Just When You Thought You’d Never Use Those 600 Word PLR Articles, This Business-Changing Strategy Came Along

Just When You Thought You’d Never Use Those 600 Word PLR Articles, This Business-Changing Strategy Came Along

Hey guys. Let’s get started with this post about using short PLR content.

The PLR buyers of today have quite a problem with some PLR article vendors.

What’s that, you might ask?

The content the PLR vendors are selling are just too short.

Back in the day, it was common to get away with publishing a (PLR) article that is around 300-400 words.

When I mean “get away”, I mean get away with a bunch of traffic, sales and maybe even some leads.

This was around say, the 2000s. That era is long gone now.


Spongebob “The”


Now we are in the 2020s.

So, the idea of using a 300-400 or even a 600 word article for a post on your site, a guest post or even someone else’s site is not cutting it anymore (unless you’re running a split article i.e. part 1, part 2, etc.)

The search engines are probably going to ignore you more than your competition.

They (your competition) may be publishing 1000+ word articles at a minimum.

Worse, the search engines of today have a guideline on content they want to push to the top of their search engines.

Guess how long that’s going to be… at least 2000 words minimum!

So, what do you do? What’s the solution?

You can try to edit the content, change it up, add to it, move some things around and you could come up with a brand new article.

We’ll go over some of those ideas here.


Methods For Using Short PLR

First, we have to figure out if the content is worthy of even being edited.

If you have any 300-600 word articles laying around, chances are that they may be on the lower side of quality.

However, they could still have some gems in them, so don’t completely count them out.

In my experience though, the shorter the article the worse the quality. Take that with a grain of salt (LOL).

A short article can sometimes spark more ideas than one that is longer, so you never know. 


As said earlier, the search engines like articles that are longer than 2000 words.

I know how hard it can be to hit 2000+ words on a regular basis.

With that said, I would never advocate shooting for that everytime.

But I do believe that 1500 isn’t a bad second amount to go for.

At the minimum I’d try to stick to 1000 to stay relevant in the SE’s.

Also, word count is weighed heavily on the type of niche.

So if you are exploring a heavy word count niche like “email marketing” or “e-commerce”, then it would make more sense to write longer articles.

But if you’re exploring a small word count niche like “gadgets” you probably won’t be writing any long articles unless you’re interested in “the history or timeline of gadgets” lol.

Be mindful of how long (or short) you need your articles to be to fit in (or stand out) in your niche.



Second, you will have to take some of those 600 word articles and combine them to create one big article.

If you do this without changing anything, you can get close to 2,000 words.

By expounding upon some of the points in the articles and adding a lengthier introduction and conclusion, you can easily hit that 2000 word mark.

If you decide to use this idea, I would suggest to rewrite the whole article.

This is so you don’t run into any duplicate content penalties.

Of course, that all depends on if you publish the article.

If you choose not to, you can just sell it as is (depending on your license rules).

Make sure you have your specific keyword’s density in there while keeping your article easy to read.


Third, you can always add more words to your plr content that you want to publish.

There’s no standard rule in PLR that says “you can’t add to your content”.

If anything, it is preferred that you add more words, outside inspiration, things you thought about, experiences, etc. to your content.

In the end, it makes your final article more unique than ever.

Plus, people who may have that original piece of PLR may never determine that it was the original you started from!

You can also add pictures, gifs (Arun does both a lot!), YouTube video references or anything that separates you from the competition.



Fourth, if you determine that PLR is just too hard to mess with, there’s nothing wrong with getting a writer or rewriter to modify your content.

You can also get a writer to just “use the content you were originally going to use” as inspiration for them to create new content.

Now, with this method there will be a monetary cost so I would consider this as one of the last ditch options if your pockets are tight.

If not, I’d highly consider it, especially for the people that are extremely busy and don’t have the time to find or rewrite PLR.

There’s nothing wrong with having a team (that you pay) that helps you to get where you want to get to.


Lastly, if you can’t get your hands on any PLR articles of this nature (which is unbelievable), you can try to acquire PLR ebooks and use those instead.

PLR ebooks tend to have more “pages” in terms of information so if you come across a good PLR ebook, have at it!

Just be mindful of the license rules; you don’t want to purchase something that you can’t publish online.

A typical chapter in a PLR ebook can end up being a whole blog post or two or three (the sky’s the limit)!


In Conclusion

In conclusion, short PLR articles aren’t even all that bad. Yes, they give off a horrible reputation but above I’ve just named 3-4 ways to use them.

As said earlier, in some cases a short article can be very powerful but it has to be jam packed with value. But, in today’s online world, ranking is more important than ever in the search engines.

To do that, you need longer articles. You can use these smaller PLR’s to rank if you so choose.

But, be mindful of this: the reason why short PLR articles are still mainstream is because they are easier to produce.

Some PLR sellers may not care to write longer articles.

This is because it takes more time and it will be more expensive for the customer.

Plus, there is a chance that the customer may never buy it (because they don’t want to pay that money).

Overall, it’s a tough situation.

But at least while short PLR is still the “thing” there are still ways to use them.


p.s. I know I missed out on May’s post. Technically this is may’s post but I dropped the ball. Got to be better.

On another note, my PLR store is almost up and running. My next post should be about that. Thanks for supporting.

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