Case Study: How Copyscape Taught Me A Lesson For Trying To Rewrite Low Quality Free PLR

Case Study: How Copyscape Taught Me A Lesson For Trying To Rewrite Low Quality Free PLR

Here we are again. I decided to take it way back with this post about trying to rewrite plr. Let’s dive in.


In 2009 I decided to take a risk. Somehow or someway I came across a bunch of PLR articles and they were all free.

I figured, “I might as well use them”.

So I dived deep into the package (cause the package was probably part of the infamous 15,000 pack, 100,000 pack, 200,000 pack or whatever they are up to now, probably a million) and I found a set of gas PLR articles.

At the time, nobody was really writing about Gas except for the price going up or down.

Also, I figured that people weren’t using those articles very much either.

So, I figured I would just use those plr articles for my blog, rewrite them as I see fit and post them on my blog.


The Website I Used To Host My Rewritten PLR Articles

Seems pretty easy and not complicated, right?


I hated writing as I grew up (still kinda hate it!).

I always liked math way more than english. You can probably tell because of my writing style on this very blog.

So you can imagine then (as a sophomore in HS) I was dreading this whole task of having to rewrite 10, 15 or even 25 articles on a topic I really wasn’t interested or passionate about.

In the end, I decided to suck it up and get on with it because I knew even as I ascended the ladders of education, I would have to know how to write to get through the remainder of HS (at the minimum) and also in college (or uni for some of you guys). So, I started:

To this day the website is still up. I don’t do anything to it.



If there’s any OG Internet Marketers in here, you might take notice of the lil’ blurb i put on the right side giving away two ebooks (that was my sad attempt at building a list).

The method was to force the reader(s) to scroll to the bottom.

Located there was an optin box so the readers could subscribe and receive their ebooks.

Unfortunately that autoresponder was free (listwire) and it disappeared, along with the lead magnets.

The lead magnet was part of a website called Butterfly Reports.

This website gave away reports with the option to brand some of the links inside with your affiliate code.

Ultimately, out of a report with at least 10 links in it, Butterfly Reports probably only allowed you to brand like 3-4 of em.

Which meant that the other 6-7 links… were affiliate links for Butterfly Reports’ to earn commission.

That sucked but Butterfly Reports had to earn their coins. I can’t fault them for that.

The service was free after all.


Rewriting PLR Can Be Easy… If You Use The Right Content

So, back to the harder part of this whole ordeal: the rewriting of the PLR articles.

To be honest, it was never easy (hence why I lead with that in my product review) to rewrite them.

This pack of PLR articles I picked weren’t the highest quality. I don’t even think they were medium quality lol.

They were bad enough to struggle through but they weren’t so bad that I couldn’t pull an outline or points out of them.

So, as the months went by I tried to tackle one a week (didn’t happen).

I’m not going to say I tried my best because I definitely did not. You’ll understand later on.

But yea, I moved at an extremely slow speed. I tried to make use of this website which took PLR articles (or content) and separated them into sentences.

All I would have to do is rewrite each sentence and voila, a brand new plr article.

The problem was that some of these sentences made no sense.

I even found myself at a thesaurus to synonymize some of the words just so I could get through the stupid article. Ah, young me.

Eventually after further research on PLR (and how you should add more to the content, ending in a bigger word count than before) I figured that using the method of rewriting sentences at a time was not going to work for me.

I was actually making my plr rewrites shorter than the starting plr article after a rewrite.

Eventually I had to do something different.


This Software Helped And Hurt My Rewriting PLR Process

Then came the release of Dupe Free Pro.

If you don’t know, Dupe Free Pro helped me to be able to discern between the original plr article (or whatever piece of content) and my plr rewrite.

The software looked to compare between the two to find any preferred length of words in each article.

So, whenever I loaded up Dupe Free Pro, the string length of words to find was 4 (default).

I could lower it to 3 or even 2 (which makes no sense, 2 is ridiculous).

Whenever I used the software, I would look to rewrite until I got at least 90% original.

In some cases I was looking for 100% original for the “4 string length” of words.

Then I would drop it to 3 word string length and try (unsuccessfully) to do the same thing.

Eventually the software will show you that despite the string length, there are some phrases or words you just can’t get around.



The things I liked best about the software was that it had a feature where it would take 5 random sentences and look them up in Google.

You could tell from that search whether your rewrite was still noticeable in the search engines or not.

You could also use that feature to show whether your original plr article was widely used all over the internet.

Another feature I liked best was that the software highlighted the common string(s) of words and color coded them so they were easier to see.

Lastly, a feature I liked was the benefit of finding LSI keywords that may match with the article.

Here’s where it all comes into place (specifically regarding me “not trying my best/hard enough”).

See, Dupe Free Pro probably helped me the most in my last article on that blog.

That is because I decided to fully rewrite that article at a 4 string length and then at a 3 string length.

So for the most part, if you find that article anywhere else on the net, it SHOULD be because someone stole it from my site. 😀

Now here’s when it gets bad.

Every last blinking article I put up as a rewrite on that blog before the last one I publishedwas bad in the eyes of copyscape.



That Was A Hard Lesson To Learn…

I felt supremely embarrassed to look up all of my articles in copyscape only to find out that my rewrites were still being considered as duplicate content.

It was almost as if I didn’t do anything to the original plr articles I was rewriting from!

Now that I think back, I believe what happened was… I was using a website where I was rewriting some (plr) articles at sentence level.

Another thing I think I did was I rewrote those (plr) articles in Dupe Free Pro only at a string length of 4 words.

Once I reached 100% original I chalked it up as done.

So, now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense why all of my other PLR rewrites were not completely original in the eyes of copyscape.

So, there you have it. After I posted that last article I decided to leave the blog alone.

Gas Values weren’t really picking up steam. If anything, it was an outdated or dead niche.

I chalked it up as a loss and left it alone.



How do you benefit from this crazy post?

One, try to get your hands on dupe free pro (‘cause that software is still pretty amazing as it is).

Two, don’t bother trying to rewrite Free PLR unless it’s high quality. If it’s medium (quality) and you like a challenge, ok.

Anything less than that and you are putting an unnecessary burden on your head.

Three, check your articles you rewrote on copyscape.

If you don’t want to pay to check your rewrites, the free method is to get a blogger blog, post the article there and paste the link of the post in copyscape.

Four, if you’re going to give something away for free, make sure your medium for delivering it is still in service. Unfortunately, the medium I was using (listwire) went out of service. 

Five, if you’re going to rewrite PLR content, make sure you have a mild interest in the niche you’re rewriting it from at the minimum.


In Conclusion

I don’t want to believe that I couldn’t make Gas Values profitable. I believe I could have done it.

However, the amount of work, sweat and tears I would have produced going down that road would have been way more than I would have used to rewrite high quality PLR articles.

I don’t like saying I gave up on this but I am glad that I stepped away from that project. So, yes, I gave up.

In my opinion, it’s just another learning lesson (for me).

Hopefully this is guidance for you if you ever decide to go down this road.

Maybe I should do a review of Dupe Free Pro…

Anyways, Till Next Time…

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