The Difference Between Master, Unrestricted And Personal PLR Licensing

The Difference Between Master, Unrestricted And Personal PLR Licensing

Hey PLR Game Changer fans! Got a good one for you, let’s dig in. While I am yet to post another pure content blog post here, I decided to do a dump on my current knowledge of Master PLR Licensing, Unrestricted PLR Licensing, and Personal PLR Licensing.

I created a short video on it and posted it to my YouTube channel. Here’s the video so you can check it out:

Let me know if you guys are interested in me expounding more upon this information in this post!

I would be happy to dive a bit deeper and see if I can find anything else to share on this specific topic.

As it turns out, Master PLR is still a relatively “under the radar” term, so it doesn’t get as much attention as a regular Personal PLR license or an Unrestricted PLR License.

I decided to do this video because I did a search on YouTube and I did not find much (or any) information detailing these differences.

So I figured, I might as well try to fill the void.

Let me know what you think (comment) on this blog or YouTube!

Also, if you’re interested in a transcript of the words, I can get that worked out, if necessary.

EDIT 2022: After checking my stats from this video and watching certain parts of it, I realized that my audio quality is atrocious. This is hard to listen to but it’s short (11min) so, if you can bear with the quality, you’ll gain quality information.

I lightly edited my transcript so it makes some sort of sense here.

So, some words that you find here may not be in the video. With that said, here’s the transcript:


Hey, plrgamechanger fans. I’m just coming back at you with another video, and this time it’s about the difference between unrestricted, personal, and master PLR licensing.

Let’s just jump right in.


Personal PLR License

So personal PLR licensing, if you ever bought a PLR pack or any of that stuff usually when you check your license it’s non-transferable.

You can’t try to sell it as your own (PLR).

You usually can’t give it away to anybody with PLR rights and it will usually have a set of rules. These rules could include any of the following: 

  • it can be edited and modified in any way
  • it can be branded and sold as a report with personal use rights (which is basically like only customer rights)
  • you can only read it 
  • you can put your name as an author (this means you can put your name on it but you cannot claim copyright to it because it is still plr content and  a lot of people are buying it)
  • you can use it as e-course and webinar material
  • you can use the content on your site or your blog (i would suggest that you rewrite it, rework it, change up a couple of things before you do that, change the title, etc.) 
  • you can use it on article marketing sites (not many marketers use this tactic today but back then it was a huge hit when bum article marketing was a big thing)
  • you can translate it to other languages and this is a very underused tactic 
  • you can also use the content to create and post videos on video-sharing sites blogs etc. like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

These are just some of the rules. I mean there’s not an end-all-be-all to all the rules.

Some PLR providers may add more rules some may have less some are more restrictive some are less restrictive. It all depends on the provider. 


Now here’s what you can’t do with a personal PLR license:

  • you usually can’t claim copyright to it (PLR) because it’s PLR and everybody else is buying it. so, you can’t claim sole copyright to it.
  • you cannot sell or give away the private label rights. You can sell the product (as-is) but you cannot sell the private label rights associated with the product. That is because it’s a non-transferable PLR. If you do that you’ll get into legal trouble. I would suggest just not doing it at all.
  • You cannot add it to membership sites usually free membership sites with resale and master resale rights.
  • You also cannot use my name (the PLR creator’s name) as the author (or for any marketing/traffic). So if I was the vendor, you cannot use my name as the author or plr game changer’s name as the author.

The list of yes’s or no’s may be longer or shorter depending on the license. Basically what we just went over is a good general PLR license that covers the basics of PLR licensing.

So with that said, some PLR providers or creators may have a different set of rules but they are typically quite similar.

Some may give more leeway in their licensing and more ideas while others may be more strict.

For example, if you’re going to look up these providers their licensing may be quite similar but a bit different.

A couple of them that come off the top of my head when I was creating this presentation were:

  • Tiffany Lambert
  • Kevin Fahey 
  • Arun Chandran,
  • Charles Harper 
  • Jimmy D. Brown


Unrestricted PLR License

Now let’s get started with the unrestricted PLR licensing.

This licensing is very powerful and it allows whoever gets their hands on it to do whatever they want to do with the content.

Anything goes… it’s unrestricted so you can do anything you want with it.

Pretty much the only thing you can’t do is just sell the unrestricted PLR license which would make sense.

I would advise you to check the licensing first before doing anything crazy with it.

This is just a general rule of thumb, it’s something you should do.

You don’t have to but you should just in case you don’t get caught up with any legal troubles or anything like that.

Also, just in case you need clarification with something you can always get in contact with the PLR provider to double-check any license rules or any questions you may have.

Regardless of whatever content it is, I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy enough to answer any questions you have.

Before we continue, I just happened to search up unrestricted PLR and I came across this when I was looking for unrestricted PLR.

It just so happens that “buy quality plr” was the first result.

I was looking for an example license to reference this and it just so happens in this video product this just happens to be the license.

Everything says yes; this is why I say to say that you can do whatever you want with an unrestricted PLR license.

Just be mindful because you always gotta check the license regardless of whatever type of PLR license it is.

Just be mindful of that. This is what happened to pop up with the first unrestricted PLR license I came across.


Master PLR License

Now we’re going to continue… master PLR licensing was coined by the supposed creator of PLR himself: Jimmy D. Brown.

