Warning: Don’t Even Think About Buying PLR Content Until You Read This Eye-Opening Article

Warning: Don’t Even Think About Buying PLR Content Until You Read This Eye-Opening Article

Hey there. It’s always been a minute since a post. Let’s jump into this article about how to buy plr content.


As you all probably know, PLR has been on the web for some years now, if not decades.

The proper respect to the industry goes to none other than Jimmy D. Brown, as he has coined (or originated) the term of “plr content” around the years of ‘99-2000.

As we know it today, PLR content can serve to help website owners, product creators, bloggers, video creators, podcasters, newspapers, newsletters, autoresponders and so on and so forth.

However, this PLR field has caught a horrible reputation for a long time.

To this day there are still plr articles sold or given away for free dating back to 2004.

If they were good evergreen quality articles I wouldn’t say anything about them.

The truth is, they are not. Typically they are trash and trying to rewrite one might give you a migraine.


On top of all that, because it is so easy to get started selling plr content there are PLR packs that are sold every month and every week without fail.

As a result of that the PLR field is starting to get very cluttered.

To this day it’s tough trying to find high quality plr vendors.

On the other hand, you can find trash plr everywhere.

With that said, what can someone do?

Surely there must be better ways to find higher quality PLR content. Those ways are located below.


PLR Vetting Tip #1

Be mindful of PLR sellers that create content that impresses by word count but fails to deliver in its quality.

The last thing you’d want to do is purchase is a 1000+ word plr article or a 10,000+ word plr report that delivers its true points with tons of fluff.

It’s akin to a typical bag of potato chips; mostly air and crushed chips at the bottom.

Buy some PLR content that is high in words and succinct in its points as well.

Bad PLR sellers will do anything (just like college students) to make their content look longer; bigger fonts, larger periods, double spacing, how they form sentences, double paragraphs, etc.

I’d rather have a 600 word article that is clear, high quality and to the point.

A 1,000+ word article that beats around the bush and isn’t as transparent as it needs to be would waste my time.


PLR Vetting Tip #2

One important point you can’t skip over is the creator of the plr content. Who wrote it??

Was it the person who is selling it online? Did a marketer write it?

Was it some guy you’ve never seen online way out somewhere else in the world who can’t be fact checked? These are minimal questions that have to be answered.

Typically if the person selling the content is writing it they might put a great deal of work into the content they are trying to sell.

If the person selling the content is getting it outsourced to someone else, there’s no guarantee that the content is going to be high quality.

You just don’t know (unless the seller happens to provide samples of the work).

Instead of shooting fish in a barrel (by buying guaranteed high quality plr content), it’s more like russian roulette casino style when it comes to buying plr content without proof/samples.

God forbid if both the seller and the outsourcer don’t have a command of the English (or whatever) language the outsourcer is trying to write in.

Make sure you buy your PLR content from reputable PLR vendors.


PLR Vetting Tip #3

The price of the PLR does not often indicate high quality.

Granted, I have never seen anyone sell the infamous 15,000 PLR article pack for $497.

But, what I am saying is in certain circumstances high prices could mean high quality.

Take for example, Jimmy D. Brown.

Go look at any of his salespages for his PLR content and usually the cheapest (depending on what format or how long it is) it will be is usually around $247 and up.

If the product he is selling happens to be $97, the PLR version will sell for $497.

This is just one of his rules he uses; He sells his PLR rights at a rate of 5x (yes, 5 times) the original cost of the product.



One similarity I do find with high quality PLR sellers who choose to sell PLR at high prices is that they add “Samples”.

The high quality PLR sellers leave no chance for a plr buyer to be skeptical when it comes to them purchasing the PLR content.

Otherwise, the PLR buyer is there thinking “Why would I spend $497 on this without fully knowing the quality of the content?”


Also, pricing products now is usually done with the idea that one will do a launch price.

So, take for example, Arun Chandran’s PLR on PLR. His launch price was cheaper than the price that he is offering now.

That is due to scarcity and inflation, two very important factors that are needed in selling.

So, don’t judge (and not buy, thus losing out on a good deal) because the launch price was $4.99… you might come back and the price might be $50.


PLR Vetting Tip #4

In the PLR field you HAVE to look up who the good PLR vendors are.

It’s good to rely on one’s opinion but to be safe it’s better to do your due diligence and research for yourself.

Once that is done then you can collate other people’s opinions.

Then, make a valid conclusion on which PLR sellers to trust and buy PLR content from.

This is very important because PLR sellers usually do not give refunds.

In that case, I’d rather that you buy high quality PLR versus getting some “pile of trash driven, respun and published already everywhere” PLR that will die on your hard drive or give you physical pain by working on it.


I will continue to say that the PLR is a “small but big” industry.

It’s small in the idea that there aren’t tons of providers but big in the idea of all the niches it reaches (and could reach).

With that said, there are PLR sellers that just can’t hide their name even if they tried. Why?

This is due to their PLR being of high quality.

When PLR buyers know that the content is good, they can’t help but to tell others (and the world) that they’re getting what they paid for (and then some).

It’s not hard to find the higher (or highest) quality PLR vendors.

You just have to be willing to look in the large areas where PLR is prevalent and constantly talked about.

After all, that’s how I found them.


PLR Vetting Tip #5

Be on the lookout for PLR that may hit the “hot product list” or the “top 10 list” on warriorplus/jvzoo.

Just because they hit the list (or the top) doesn’t mean the product that is being marketed is high quality.

They could just really have some good affiliates that are promoting that product well.

Unfortunately, these networks that the product is placed on *cough* warriorplus, jvzoo *cough* may decide to push the product (aka reward the product with an honor) to the top so they (the network) can get a slice of the action.

Don’t believe me?

If you’ve ever bought a product on any of those networks you can bet your bottom dollar you’re on their list and receiving emails specifically from them (the networks).


PLR Vetting Tip #6

Lastly, don’t fall for the scam that some PLR sellers might say: “My PLR is the best and no one else’s can compare!”

Some PLR sellers don’t care to help other PLR sellers, they just want all the money for themselves.

A honest PLR seller will gladly show the buyer other online spaces where he or she can buy PLR content that is high quality if they don’t wish to buy what the seller is selling.

At the end of the day, PLR (and most things IM related) are all about sharing the wealth of information and the income that goes with buying and selling plr content.

There’s no guarantee that one will have all the PLR for every niche under the sun.

So why not point that buyer over to someone who has the niches that vendor doesn’t?

It’s a win-win-win for all three parties.

The PLR buyer can trust the original PLR seller for sending them to a new high quality PLR source.

The PLR buyer can buy the high quality PLR.

Plus, the next PLR seller gets paid and the original PLR seller has the chance to earn an affiliate commission (depending if that is set up or allowed).


In Conclusion

With all things PLR content related, it all starts with doing the research.

There’s no unavoidable way around this unless you want to plan to fail in the PLR field.

Make sure that your “buying PLR content” process is rock solid.

Plus, make sure you’re gonna use the PLR you bought.


P.S. If you’re looking for a product that can help you to start to generate money from your PLR content, then this is the product for you.

I have 5 blueprints that can help you to generate more leads, traffic and sales with your PLR content.

The product usually sells for $27 but because you made it to the bottom of this post, if you get it, I will sweeten the deal by taking off 27% of the price.

All you have to do is use the coupon code “LPEF9MEWN5″ with no quotes at the checkout.

Till next time…


P.s. If things were broken earlier, I had a switch to a new web host. So I’m in the process of fixing some links. Bear with me lol.

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