Here’s How To Use Master Resale Rights/Resale Rights Products Like Edmund Loh/Mike Filsaime/Russell Brunson/Willie Crawford

Here’s How To Use Master Resale Rights/Resale Rights Products Like Edmund Loh/Mike Filsaime/Russell Brunson/Willie Crawford

Hey guys. We’re back at it again. Let’s jump into this blog post about leveraging master resale rights/resale rights products.


So, I’m not sure if you read it but I made a post some years back on the use of Master Resale Rights (MRR) and Resale Rights (RR) asking if they were still relevant enough to be sold in this day and age.

If you didn’t read it, I basically said they were still relevant to an extent.

Given that the majority of those books are probably extinct or have out of date information in them, it’s easy to conclude that they should not be sold anymore.

However, there are some good ones that are still relevant and evergreen.

So, if anything, look for some that are really good that are worth reselling.

There are plenty still out there waiting to be found.

With that said, I am still open to opening a site where I could resell these evergreen books.

That would probably be a nice little income earner on the side.


But, you (or others) may wonder…

Why would I even bother using MRR or RR?? You have less flexibility in reselling those products versus using PLR! You can’t edit them or change the cover, it’s a waste!

Well… I don’t have to just do the method I outlined above. I can use them in other ways and you can too. 


Master Resale Rights Tip #1

One big way of using MRR/RR products is to use them as affiliate bonuses.

If you have been a part of the Make Money Online niche or Internet Marketing for some years, you may have come across a way of making money known as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is basically when you refer someone to an offer and they buy it through your link, resulting in a commission paid to you.

Now, if you have been familiar with the idea of launch jacking, you will understand more about using MRR/RR as bonuses.

If you don’t, I’ll explain that in short as well.


Launch Jacking in its basic form is when an affiliate tries to beat his/her competitors in selling an online product.

In short, the affiliate will try to get ranked in the search engines early with his/her product review, thus beating out the others with his early ranking.

Depending how the product review ranks, it may sit at the top of the search engine results or the bottom.

You might still be wondering how MRR/RR products play a role in this.



Well, RR/MRR plays a role because the affiliates making these product reviews tend to add ENORMOUS AMOUNTS of these products to their product review which is “supposed to” make the customer click through that link provided on the product review.

As a result of the customer buying the product, he or she will receive all of the bonuses the product reviewer (affiliate) is promising to give away in return of a commission.

So, if you find any WSO’s of the past or any of them coming out now (especially the big launches) and you look them up on google as “Product Name + Review” or “Product Name + Product Review” you should find a bunch of websites with product reviews.

Now before I go any further I am not calling out anyone.

But some of these websites that have these product reviews are usually offering all of these worthless bonuses. 

For example, if you go to you will find a lot of products already launched, some getting ready to launch and some already launched.

If you look up an old launch on google in the format I provided (Product Name + Review or Product Name + Product Review) you will most likely find some sites with promises of wild amounts of bonuses. I decided to look up a past launch that isn’t too old to provide an example.

This launch just happens to be PLR as well.

Anyway, the name of the launch is EZ Market Research by Jason Oickle.

I took just the Product name and before I could search again for my format (EZ Market Research + Product Review), I found in my original search (EZ Market Research [alone]) that the first search result in google showed a “medium” link. 

I must say, recently medium has been a website where people can gain a lot of attention and traffic from just creating articles on there (basically new school article marketing). But I digress.



Anyway, the medium article contained a short blurb of what the product is about and what you can do with it (cause its PLR).

At the end of the article, lo and behold, BONUSES GALORE.

All I’m saying (with this tangent) is don’t be like these websites.

Don’t give out huge amounts of bonuses that people probably aren’t ever going to go through (or if they do, they wasted their time doing so).

It’s just not good and usually these guys don’t even change their bonuses up.

Some of them really just recycle their own bonuses.

If anything, create your own if you decide to go this route.

Or, find a small number of high quality bonuses. Then, offer those in return for a customer buying through your link.


Master Resale Rights Tip #2

Another way of using MRR/RR products is to use them for research/brainstorm/informational purposes.

The Master Resale Rights and Resale Rights niche is HUGE. I think I’d be lowballing it if I said there were only 10,000 MRR/RR products out there.

There’s easily more than that amount. If you’re willing to sift through the bad products, you can find some diamonds in your niche.

Then you can use them as a foundation for inspiration towards a new product.

Just like PLR, it can save you a bunch of time when you look at those old (but maybe evergreen) MRR/RR products for research.

In a previous blog post I give credit to Arun doing that on his own blog (using PLR).


Master Resale Rights Tip #3

Another way of using MRR/RR products is to add them to your own offers as bonuses. Most launches today (especially the featured/premium ones) have bonuses added to them to increase the value given to the customer. By using some carefully picked products that have MRR/RR rights, you can boost the value of your offer(s). All you have to do is make sure that the product will benefit the customer. The last thing you’d want to do is throw in a bunch of garbage bonuses in your offer that they can no longer use or benefit from. Believe it or not, some people buy products just for bonuses (regardless of if it’s an affiliate bonus or a product seller bonus). If your original product is attractive enough then the product bonus(es) you add should take your offer over the top in value.


Master Resale Rights Tip #4

Another way of using MRR/RR products is to add them to membership sites (as long as the license allows it).

The product must be (at the minimum) evergreen so it doesn’t necessarily fall out of date.

Also, the product has to be a good product.

It just can’t be some lowly product you came across that you could offer so you don’t have to worry about content production for the next week or month.

Your reputation will suffer as a result of doing that. Stick with products that are evergreen and high quality.

If it’s good content, customers of your membership won’t care whether it was MRR, RR or PLR.


Master Resale Rights Tip #5

The last way of using MRR/RR products is to sell them.

Now, I talked about this earlier in the blog post but I didn’t go over some more methods. One way is to sell them in a package of multiple products.

There was a WF (warriorforum) thread I came across some years back talking about something like this (except it was probably PLR).

You can still employ this method regardless of the product having PLR, MRR or RR rights (but that depends on the license rules).

Another way is to sell them outright as standalone products.

Depending on the license, it may allow you to sell them at whatever price you choose or a minimum price (say $7 or $27, etc.).

Usually when one purchases these products for resale, the sales page and sales materials come with it.

So you needn’t worry about how you are going to generate a sales letter or html, php, any of that stuff.

All you need to worry about is traffic generation (really, “targeted traffic generation”).

If you can generate steady targeted traffic to your offers, you are damn near 75% of the way there.

At that point all you’d have to do is test and tweak conversions, copywriting, etc. (just the same as tweaking your squeeze page [split testing, A/B, etc.]). 

The only problem with MRR/RR products is that you cannot edit the product. No exceptions period.

If you come across a MRR/RR product that you can edit it’s probably not a “true MRR/RR” product.

Be wary of that. 


Final Words

Well, that’s all I got for you on this topic. I covered some aspects of MRR/RR products in my older blog post (linked earlier above) located here.

Also, I’d be doing you a disservice by not telling you about this product I purchased some time ago.

It can teach you how to create Resale Rights (RR) products to increase your income.

It’s a 5 day recorded series that goes over how to create them and profit from them short term and long term. Liz Tomey is the creator of the course.

She goes into great detail on how she has achieved this from time to time and how you can too. For a limited time I believe she is offering the PLR version to her series as well.

So if you are looking to learn or learn and possibly rebrand/resell her series later on, the PLR version is the way to go. It is pricey (now) but it is worth it.

I implore you to go check it out for yourself (by clicking here) and see if it is something you are interested in. 

Thanks for visiting. Still got to post more.

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