[Product Review] 2022 Work Life Success Plan PLR

[PRODUCT REVIEW] 2022 Work Life Success Plan PLR

Hey guys. This is a product review on Tiffany Lambert’s 2022 Work Life Success Plan PLR package.

[Product Review] 2022 Work Life Success Plan PLR

As a whole, Tiffany’s work has always been exceptional. She is one of the pioneers of PLR and has been in the PLR field for over a decade.

Tiffany Lambert launches PLR on a regular basis and her launches tend to be very successful. Tiffany writes her content very well and it always sells.

This PLR package delves into the niche of Productivity and Success. This PLR package will help people who have trouble balancing their work and their personal life.


Here’s what you will receive in 2022 Work Life Success Plan:

Mastering The Concept Of Work-Life Balance

This is a 20-page 9,036 word eBook with 10 chapters in word and text format. Here is a list of the chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Work-Life Balance Is More Than a Catch-Phrase
  • Chapter 2: Being Your Own Boss Is No Longer an Unachievable Dream
  • Chapter 3: What Are Your Current Pain Points in Life?
  • Chapter 4: Make a Plan for What You Want 2022 and Beyond to Be Like
  • Chapter 5: Learn and Implement Better Time Management Skills
  • Chapter 6: Be an Advocate for Your 2022 Financial Goals
  • Chapter 7: Find Ways to Free Your Creative Spirit Regularly
  • Chapter 8: Take Time to Nurture Your Mental Health
  • Chapter 9: Find Ways to Bring Personal Enjoyment to Your Work Surroundings
  • Chapter 10: Delegate and Outsource to Allow Yourself Some Down Time

There are also free graphics for the eBook included in the form of a flat cover and a hardback cover.


Say No To Others And Yes To Satisfaction

This is a 5-page, 2,373 word Lead magnet in word and text format that covers the following topics:

  • We’ve Been Raised to Sacrifice Our Well-Being as People Pleasers
  • How Do You Say No to Someone Who Asks for Something?
  • Practice the Art of Saying No to Big Things
  • When Should You Say No to Someone?
  • How to Handle Pushy People

There are also free graphics for the lead magnet included in the form of a flat cover and a hardback cover.

5 Email Messages For Your Autoresponder

Tiffany offers 5 email messages that you can load into your autoresponder to give your subscribers solid information and advice. These email messages talk about the following topics:

  1. Being Selfish Is a Form of Self-Care – 426 words
  2. Do You Glorify Your Status as a Workaholic? – 426 words
  3. Is Perfectionism Ruining Your Work-Life Balance? – 445 words
  4. Conduct a Digital Detox to Cleanse Your Mental Palate – 431 words
  5. Embrace a Career Schedule That Works for You – Even If It’s Untraditional – 456 words

10 PLR Articles

Tiffany also has 10 PLR articles for you to edit, repurpose, rewrite and use for your blog or other purposes. Here are the article titles:

  1. Take Baby Steps to Turn Your Work-Life Balance Around – 415 words
  2. How an Overabundance of Work Tasks Can Harm Your Physical and Mental Health – 402 words
  3. Get Your Priorities in Order for Better Work-Life Balance – 403 words
  4. Your Work-Life Balance Vision Needs to Be Revisited Regularly – 449 words
  5. Be Realistic About How You’re Managing Your Life – 409 words
  6. Stop Taking a Working Lunch – 417 words
  7. Have You Become Addicted to Success? – 424 words
  8. Work-Life Balance Is Now the Biggest Motivator for Career Choice – 427 words
  9. Employees Have Begun Pushing Back, But What About Entrepreneurs? – 406 words
  10. Don’t Believe the Lie About Overachievers – 408 words


What do I like about 2022 Work Life Success Plan?

First, “2022 Work Life Success Plan PLR” content is very well written. I would have easily invested into this if I didn’t have access already. 

Second, as a result of reading Tiffany’s PLR, I learned some concepts about handling business while staying sane.

Third, Tiffany’s selling a whole funnel without the sales pages for a very cheap price.

With that said, Tiffany’s content is great to learn from, to market and to generate income (by selling it).


What don’t I like about 2022 Work Life Success Plan?

Well… honestly I really don’t have any major dislikes. Just a couple of nitpicks.

Firstly, the emails are a bit short (because they’re content emails).

Secondly, the PLR articles could be longer, but that’s Tiffany’s style. 

Above all, the articles convey their point(s) and have lots of good information. 

I’m a strong believer of “keeping it short and sweet” versus longer pieces that don’t hit the nail on the head.


You might be asking yourself, “Is it worth it”? I say, this PLR package is absolutely worth it.

An eBook, articles, email messages and a lead magnet are all up for grabs for the insanely low price of $17. The only thing you don’t get here are sales pages.

It’s a steal.

This “Work Life Success Plan PLR” package’s price will change. The $17 is launch pricing.

After the launch ends, expect the price to rise to $40.

That’s a 2.5x increase!

I alluded to Liz Tomey’s price increases in the previous product review. Tiffany honors her price increases just as much if not more.

She will raise that price (on October 28th). Guaranteed.

In conclusion, if you are a PLR user in the niches of productivity and success or you just want to learn how to balance your work and personal life, I suggest that you grab this PLR package while the price is still low.

Get It Here

Till next time…

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