how shiny product syndrome destroys your online business ambitions

How Shiny Product Syndrome Destroys Your Online Business Ambitions

You know, I never thought that shiny object syndrome spans across multiple niches and not just internet marketing.

I just thought it was relative to internet marketing and people involved in it only. 

Boy was I wrong. Apparently this is a “thing” across a bunch of niches, if not all in some sort of way. 

What am I talking about? None other than “shiny object syndrome”. Or however else you want to put it. 

With respect to the Internet Marketing world, I like to call it “shiny product syndrome”.

I call it something like “getting satisfied with acquiring new information”. It’s basically when one purchases a product in the hopes that it will solve that person’s problems. 

But instead of taking action on what was purchased, the user either chooses not to (because it’s too hard) or they get sidetracked onto the newest thing out. 

Now, if you’ve hung around in the IM (internet marketing) world, you’re most likely very familiar with all of this. If not, kudos to you. 

But I would have never thought this type of thing happens outside of the IM niche. If it does, at least not to the same extent. 


Shiny Object Syndrome in Internet Marketing

You see, with the IM world, the learning curve to generate any amount of money is quite hard. 

So hard that there’s so many people who get involved (buy a product to learn from) and then quit once they see how hard it is. 

In essence, they never get to see the light of the goodness that online business can generate. 

The closest they get to that “light” is another slick sales page created by a guru.

In reality, most of the people (or consumers who are aspiring online business creators) are still being led astray in the dark while the gurus are continuing to line their pockets day in and day out. 

*cough* Brendan Mace *cough*

So, once they do come across a product that will actually help them to create a business/income online, what do they do? 

Some take it and push forward with it. That’s a small percentage. Others throw in the towel. That’s the majority. 


This is the reason why most product creators in the IM space can serially produce products and nobody will care.


Because the product owner/vendor knows that the end user will not actually “use” the information that he/she purchased. 

Rather, they will end up (maybe) reading it, discovering there’s more work to it than the slick copy they encountered on the sales page and then give up. 

Then possibly say (or do) something like this: “I bet I can find something simpler that will make me money online”. Thus repeating the process. 

It’s a sick cycle. 


Shiny Object Syndrome Doesn’t Stop There…

What’s worse is that in the PLR field the idea of giving up and/or not using the product is even more relevant. 

If a PLR vendor sells about 200 copies of a PLR product, about 20% of the buyers are actually going to use the product to make money from it. 

And that’s a generous 20% (40). In reality it’s much lower than that. 

So what’s really going on is people are buying up PLR products and not using them, letting them die on their hard drive.

I would know because I still do this even today! (But not all the time lol)

This happens because they understand the opportunity of making money with PLR, but lack the drive to actually do something with it. 


You might wonder… what’s the point of me making this known to you? 

So you can STOP buying these products that may or may not teach you anything. 

So you can STOP running from the products that teach you actionable solutions.

Also, so you can USE these products to learn from and to make money with (in the case of PLR).

I don’t want you to suffer anymore.



Let’s Break The Chain

Instead, I want you to focus and take action with the information you acquire and have already acquired.

I don’t have all of the answers to internet marketing but I come across plenty of good products within this field that do have the answers. I know what to invest in and what to avoid.

What’s key is, if I don’t know, someone in the network does. Sooner than later I will find out if the product was good or not.

As a result of coming to this blog, you will learn too. With that said, check out the following links that can help you a little better with overcoming shiny product syndrome.

5 Ways for Content Marketers to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome


Going further, I could think about a couple of things, paid mentorship, accountability, keeping you on track, etc. that would definitely help your shiny product syndrome woes.

However, as much as I want to, I’m not sure if I can provide that myself (just yet). I’m not in that position to do that for you right now (but I will one day). 

In the meantime, I will continue to help by providing resources, some of which will be IM/PLR related. 

Some resources will be mindset related because in any field, without a solid mindset, you’re absolutely guaranteed to fail.


In Conclusion

I want to help you to break out of this “shiny product syndrome” trance that you’ve been stuck in.

If I didn’t care to help you, I would just promote these “shiny products” and nothing of substance. So that’s why my aim for this blog is to help as many people as I can within the PLR field or the IM field.

At the end of the day, I can only point you to so much resources, information, butt-kicking, etc. As the famous quote goes, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

The most mentorship can do is light a fire under you, put a gun to your head (in theory, not literally) or even change your mentality. 

You have to be willing to place yourself in that type of environment. After that, you have to be willing to work within that environment. 

Are you game?



I want to point you to a mix of people who have successfully done some of the processes of internet marketing (using PLR or not). 

People who have

  • Sold reworked PLR products
  • Rewritten PLR content for online use
  • Reworked PLR videos
  • Rebranded PLR products
  • Repurposed PLR products
  • Set up products for sale
  • Driven consistent traffic to any offer of their choosing 
  • Built email lists
  • Generated any affiliate commission
  • Generated consistent affiliate commissions
  • Created (or create) products that have hundreds if not thousands of sales
  • Built highly successful funnels
  • Sold Resale/Resell Rights or Master Resale/Resell Rights products

(Btw, I’ve done at least 6 and maybe a partial of one of the above. I’m still working on the rest.)

Some of this information is already here on this blog. In due time, all of this information and much more will be posted on this blog. 

While I continue to gather that information for you, check out the following product down below that will train you to do at least 3 of these methods above.



I came across this product some months back and I liked it so much that in a separate blog post I placed a discount code for any buyer. 

Yes, I bought it so you could get it cheaper. Hence the discount lol.

But given the high quality of this product, I may restrict that discount very soon. 

I’m not trying to taint the value of the product at all and if you purchase it, you will truly understand just how much value is in it. 

The product serves to give you a greater understanding of how to use PLR to generate income, sales, traffic and leads.

If you like using PLR to create income, you literally can’t go wrong from learning from this information. Click here to check it out. 


P.s. I was reading this article and it led me to write this blog post because it goes hand in hand with the problem I talked about in the IM field (shiny object syndrome). Click here to check it out (it’s a basketball article but the point of it still rings true).

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