Free checklist on how to make your plr content unique

[FREE CHECKLIST] How To Make Your PLR Unique

I’ve grazed over how to rewrite plr content, how to rebrand plr content and how to repurpose plr content, but I don’t think I’ve addressed how to make plr content unique.

It’s not that confusing and in more ways than one, it kind of goes hand in hand with rebranding plr content.

With that said, this checklist deals with the idea of “product rebranding”.

If one is trying to publish any plr content, he or she can’t just rebrand an article.

They would have to rewrite it if they are looking to get search engine optimization benefits.

The videos I posted here will mostly tell you what I am about to show you.

This checklist is a short and sweet PDF just in case you didn’t want to watch that whole course.

So, without further ado, I present to you this checklist on “How To Make Your PLR Unique”.

It’s all free. Download it and save it if you so choose to.

Print it out and write on it, you have personal use rights to it.


How To Make Your PLR Unique Checklist Below

Download How To Make Your PLR Unique Checklist PDF Here

If you’re looking for more of these checklists, I have 17 more checklists that help you with your plr content over here.

With that said, these checklists are worth at least $9.97 each with the value they give.

With the deal I’m offering you, you won’t even pay $1 for each checklist.

These checklists are for Personal Use Only.

Here is a list of all the checklists you will receive if you purchase this offer:

  • The PLR Clarity Checklist
  • Top 10 PLR Profit Models
  • A PLR Rolodex With The Main Producers
  • How To Make Your PLR Unique
  • Rebranding PLR Graphics
  • Rebranding Written PLR Content
  • Rebranding Video PLR Content
  • Rebranding A PLR Sales Page
  • Rewriting PLR Articles
  • Turn PLR Articles Into Video
  • Turn PLR Into A Lead Magnet
  • Using PLR As A Bonus
  • Creating A Firesale With PLR
  • PLR Funnel Secrets
  • Product Launch From PLR
  • Creating An Offline Training From PLR
  • Turning PLR Into A $500 Premium Product
  • PLR Toolbox

EDIT 2024: I’ve decided to add in a 50% off coupon. Type or paste in “PLRCK50PCTOFF” with no quotes at checkout.

Click here to check it out.

Also, if you’re looking for the PLR rights for these checklists, I’d highly suggest that you take a look here.

You can do the same thing that I’ve done with these checklists or more with plr rights (as long as you adhere to the license rules).



I’ll be back in the future with more free checklists that can help you (and I) to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

The future checklists were going to be related to using PLR content only.

However, I’ve decided to add multiple niches in internet marketing for some checklists. 

It’s one thing to teach how to use PLR.

A common problem in the PLR field is, that once the PLR product is changed, you’re going to need those tips and tricks to get those leads, sales, and traffic.

This information (on sales, generating leads, traffic generation) is out on the internet to be found, but it isn’t directly related to the PLR field or PLR users.

It’s more directed toward people who need:

  • Traffic as a whole
  • Sales as a whole
  • Leads as a whole

Therefore, expect to see some checklists on traffic, affiliate marketing, product creation, email marketing, etc. in the future.

I’ve decided to post them (the future checklists) on this blog (despite it being PLR-related).

People have to learn how to do all of these things anyway if they get involved with PLR.

Moreover, this also helps the site because people won’t come just for PLR tips, they’ll come for other information as well.

Plus, I get to learn from it too if I haven’t already.

P.s. I wanted to have the PLR store done in time for my birthday (tomorrow) but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen. So I guess my “pre-birthday” gift is giving you this checklist. Maybe you can bless me back by buying the rest…? Lol :”D

Till next time…

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