[PRODUCT REVIEW] Passive Income Reviews PLR

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Passive Income Reviews PLR

Hey guys. Let’s jump into this product review about the product: “Passive Income Reviews”.

I will be reviewing Arun Chandran’s Passive Income Reviews PLR package.

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Passive Income Reviews PLR

Before I start, I think it makes sense to state that Arun Chandran has become one of the top sellers of PLR content in the past decade. His content is highly trusted, well written and of high quality.

Everyone seems to love his PLR content. Me included, which is why I bought it.

Passive Income Reviews Purchase

Lastly, Passive Income Reviews got DOTD (Deal of the Day) on WarriorPlus. If a PLR offer gets the deal of the day, it’s either really good or the vendor got a lot of affiliates to promote it.

This PLR package got both, which is why it was so successful.

Here’s a list of what you’re getting.

PLR Articles – 50 PLR Articles on the following categories: 

  • Autoresponders
  • Domain Registrars
  • Keyword Research & Click Tracking
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Marketplaces
  • Page Builders & Funnel Builders
  • Tools and Resources
  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Themes


Here’s the list of PLR Articles:

  • A2 Hosting Review (936 words)
  • AWeber Review (1,091 words)
  • Active Campaign Review (924 words)
  • AnswerThePublic Review (923 words)
  • Camtasia Review (842 words)
  • ClickFunnels Review (1,142 words)
  • ClickMagick Review (862 words)
  • ConvertBox Review (834 words)
  • ConvertKit Review (1,167 words)
  • Designrr Review (734 words)
  • Dropbox Review (706 words)
  • Elegant Themes Review (920 words)
  • Fiverr Review (925 words)
  • Frase Review (645 words)
  • GetResponse Review (999 words)
  • GrooveFunnels Review (804 words)
  • Gumroad Review (871 words)
  • Improvely Review (736 words)
  • KWFinder Review (888 words)
  • Kadence Theme Review (824 words)
  • Kajabi Review (906 words)
  • Leadpages Review (805 words)
  • Liquid Web Review (878 words)
  • Long Tail Pro Review (1,026 words)
  • Mailchimp Review (769 words)
  • NameSilo Review (855 words)
  • Namecheap Review (869 words)
  • OptimizePress Review (978 words)
  • Provesource Review (659 words)
  • SEMrush Review (1,117 words)
  • Samcart Review (861 words)
  • Screencast-O-Matic Review (782 words)
  • Shopify Review (840 words)
  • SiteGround Review (933 words)
  • Social Pilot Review (744 words)
  • Stencil Review (819 words)
  • StudioPress Review (948 words)
  • Tailwind Review (726 words)
  • Teachable Review (928 words)
  • Template Monster Review (691 words)
  • Thinkific Review (728 words)
  • Thrive Apprentice Review (803 words)
  • Thrive Architect Review (881 words)
  • Thrive Themes Review (900 words)
  • Thrivecart Review (737 words)
  • Tube Buddy Review (718 words)
  • Udemy Review (785 words)
  • Udimi Review (1,020 words)
  • WPX Hosting Review (1,034 words)
  • WishList Member Review (1,079 words)



Arun also has two upsells.

5 Lead magnets:

  1. 7 Affiliate Marketing Skills To Master!
  2. Sell Your Own Infoproduct In 7 Days!
  3. 12 Powerful List Building Tips
  4. 9 Tips For A Profitable Niche Site
  5. 10 Video Marketing Tips You Must Know

20 Promo PLR articles:

  • How to Choose a Profitable Online Business Model (649 words)
  • 7 Useful Tools for Online Marketers (762 words)
  • Should I Build a Membership Site? (565 words)
  • 8 Factors That Determine a Good Autoresponder (747 words)
  • Here’s Why You Should Be Selling Your Own Infoproducts! (603 words)
  • Keyword Research Tools: How to Pick a Good One (639 words)
  • 9 Tips To Remember When Buying a WordPress Theme (631 words)
  • Buying a Page Builder? – Read This First! (802 words)
  • Discover How Outsourcing Will Ramp Up Your Online Marketing Efforts (618 words)
  • What Every Beginner Marketer Needs When Building an Email List (625 words)
  • What You Must Know When Choosing a Domain Name (767 words)
  • 5 ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners (688 words)
  • How to Make Your Blog Beautiful (612 words)
  • Should I Use Shopify for My Ecommerce Store? (736 words)
  • 7 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners (768 words)
  • Can You Make Money Online for Free? (615 words)
  • Useful Tips For Beginner Marketers On a Tight Budget (742 words)
  • Do Solo Ads Work? (740 words)
  • 7 Common Newbie Marketer Mistakes To Avoid! (718 words)
  • How to Drive Traffic with Social Media (732 words)


The Good

Arun’s PLR content is of such a high quality that the best PLR sellers today don’t even question his work.

