The #1 Reason PLR Buyers Don’t Make Money With PLR (And How You Can Avoid It)

The #1 Reason PLR Buyers Don’t Make Money With PLR (And How You Can Avoid It)

Hey guys. Back at it again with another post. Let’s jump into this post about PLR buyers.


There are many PLR buyers who purchase PLR content, upload it to their site(s) and hope to make some money from it.

But the sad truth is usually nothing is going to happen without a bit of work.

You see, some of these PLR sellers are selling a “dream” of easy profits.

They expect that one can just “upload & sell” and not have to lift another finger.

Kind of like a push-button setup (which if you haven’t learned yet, is nonexistent in the field of Internet Marketing).

One very important step that PLR buyers are missing after the setup of their product(s) is the generation of the visitors to the site (aka “traffic”).

Without traffic, it’s almost impossible for PLR buyers to generate any income from the product they are trying to sell.

Here’s a couple of tips on generating traffic to offers (whether PLR or not).


Traffic Tip #1

First, you must learn about traffic generation. Learn how to actually push visitors to your site.

Without knowing and using this knowledge, nobody is going to know about your site or visit it.

At the end of the day you can go through the fire with any product (PLR, original or not).

You can even rework it completely from scratch (PLR).

But if you don’t have the know-how on driving traffic, the product might as well be dead.

On one of my blog posts I have a free Pdf that is quite evergreen when it comes to traffic. Take a look if you have time; it’s free.


Traffic Tip #2

Second, you must build a list.

If you’ve been remotely around the field of Internet Marketing for some time you have most likely heard the common catchphrase “the money is in the list.”

Well, it’s true. You can try to avoid building a list.

In doing that, you will probably lose out on money versus what you can gain by having a list.

So you might as well build a list. 

Besides, if you buy biz in a box PLR that you want to sell, they’re most likely going to include an opt in or squeeze page with a freebie ebook/pdf in the package.

You might as well use that to your advantage.

The purpose of it is solely to build a list.

You’re supposed to give away the report in exchange for your potential customer’s email address.

Honestly, the set up of this process isn’t even all that complicated. It’s pretty easy.

However, what’s more important is to be able to generate the traffic (to the opt-in).

If you cannot, you most likely will not get many subscribers.


Traffic Tip #3

Third, you’ve got to use the pieces in your PLR pack to your advantage when you are going to generate traffic.

If your PLR sales pack came with a sales page, upload it to your site.

Edit it as you wish; you might want to go as far as to rebrand the sales page as well.

If your PLR pack came with articles, post them on your blog (or other spaces online) but rewrite them first.

Rewriting the articles will allow you to have some SEO benefits and maybe some Search Engine traction.

If you have PLR videos, images, banners, audio files, et cetera, they are all meant to be used to drive traffic back to your site.

Make use of all of them even if you have to rebrand them all; after all that’s why they were sold to you.

Just make sure that whatever you use you are within your rights of your PLR License.


Traffic Tip #4

Fourth, traffic can help you increase your sales but ultimately it depends on how much products you have available.

If you have more products (aka “buy buttons”) online, you stand to have a greater chance of increasing your income.

One product can only sell well for so long.

If you have more content on your blog/site, the odds of people seeing your content increases and the odds of your content ranking in the search engines also increases.

If you have a list, the odds of your subscribers seeing your online content and your offers also increase over time.

With that said, the chances of your audience buying your product increases as well.

But it all boils down back to the traffic; you need to know how to generate it to make these things a reality.


Traffic Tip #5

Fifth, you do need to know about traffic generation.

However, you don’t need to know about every traffic strategy under the sun to get started.

One thing I learned in Internet Marketing is to focus on one thing and when it comes to traffic this is really important.

There’s tons of strategies out there, free and paid.

But you stand to have the most success when you zero in on one strategy or one strategy at a time until you master it (and then on to the next if you choose).


There’s no right or wrong way to generate more income with PLR content using traffic when it comes to “What should be done first?”

If you ask me there’s a couple ways you could go about it.

One way is to make sure the PLR you’re selling is uploaded and tested completely.

Then go about generating traffic.

The second way is to create the traffic generation and build it up over time.

Then “release” your product to your audience.

The third way is to create the traffic generation. But, while you are doing so, release the product and continue to push more traffic.

All three methods work but if I were you I’d try my best to build a buzz of some sorts before putting the product out there.


Final Thoughts

Lastly, in IM (Internet Marketing) writing (or copywriting) is the most important skill in the market.

If you can write or write sales letters or things of the sort, you’ll never be out of money.

But while that is true, I think generating traffic is a very close second if not battling for that #1 spot of importance.

I mean, face it; if you can generate targeted traffic to any offer, you’d never be out of money too.

That copywriting skill can only get you so far if you can’t push traffic to anything you produce out of it.

Traffic is necessary to generate an online income.

If you can grasp the methods and employ them to your benefit, there’s no reason why your income won’t go up.

PLR buyers can leverage all of this information to start to build their traffic online.

Don’t think that PLR content is only to be sold.

There’s much more you can do with it, and generating traffic from it is just a small start.



In case you missed it (ICYMI) I included a link to one of my previous blog posts where I shared a free PDF of a ton of traffic strategies. Click here for the link.

P.S. I came across an article called “70 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website Using PLR“. It’s written by a big name PLR seller, JR Lang of I thought it would be of a great help to you guys, so check it out along with the free PDF link I dropped in here above.

P.S.S. I am glad to say that I will be releasing a PLR shop in either the next coming weeks or next year/month. The site has been up for some time but I am starting to upload PLR products that you will be able to use. I hope to have this finished before the new year is upon us. Hopefully next time I’m posting I will be able to say “visit my plr store!”

Till next time…

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