How A Money-Generating Product Review Can Change Your Mind On Affiliate Marketing

How A Money-Generating Product Review Can Change Your Mind On Affiliate Marketing

Hi guys. I wrote a product review a couple of years ago and I still get paid from that post.

You might already know what post I’m talking about. Let’s go.

So, the blog post I am referring to is none other than the first product review I have on this blog, PLR Rewriting Formula.

I still check this post from time to time because I like to see how my writing may have evolved or not.

When I look back, it is still cringe worthy, which reminds me that I need to edit some things and definitely add a video to bring more traffic to that post.

Anyway, I decided on posting it because at the time, I was in a rough patch specifically when it came to this website.

This was probably around the time when I wasn’t posting much of anything because I had lost a lot of interest and became lazy.

So, I figured I might as well post something since I hadn’t posted in a while and I needed to get paid somehow.

So I created the product review.


Everything Changed Once This Happened With My Product Review…

Now, I’ve done product reviews before and I believe at the time that was “acceptable enough for me” to put out.

But I had to be real with myself; I did not believe that I would actually generate a commission from it.

The sad reality is, this website/blog doesn’t generate much traffic organically (search engines) or from social media.

So, I would be deceiving myself if I really believed that my one product review was going to line my pockets with a bunch of cash.

Honestly, it was a “might as well post it” kind of thing.

So, I posted it. I don’t think I got a commission until almost two years later, I believe in the month of August of 2019.

One day I might have checked my email and saw something like this:

“Arun sent you $11.something thru PayPal”

I was like…

“what the hell, why is Arun sending me anything?”

(Arun is the name of the vendor, Arun Chandran of Flaming Hot PLR)

So, I checked my PayPal and I saw the money and I was like

ok cool.

But something told me, “check your jvzoo account”.

So I listened to my inner conscience. I checked my jvzoo account and this is what I found:

Seeing that 1 in the sales column had me stoked!!! I was amazed. I was happy.

For once I actually believed in affiliate marketing and maybe, just maybe some of the stuff these idiots/gurus on the internet are saying could be true.

I started to believe that making an online income is possible if the right systems and things are set up.

Most importantly, I started to trust myself that whatever I was doing, it was working.


But Then I Got Lazy With Content Creation…

However, when there’s good, there’s usually bad with it.

At the time this was happening, the warrior forum (which was a significant traffic source) was dwindling in terms of activity.

I couldn’t rely on it as much for traffic like I used to [forum signature].

Also, this was the time that Facebook groups were really starting to make a name for themselves and forums as a whole started to take an overall “L”.

Now, the closest thing to a forum is Facebook groups or reddit. But I digress.

I should have stayed consistent with my creation of posts and things, but I fell off at the worst time.

It helped that I made a decision to come back to the blog but overall, generating traffic, it’s kind of tough.

But what’s traffic if I’m not making anything from it?

What’s traffic if they’re here to learn and leave?

What’s traffic if you have no “list”?


The thing is, I have to break out of the “posting free content” and I have to start to create my buy buttons, promote more stuff or sell ads.

These are probably some of the most mainstream ways to create an income by blogging.

Email marketing has always been something that I’ve been fond of.

However, I always got a bit scared of having to market every day.

I have plenty of email addresses chock full of emails that I receive every day (that I don’t read).

Given me not reading all of those emails, I have no intention to be that type of marketer.

I’ll have to figure out that balance between autoresponder emails and broadcasts (and how many times I would want to nag you guys per week).

That comes with time (but I should not wait to figure it out).


Here’s What I Did:

The point is, once I experienced my little “sliver of success” it changed my mind on things for the better regarding Internet Marketing (and affiliate marketing).

So, I would not tell you to not try to be an affiliate for something. I would highly encourage it.

You can even take the way I went about it and see for yourself. What I mean is:

  • to post a couple of posts on a website or blog
  • create a product review after you see some “slight stats” on your overall traffic
  • Continue to post to the website/blog after your review to continue to generate traffic
  • Place inbound links to the product review when applicable in your following posts

You might say, “Some of this stuff I already know, so what’s the next step for me?”


Create more product reviews. Continue to post (long form) articles and blog posts.

Don’t stop at one (product review) for 4 years like I did.

I have a list of products I intend to review and put up here.

Some I have read/watched through while some I haven’t.

At least whatever I review I will be happy to say that I purchased the product, so I have complete access to the product.

It’s much better than giving a half-baked review based off of slick copy from a JV page or a sales page.

In my opinion, the most genuine product reviews (in Internet Marketing) are the ones without bonuses but, people got to make a living. Such is life.

So, yes. Create, create, create. 



Lastly, you might wonder “How can I use PLR content to help me create these product reviews?” 

The best thing I could tell you is to use the PLR content as a Segway into your product review.

Talk about some of the benefits or disadvantages of solving the problem.

Then go right into why others may need the product.

Go into why others may not need it.

Highlight the pros and cons.

Sometimes by reading some PLR content you can come up with extra ideas (extra problems or extra solutions) that could be relevant to the product you are trying to promote. 

If all else fails, you always have that JV page (if it’s still up) or that sales page to pull ideas and copy from to bolster your review up.


In Conclusion…

All in all, affiliate marketing is a tried and true way to generate money.

It’s the first way that I’ve generated money on this blog.

I would highly suggest for everyone to do affiliate marketing first because it teaches one the struggle of generating (targeted) traffic to an offer.

Traffic Generation is something everyone needs to know in Internet Marketing regardless of affiliate marketing, product creation, advertising, CPA, providing a service, etc. 

All of these have at least one thing in common: an offer. 

If you can figure out how to drive traffic to the offer(s), you will be better than the majority.

Plus, you will stand to make more money than most do online.



I wanted to make this post more of a free talk.

Kind of like writing what comes to mind (although most of my posts are like that lol). 

Let me know what you think about this post.

If you haven’t read my 1 product review that I need to re-edit, here’s your chance. Check it out here.

By the way, I came across this really cool product that’s about affiliate marketing.

Given that I mentioned how I generated my first affiliate sale by blogging, I figured this product would be a perfect fit for anyone who’s looking to do the same. Check it out by clicking here.

Lastly, I know I keep throwing out hints about my PLR store.

It really is almost done. I’m not going to bother with product images because I’m more interested in getting it done (meaning products up).

But there will be a nice mix of educational products you can learn from and PLR products you can use.

EDIT: Instead of putting the educational products on the PLR store, I’m going to place them on a different platform. Any products that are listed on the PLR store will be PLR Rights friendly.

You may encounter the same product on two different platforms (on one platform as PLR and on the other as Personal learning use [non-plr]) so be very careful which one you purchase.

There will be no refunds.

Can’t wait for that to finally be open. After that, then I’ll release my free product here for you guys.


Till next time…

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