideas/paragraphs and adding more information to it to make it your own rather than trying to turn free PLR/DFY content into a masterpiece.

PLR/DFY likes speed too.

Now that I think of it, maybe I might do a case study on using/monetizing/reworking/rewriting free PLR.

Maybe I might end up wasting my time.

In the end, it will benefit you all (and this blog) so it’s probably not a bad investment time wise.

I just won’t find horrible quality plr to use in the case study...


Read if you have time for it… because this is quite “dated”.

My COVID-19 Response 3-4 Months In

So, New York is looking to reopen. I believe it has passed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the reopening stages and it is working towards Phase 3. Basketball rims are going back up in the city (I’ve seen a bunch up already in the Bronx which is great).

Part of me wants to believe that there is a hidden agenda in reopening NY (given that the whole nation looks to NY for basically everything as an example). I am not one to dabble in conspiracy theories all day but I do wonder why NYC would be willing to open back up so easily given that we have had many protests. It does make me wonder, are they reopening just because they don’t want to pay anyone any more unemployment? Could it be that they want to spread the virus more so that later on (come September, October, Fall, Winter, etc.) they can actually say that the next wave will be much worse?



I have no idea. But two things I know are quite surprising to me: I didn’t think my anticipated date for things to get better in NY would be close to when things actually got better. I got accustomed to the new normal of staying in for a good amount of time. For crying out loud, I still haven’t got my hair cut (4 months this 15th!)

The other thing that’s surprising to me is the idea that the number of people getting sick has continued to drop despite people meeting in various groups (such as friends and/or family) and in protests! I thought for sure that in the protests, with so many people so close together, I really believed that it was inevitable that people would spread the virus one way or another. I have no numbers or solid evidence that that did not happen but I do believe this: if people did concoct or spread the virus during the protest, it was most likely to be a very small number. Had the spread had been a large number, Cuomo would be probably preaching about closing things up for good and trying to get us all stimulated for at least the rest of the year. 


That’s enough for NY though. I think we’re OK for now but I’m still keeping my guard up. As for the rest of these states that are getting sick (Florida, Arizona, New Jersey, Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Texas, California) and the couple that are going crazy because they don’t believe it’s real (Florida, Texas) I wish you all the best of luck and I hope none of you get sick. If you do, I hope that you get better because this virus is no joke. Apparently there’s this article going around about someone attending a covid party in Texas and he thought it was a hoax. Unfortunately, he passed away. Treat this thing like what it is and give it its due respect. I’d hate for anyone I know to pass from this just because they threw their safety away. Stay safe, sanitize, wash your hands, sanitize/wash commonly touched items. In other words, be a germaphobe for your own health.



P.s. I did not believe that you guys actually read the past post and were looking forward to a new post. Wanna know why I know that? I checked the (measly!) stats on that post in April and to my surprise, some few visitors actually visited back (around June 16) and I managed to generate new visitors from a blurb on a pandemic on a IM blog about PLR! Weird…

P.s.s. If you really thought I would leave this post without saying it you’re out of your mind. With all the craziness going on and the race/civil war the media is trying to fabricate in all of our minds, I can’t help but address the huge elephants living rent free in our heads from week to week. Black lives DEFINITELY matter and for the people saying All Lives Matter, I’ve got a bunch of photos for you. But really now, All Lives can’t matter if Black Lives don’t matter. I’m not just saying “go support your black folk” no I’m saying go support everyone regardless of race. It should always be like that and if it truly was like that, Black Lives Matter would never be a hashtag. Neither would All Lives Matter. Just “Do the Right Thing”, pun intended (and I might say, it’s a good movie, do watch).

Till Next Time…

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