CASE STUDY: Here’s A Surprisingly Quick And Easy Way To Turn A PLR Article Into A Blog Post

CASE STUDY: Here’s A Surprisingly Quick And Easy Way To Turn A PLR Article Into A Blog Post

Ok, Yes, I did a case study on my case study. This one’s purely about Rewriting PLR… and I only did it because I’m cool like that. Let’s go.


The previous blog post talked about how I used free PLR to populate a very old blogger blog. Technically, yes, I used the method of rewriting plr articles for that blog.

Unfortunately, long story short, those articles ultimately still got picked up by copyscape. It is what it is. 

“Why is that important in regard to this blog post??” It’s important because there’s a huge difference in between the methodology I was using back then and now.

It all starts at the source though and that is the PLR articles themselves. If you take a look at the previous blog post, you will know that I used free horrible plr (way back in the past).

This time, for that same blog post, guess what I decided to use… I used high-quality PLR!!!

I bought a PLR article set from Tiffany Lambert… this set was quite old and for that reason I was a bit afraid that if I used it I probably wouldn’t be able to benefit from it.

I got over that quickly. I set to work rewriting one PLR article but not before taking my time to first read it and extracting the main points I could “expound on” out of it.

After completing that, I worked on “writing the blog post”.



“So You Didn’t Rewrite???”

No, I did, but I did it in my head as I went along with my process.

For me back then, the rewriting process never went well (especially with that old blogger blog) because I was working on rewriting sentences from bad PLR.

Also, I was using Dupe Free Pro to rewrite (talked about in the last blog post) and given that it is a good software, I felt as if I was literally rewriting word for word using that software.

Eventually I had to leave that software alone unless I was comparing a rewrite to the original article.


I “Changed Up” My Rewriting PLR Method

As a result of my rewriting process dwindling, I felt like I had to switch up my method of rewriting plr or I wasn’t going to be able to do it for long using my old method.

I decided to move forward with a new method of truly understanding the gist of the article I am trying to rewrite, adding synonyms where needed and referring back to the article to re-read and understand what it is truly saying.

I must say, using this new way of rewriting plr, I have been able to move a bit faster and I haven’t been locked up to rewriting sentences or phrases that may make no sense.

Make no mistake though, the idea of rewriting sentences is perfectly fine. My problem is, I tried to apply that idea while trying to rewrite bad content.

Obviously, it did not work out. I would be interested in returning to that way of rewriting but for now the method I came up with is just fine for me.



So, after pulling all of the main points out of the article I decided to rewrite, I had to come up with an angle.

You see, without exposing what I rewrote from, it was kind of hard to fully rewrite the article because times changed and it just wasn’t enough content in my opinion for a full blog post.

I had to add more.

Luckily I remembered the experience of using horrible “free plr” for that blogger blog. That was my angle. 

I set out to use the original points from that article plus the experiences of using free PLR and I came up with the previous latest case study on my blog. When it was all done, I was ultimately surprised that I was able to come up with as much information as I did about my experience. 

I say that to say this, look at your history. You may have learned something a long time ago but you don’t reflect on it from time to time.

That reflection may be the key to something you’re working on presently.


The Keys To Rewriting PLR

Ok, so yeah, I completed the blog post but it probably took me a couple of weeks (I BS’ed on time). It wasn’t hard or complicated because the meat of that blog post came from my experience.

Hence, it was easy to put on paper. I didn’t have to relearn anything.

So, to recap, if you are going to use PLR articles to turn into blog posts:

  • Do check how old the content is and if it is still relevant
  • Take the main points and use them in your blog posts
  • Add relevant experience (either from you or others)
  • Rewrite the content you decide to use from the PLR article
  • Add synonyms as needed


Also, I have learned to never let your rewrite be shorter than your source (unless it is necessary).

It’s better to add more then to leave out more on your final edit/rewrite.

Lastly, try to have 1000+ words. Looking at this from a SEO standpoint, I have no idea what “bird or panda” update Google is on today (or any search engine for that matter) but what I have learned is the longer the blog post, the better, as long as it is good information.

Really, 2000+ is golden but I don’t believe that should be the minimum standard.

1000+ should suffice for a good SERP. If you want to go over and beyond, ok go for 2k+.


To Conclude

I’m pretty much done here. Hope you enjoyed/learned from this case study.

It’s funny because the whole time I was writing this very blog post, I was thinking about Arun Chandran’s blog post on how he rewrote a PLR Checklist from Kevin Fahey.

I decided to stay away from his blog post when writing this because I didn’t want to use any of his methodology in writing this blog post (yet the method is almost the same).

Either way, I hope you get the point I am trying to convey here.

If you didn’t, leave a comment and I’ll try to break it down for you. Or you can just click on Arun’s blog post because I can sometimes be confusing and he is a bit more relatable and expressive than me. For crying out loud, they call him His Excellency!

p.s. If you want to check out the blog post I did this “case study” on, it’s right here.

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