Here Are 7 PLR Monetization Strategies That PLR Gurus Swear By

Here Are 7 PLR Monetization Strategies That PLR Gurus Swear By

Hey guys. Let’s jump in with this blog post about PLR monetization strategies.


Some PLR buyers get accustomed to using their PLR content in one way.

I will be the quickest to say that I am one of them. It seems that the most mainstream way is to use them as blog content.

While that is all cool, the problem is that people don’t try to learn other ways to use their PLR.

In other words, that’s all they choose to know.

People who use PLR on a regular basis in multiple ways tend to be more exposed to these plr monetization strategies that I am about to show you.

However, I must warn you; some of these ideas you’ve most likely already heard of.

Some of these ideas you may not have heard of yet.

Regardless, it’s important to know of them all and to use some (if not all) to achieve your desired outcome, which is typically more traffic, more leads and more sales.


PLR Monetization Strategy #1

The first way is the most mainstream way and that is to turn PLR content into ebooks.

I know I know, you’ve heard this milleons of tymes before… but it still works.

A typical ebook is around 10,000 words. To this day, PLR articles are still being released/sold around 400-500 words each article.

So, with that said you’re going to need about 20 to 25 articles to get around or past that limit of 10,000 words.

Of course, the more words, the merrier. But don’t fluff up your ebook for the purpose of having a longer ebook.

Most importantly, you have to make sure that the ebook flows correctly. No one wants to read through harsh stops in word flow.

As long as you’re adding a couple of transition sentences in between articles (even if it lets the cat out of the bag) you will be fine.


Some people will just rewrite the whole 20-25 articles into an ebook instead of trying to transition in between each article.

This can also be a choice if you decide to go this route.

There’s nothing wrong with turning those articles into a full-fledged manuscript (just ebook style).

Just make sure that when you’re done, you are comfortable with it.

Lastly, make sure your marketing is taken care of (sales page, autoresponder, traffic generation, etc.).

That process is actually the hard part; marketing the ebook.


PLR Monetization Strategy #2 And #3

The second way is to turn PLR content into email messages.

This actually goes hand in hand with the previous idea.

Check this out; what if you rewrote articles into an ebook and used some residual rewritten articles as autoresponder messages for your autoresponder?

Now instead of having to write from scratch, you can just use your rewritten PLR.

Check this, it doesn’t even matter how long or short your messages are.

Nobody’s checking on them like they’re scrutinizing the length of your blog posts.

You can even take one rewritten PLR article and break it up over two or three messages to keep your subscribers salivating for more.

You can also drop a link to a promotion (of yours, maybe the ebook?) in that email by using an affiliate link (or your own sales link) to generate commissions/money. 



The third way is to make a paid newsletter.

It’s crazy how it also goes hand in hand with the previous idea.

What if you have access to a larger portion of content than 20-25 articles? What if you have access to 100+?

By creating a paid newsletter, you can create a recurring income stream for months, if not years to come.

As long as your content is great and people like it, there’s no reason why you can’t charge for it monthly.

Get this; you can still put affiliate links in your content! Now you would have two ways to profit from this one idea.

Plus, if you promote your own product(s) (uh… ebook?) in the newsletter then that’s 3 ways.

What’s most important is that the quality of the content in the newsletter is high and it stays high.

Otherwise, people will unsubscribe. Also, you might want to keep the price of the membership low.

Typically,  on recurring monthly charges some people might not want to pay a high price. 


PLR Monetization Strategies #4 And #5

The fourth idea is to create a FTM site otherwise known as a Fixed-Term Membership site.

A fixed-term membership only runs for a set amount of time.

The customer can only be billed for the amount of weeks or months the membership is supposed to run for.

If the customer decides to leave said membership before it is completed and rejoins in the future, the customer will start again at the beginning of the membership.

These types of memberships could run for 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks (3 months), 6 months, or 12 months.

Usually depending on the length of the membership the membership site will bill weekly or monthly.

With PLR content, you can take the content and drip it via an autoresponder or you can use a nice membership script or a password protected wordpress site with the details mailed every week/month.

Depending on the duration of the membership, you can send a report every week (4-6-8-12 week membership) or you can send a full blown ebook with checklists and worksheets for every month.

There’s not any one way to do a FTM membership but it is a great way to get a hold of recurring income that does not involve constant production of new content every single month.

Produce the content once, profit (damn near) forever.



The fifth idea is to use your PLR content as a guest post for another site.

Guest posts are still a great way to generate traffic to your site.

However, if I were to go this route, I would definitely make sure the content is rewritten.

Also, it would have to pass a copyscape scan as well.

I’d want it to sound like something I wrote (and not just some generic bs).

Then I would try to find the top blogs in my niche/market and get in contact with them to see if they would accept a guest post article.

If approved, I would send them my post along with a link back to my site.

That is the key thing about guest posts; you can leverage the blog’s traffic to get traffic to your blog/site.

If your post is good, the reader will naturally want to click through to your blog.

The most important part about this idea is that you’re going to need unique content.

Rewriting PLR can help you to get there if you’re not buying unique content.

Just don’t try to use low quality plr and then pass it off as a quality article for a guest post.

It most likely will not work and you’ll waste your time.

If you stick with high quality PLR, you’ll be fine, especially if you do a full rewrite.


PLR Monetization Strategies #6 And #7

The 6th idea is to add (affiliate) links, ads, banners, etc. to your blog content so you can generate money from it.

Truth be told, a lot of my posts to this very blog do not have any “monetization” to it.

I have a picture on the sidebar of the blog leading to a product because that’s my constant “monetization” on this blog.

Can I do better? Yes, absolutely. But how?

I can add a banner to a specific post (either in the past or for a future one), I can add affiliate links (within my blog post[s]) when it’s most related to the product and I can add more “stagnant ads” (like Arun’s “How to rewrite PLR”) to the website.

For a long time I have had this site up for the strict reason of education (for me and others).

However, in doing so I have lost money just by keeping the site up (and not trying to generate any income).

So to offset the costs (and to attempt to build an online income), it only makes sense to add to my blog posts a couple ways of making some cash (links, ads, etc.) so I don’t come out of pocket every month/year.



The last (7th) method is to turn plr into videos and audios for your site.

This can help you to use these pieces as physical products if you decide to turn them into blurays or dvds (for video) or cd’s/audiobooks/podcasts (for audio).

The world is already in the digital age so it makes sense to follow the status quo.

By turning content into multiple formats that consumers can enjoy, you serve to gain access to a larger audience vs forcing them to just read your text content.


In Conclusion

With all that said, PLR content can generate a lot of money.

It all depends on how you use it though.

PLR content doesn’t have to just be stagnant content that you just throw up on a site.

It can be rejuvenated, revitalized or repurposed into something else and you can generate money, traffic, leads and sales from it.

Most importantly, when this is done right, people don’t even think (or realize) that your content is PLR because at the end of the day, it’s helping them.

Leverage these 7 plr monetization strategies to help you generate traffic, leads and sales.


P.S. My PLR store is about to be up. It won’t have any pictures (picture boxes) for the products, but the PLR will be able to be purchased. That’s the only caveat. But, if you want high quality PLR, my site will be another site where you can get some high quality PLR content. I will be making a post very soon about it here on this blog.

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