[PRODUCT REVIEW] Be An Affiliate Blogger PLR Package

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Be An Affiliate Blogger PLR Package

Hey PLR Game Changer visitors! It’s been a minute since I’ve done a product review. This one is on the topic of “Be An Affiliate Blogger”. Let’s go.

I will be reviewing Liz Tomey’s “Be An Affiliate Blogger PLR” product. 

I read through the content and it’s really good. There are tons of actionable strategies loaded within the PLR articles. Most of all, the articles are over 1000 words each!

Finding PLR launches of articles that are 1000+ can be quite a hassle, and if they are, there’s no guarantee that the content is good. 

This PLR package solves both problems.  

The articles are written very well and they have enough meat in them to keep the readers engaged. 


The Content

Here’s a list of the articles:

  1. 6 Killer Strategies To Make More Sales As An Affiliate Blogger (1091 Words) (4 pages)
  2. What Affiliate Programs Should Affiliate Bloggers Use To Make Money? (1112 Words) (4 pages)
  3. 6 Types Of Products You Can Promote As An Affiliate Blogger (1041 Words) (3 pages)
  4. The Money Making Path Of An Affiliate Blogger (1023 Words) (3 pages)
  5. 7 Money Gettin’ Tips For Affiliate Bloggers (1063 Words) (3 pages)
  6. 7 Ways To Make Money As An Affiliate Blogger (1131 Words) (4 pages)
  7. 10 Recommended Tools For Successful Affiliate Bloggers (1095 Words) (4 pages)
  8. 11 Benefits Of Being An Affiliate Blogger (1135 Words) (4 pages)
  9. Setting Goals For Your Business As An Affiliate Blogger (1040 Words) (3 pages)
  10. The 15 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Bloggers (1294 Words) (5 pages)

All the articles come in word and text format.

Liz also throws in three extras to her package: 10 emails to promote the posts (content announcements), 10 social media images for each of the following social media: Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and 10 content videos for YouTube or your own blog. 

Her bonus to the package is a workshop detailing how to use this content to generate traffic, leads, sales and even how to create your own products from this content. 


The Good

What do I like about this package?

I love the content. Liz is a great writer and with the content she created, she really nailed it on this PLR package. 

I also love the fact that she gave the chance to get PLR reseller rights. Now I can sell this as my own PLR on my PLR site, plrgcplr.com. 

(Dang, that’s 5 PLR’s in two sentences! Lol)


The Bad

What don’t I like about this package?

Firstly, I don’t like the fact that the emails are a bit short. I wanted them to be a bit longer and a bit more salesy, but it is PLR.

Secondly, I don’t like that the images are basically one type. There could be a bit of variety there.

Thirdly, there’s no psd’s for the images. But it is what it is. 

Above all, I still think that the content is easily worth the price and worth the investment to learn and to make money from. 

Plus, I bought it if you didn’t know. 

Proof of Purchase for Liz Tomey's PLR Package


Lastly, her bonus workshop (PLR Profits Coach Live How To Workshop) clearly puts this offer at a steal. Liz’s workshops typically sell for $27 if you get early access and after launch pricing ends, $97 per person. 

I would know because I definitely paid $97 once. Lol

So, for a quick recap, here’s what you’re getting:

  • 10 PLR articles, each over 1000 words in word and text format
  • 10 content announcement emails
  • 10×3 images for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Access to the PLR Profits Coach Live How To Workshop with PLR Rights

If you purchase the PLR Reseller Rights, everything within this package comes with PLR reseller rights.


In Conclusion

At such a low price point, it would make sense to get this PLR package as early as you can. 

In the IM world (Internet Marketing) launch pricing and scarcity is a marketing tactic. But for Liz’s offers, it’s a reality. So, if you see that the price is low for this offer, get it because it will go up

I find that her package is extremely affordable with just PLR rights.  If you decide to go with the PLR Reseller Rights, you won’t pay an arm and a leg. 

In short, Liz is giving out a crazy deal that’s priced way less than it should be going for. 

Don’t miss out on this product. Liz barely puts out PLR articles as it is. 

Grab this PLR package for cheap while you still can. 

Check It Out


Till next time…

P.S. I just realized this was my first review for a PLR product. I gotta have more of these.

In due time, I’ll add a product image to this post but a general one is good enough for now.

p.s.s. You can check out Liz Tomey at liztomey.com

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