To me, I feel like this licensing is a little bit more restricted than unrestricted PLR but it’s also the most treasured.

Once master PLR licenses are created they’re limited because buyers of this licensing can still sell regular PLR licenses to the public.

So in Jimmy D. Brown’s case when he sells his master PLR licenses he usually has a limit.

For example… I decided to buy from him when he was selling “licensed to sell” and he sold the (CORRECTION: no master) PLR license to it after selling it as an original product.

I bought the original product and then I bought the PLR license.

Every time he comes out with a master PLR license to a product that he originally sold it’s usually a very low number of licenses.

They usually sell out very quickly so I had to make sure I got one of them because there were only 20 of them.



I had to make sure I got one of them (I like the product he created).

That is the case with that and I’ll go a little in-depth with that a little bit later.

So that is the case if you have multiple licenses or a private dealer is struck between two parties.

The buying party receives a master PLR license to the content and no other licenses are sold.

That’s like an exclusive master PLR license and ideally, the price for a master PLR license is very high.

Sometimes even five times or ten times or more for this type of licensing.

At the time when Jimmy D. Brown was selling “licensed to sell” I bought it for 50 bucks.

When he sold the PLR licensing I think he sold it for about $250, $247, or $497.



So that’s basically how much you’re going to spend if you get your hands on a (limited) master PLR license (master PLR licenses will go for more than this).

Another good thing about getting your hands on master PLR licensing is that once the licenses sell out, usually the original seller is going to stop selling the product and any licenses associated with it.

Say for example, if you’re selling resale rights, master resale rights, regular PLR licensing, or master PLR licensing from a product you bought from another vendor, your “original vendor competition” should be all gone.

They’re all gone and that’s what allows the new buyer to start to sell (a form of) licensing to that book or just sell it as my book or do whatever with it as long as I adhere to the license rules.

(In my case, I don’t have a master PLR license, so, therefore, I cannot sell PLR licensing. Only master PLR license holders can do that, hence it being a “master PLR license”.)

That will allow me to brand myself as a new seller.

I’ll never have to worry about Jimmy selling it again because I don’t have to worry about his competition.

He took it off the market.

If you try to search that book right now you’re probably not going to find it (now you might find one listing [2022]).


Exclusive PLR Licensing

So another example of exclusive PLR licensing is… there was a private deal that I knew about between two marketers.

I purchased the PLR licensing from the Master PLR buyer and then I released three video tutorials on my blog.

I did that as a result of the PLR licensing that I purchased from the Master PLR buyer.

So that’s one example.

The second example, licensed to sell, which I talked about earlier, he sold 20 copies of that master PLR license.

I purchased one and I think it cost me around $247 (we’ll go with $247) and he sold out and I think he sold out within some hours.

Then he removed the product forever.

If you try to search up this product right now it’s either you’re gonna find me selling it (maybe in the future) or you’re gonna find someone else.

Potentially one of the other 19 people that have it could be selling it. 


So Dennis Becker is a current marketer who does this; he purchases master PLR licensing as well as regular PLR licensing and he sells them.

He may rework them a little bit, change up the title maybe or keep it as it is.

After, he sells it to his customers and subscribers and makes a lot of money off of it.

The only reason why I know this is because I’m on his list and I’m on the master PLR licensing list for some marketers.

So when I see a PLR sale happen and then when I see Dennis come out with it like a day later I’m like “oh that’s where he got it from.”


In Conclusion…

So to conclude, PLR licensing allows you to do a lot of things.

It can allow you to get your hands on some content, rework it and use it or sell it.

If it’s really good content it’s not going to matter if it was yours or not.

You can turn it into audio, videos, YouTube videos, podcasts, audiobooks, whatever your heart desires, personal reports.

You can do whatever you want with it as long as you adhere to the license.

With unrestricted PLR licensing you can do whatever you want as long as you adhere to that licensing.

Usually in unrestricted you’ll get a lot of yes’s and not any no’s versus PLR licensing you’ll catch a couple of no’s.

Master PLR licensing is the best licensing you could have because you can sell PLR licensing freely without any competition due to the original seller taking the product down.

This is unlike unrestricted PLR which can be sold infinitely.

So whether you get a personal PLR license, a master PLR license, or an unrestricted PLR license, make sure you check your PLR license.

I’d hate for anyone to get into legal trouble dealing with PLR because they didn’t decide to check the license.

So be wary of that. 

I decided to create this video so that you can be wary of the difference between all three of these.

There isn’t much content on the difference between all of these so I figured that I would create this video.

I hope you guys have a great one and I’ll see you in the next video. Take care.

Final Words

Whew. That was a lot to edit for a transcript (in 2022).

I kinda feel like I should shoot that video all over again given all the mistakes I made.

Maybe I should call it a refresher or something for an update video. That will be in due time.

Here are the slides just in case you’d like to look/download/print them:

P.S. The PLR Store is coming along nicely.

I don’t have any pictures of the products, but the PLR listed in the store will be high-quality PLR.

Also, I will be releasing a couple of free products soon, so look out for those on this blog.

P.S.S. Hopefully, I will have more videos for you guys over the next 5-6 months to close this year out strong.

I will create these videos from written content here.

Other videos (like the one above) may be more of a “spur of the moment” “epiphany” type of video.

Till the next blog post…

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