Jump Start Your PLR Income Generation With These Seven Repurposing Tricks

Jump Start Your PLR Income Generation With These Seven Repurposing Tricks

Hey guys. Let’s get started with this post about how to repurpose plr content.


The idea of making money online is simple. At the end of the day, the way I see it is, it’s all sales.

To be frank, sales will always be a part of life.

You’re going to sell something regardless if it’s your own product, someone else’s product, an affiliate sale, yourself (maybe to a significant other, not literally), etc.

So, with that said, since we as a society cannot deviate from the idea of selling, we might as well sell something, especially if we are looking to make money online.

You know how the common phrase goes, “If you can’t beat em, join em”.

Here’s the problem: most people who look to earn an income online forget about having to sell something.

They don’t pay attention to the many gurus they buy from continuously (and what they’re doing) month in and month out.

Instead, they just open up their wallets and buy, buy, buy. This is not how to make money online. 


One has to combat this by selling a product of some sort.

In the Internet Marketing space, it is typically easier to acquire a plr product and rewrite/repurpose it versus writing something from scratch.

Get this: Just like how people who want to make money online impulse buy, there are also people who do the same with PLR offers (I call it “shiny PLR syndrome”).

They buy, buy, buy and never use the content to make money.

Essentially, it dies on their computer, in the cloud or even worse, they never download it (I’ve done it all).

So how do “we” combat this? It’s actually quite simple.

We just have to increase our products, start to put out our products or increase the sales. 



Given the nature of the PLR industry, when it comes to content, the first thought that most would think of is “PLR articles”.

That in itself turns a lot of people off, quickly.

If you don’t already know, PLR has been getting a bad reputation for a long time now.

That’s really because of the 15,000 plr packs or the 100,000 plr packs or the 1 million plr packs… et cetera.

You catch my drift. So, if you’re looking to buy PLR articles and you determine “I don’t want to sell this as articles” what do you do now?

Get stuck like you did before and let them die on your hard drive?

The easiest solution to this problem is by repurposing your plr into different formats.

I have seven different methods that can help you to repurpose your PLR content into high value pieces which you can give away or sell. 


7 Methods To Help You Repurpose Your PLR Content

The first method you’ve probably heard of and that is to repurpose your PLR content into a Report.

Typically, reports sell for cheap online and they are sometimes used as a tripwire to turn a prospective customer into a buyer.

Think of this as a free subscriber that turned into a buyer because of your low cost report.

As a result of selling the report, you’ve otherwise turned some people who may be on your free list “until” into buyers who are looking for your next product.

In Internet marketing, the buyers list is always more important than the free list, so this method is crucial if you’re looking for more buyers (but you don’t want to promote your high ticket stuff). 


Also, reports can be used as giveaway/lead magnet content.

Remember what I was just referencing about free subs vs buyer subs?

You can use the giveaway/lead magnet to get them subscribed as an “ethical bribe”.

Then, you can follow up with your low cost report to generate some quick income.

If the free sub buys, this accomplishes three things: it gives the free subscriber a chance to get off the free list asap, it puts some money in your pocket and third, you expand your buyers list.

If not, the free sub will be subscribed (to the free list) where you can send them follow up messages.

Worst case scenario, you can always drop links in your lead magnet so when the sub reads it, he or she can go straight to your products/website or someone else’s products (think affiliate link[s]).


Methods 2 And 3 To Repurpose Your PLR Content

The second method is to repurpose your PLR content into ebooks.

The big difference between ebooks and reports is that reports are shorter and ebooks are longer.

Some people like to have a minimum of 10,000 words in an ebook (or more. Some people like to have reports as short as 7-15 pages (Think Jimmy D. Brown).

But, in ebooks it is not uncommon to have lengths of 35-50+ pages.

You can also throw affiliate links in ebooks.

I’d say don’t spam tons of links in them just because you can.

Most importantly, make sure the affiliate links you’re placing are actually relevant.

Placing a link to a product to just make money will do nothing if it isn’t relevant.


The third method is to repurpose your PLR content into audiobooks.

This niche has taken off in the last decade and has no signs of slowing down at all.

I guarantee you if you find an ebook in Amazon and it has an audiobook, people are going to perceive the audiobook as the one with the higher amount of value.

Why do I say this?

If you were to create ebooks, you can always turn them into audiobooks and make more money.

Also, you can take that same audiobook and sell it as an upsell.

So, if someone buys your ebook, you can redirect them to your upsell (audiobook) immediately after the purchase.

Since audiobooks are better than written content, it’s easy to assume that you’d make a good amount of money off of the higher perceived value of audiobooks.


Methods 4 And 5 To Repurpose Your PLR Content

The fourth method is to repurpose your PLR content into Videos or Video Training.

Depending on what your PLR content is about (and what niche it’s in) you can create Videos that are purely informational (like from a powerpoint [screen record]).

You can use Vidnami, Camtasia, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro, or any other video editor and take a stab at it yourself.

If not, you can always hire a freelancer to take care of your video needs.


Another way of making videos is to do some sort of on-camera work for what it’s required.

Granted, in certain niches (fitness, gardening, etc.) this could be necessary but, you can find some creative commons content that you could use and you’d never have to be on camera.

It all depends on your niche and how far you want to go with the videos.

Once your videos are created, you can always sell them as a DVD or Bluray online or offline. 



The fifth method is to repurpose your PLR content into podcasts or webinars.

Podcasts are big now. We can’t avoid them.

Just like audiobooks, sometimes it is easier to listen to something versus having to read through it.

You can easily take PLR content you have and record it into a podcast or podcast series.

What’s best about this method is if you decide against rewriting your PLR, you can just record it and upload it as it is without having to worry about duplicate content.

Also, in your “breaks/advertisements” you can advertise your own products or someone else’s products!


Also, you can use your PLR content for webinars.

Just make sure you have enough content for the webinar.

Don’t try to produce a webinar for 30 minutes to an hour with one PLR article.

Make sure you have more than enough content to get you through your entire webinar.


Methods 6 And 7 To Repurpose Your PLR Content

The sixth method is to repurpose your PLR content into emails. This is actually really easy.

You don’t even have to rewrite the content if you don’t want to.

Usually marketers will place a PLR article into their sequence or broadcast email as content for their subscribers (free or paid).

Ideally, it would make sense to rewrite but you’re not looking to rank in search engines.

Ideally, they won’t find your autoresponder messages (unless you allow it).

In that sense, don’t worry about duplicate content.

Just make sure it’s quality content and you are good to go.

You can also drop a couple of affiliate links to products of your own or others if you choose.

Tiffany Lambert is a great example of a marketer that uses PLR content in their newsletter. 


Lastly, the seventh method is to repurpose your PLR content into content for a membership site.

Once again, the content does not have to be rewritten. But it should be rewritten to show your taste, style and brand.

The members just want good content anyway. They could care less about it being PLR, as long as it helps them.

This method can put consistent money in your pocket as long as you continue to serve your members with great content for however long the membership is for.


In Conclusion

In conclusion, if you give or sell high quality information, you can make a lot of money.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make money with PLR content.

There’s a reason why the PLR industry has been going strong for the past 20+ years and it’s only getting better and better.

With the advent of plr audio, video, reports, ebooks, webinars, blog posts, articles, images, infographics, etc. the PLR niche is definitely here to stay.

However, we can’t generate an income online by buying the PLR content; we have to repurpose/recreate/rewrite/reuse it.

Most importantly, after doing so, we have to sell it to generate that income.

It’s much easier than starting from scratch.

Take these 7 ideas on repurposing your plr content and put them to use.

Till Next Time…


p.s. By the way I have a course for free called “PLR Repurposing Masterclass” that goes over multiple ways of repurposing plr content. Take a look if you want.

p.p.s. I have a bundle of checklists that covers rebranding PLR, rewriting PLR, turning PLR into a premium product and much more. Grab all 18 step-by-step checklists right here.

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