As said earlier, he entered the PLR scene a long time ago and at that time, his content was still stellar as a new vendor.

His PLR articles, lead magnets and promo articles are very well written and they won’t have you hurting your head trying to rewrite or repurpose it.

These articles are in the Internet Marketing field, so anyone that’s heard of these products should buy this PLR package.

One, to learn from and two, to be able to use the content to make money from.

Most (if not all) of these products are here to stay for the long run, so why not rewrite the content and create a podcast/video/blog post/article from it?

Passive Income Reviews can generate passive affiliate commissions for anyone as long as the created medium gets traffic.


The introduction in these articles are really long so it made me ask myself the question, “Are the PLR articles really as long as they are regarding word count?”

I did a word count for one review and the intro was about 287 words. The rest of the article… about 835.

So, despite the introduction, the article actually has meat and is plenty long enough.

“I almost got you there Arun, but you’re too slick and smart! I gotta be quicker than that!”



In his first upsell, he offers 5 lead magnets, all of which are over 2,000+ words each.

These are very good lead magnets that are short enough to engage a reader but long enough to teach them about actionable truthful information within the Internet Marketing field.

Plus, he gives the .psd file to edit the cover image, the squeeze page for the lead magnet and a nice set-up guide so you can set it all up yourself.

Also, if that wasn’t enough already, he includes 25 quote posters to upload to your blog/website or social media profiles.


In his second upsell, the 20 promo PLR articles he offers are really solid.

They are content driven and they make it really easy to lead into one of the passive income review PLR articles.

You can always just put your affiliate link to the product you desire to promote instead of this method.

With the promo PLR articles, now you have the option of doing either or. Plus, he gives away 20 more articles in that upsell promoting 4 other products.


The Bad

For every category of reviews, the articles within them have the same introduction.

For example, in the category “Tools and Resources”, every article starts with the same introduction save for a couple of words.

But, as a plr user, this setback should not be that bad because at the end of the day, it is PLR. In order to use PLR, you have to modify it in some way.


There are some articles that are below 800 words.

I was hoping for at least 800+ across the board but I had to be real with myself. How long can one write about a tool that another needs?

Plus, as a PLR user, I had to realize that I can make up for that shortcoming by adding extra content or expanding more on what’s already in the article.

This observation wasn’t that bad but it was a small nitpick of mine.


You can’t edit the images for the quote posters in upsell #1. This sucks, but to rebrand these you’ll just have to create a whole new poster.

Creating a new image isn’t that complicated, but for the users who want to plug and play the posters as is, disregard this nitpick.


In Conclusion…

All in all, Passive Income Reviews is a great package. I wish I had finished this product review sooner but, things happen. 

I feel like I would be in the wrong to not inform you that the launch pricing has ended. So, with that said, you might be wondering, “what does that mean for me?”

That means by the time you’re reading this, the price of the 50 PLR articles has gone up significantly. You can compare the price I bought it at to the price it’s currently set at now just to see for yourself.

Does that mean that the price now isn’t worth what it’s selling for now? No, I think it’s absolutely worth every penny.

But I also think that you should’ve gotten in within the launch period.

You would have had that notification from me if you were on my list, which you can join by checking out the free wso post I made some weeks in the past.

Regardless, there’s a lot that’s offered and I do believe that the price justifies the content. 

Check this PLR package out if you’re in the Internet Marketing field or if you use any of these tools. You never know, you can end up making passive commissions for a long time and then some.



Ideally, I was supposed to end the product review here.

Instead, what ended up happening was… Arun made another launch. Except this time this launch is a mini launch piggybacking off of his previous launch (Passive Income Reviews).

I already know what you’re asking me… “What could Arun have possibly mini-launched now?”

Due to popular demand from his previous launch, Arun launched 15 infographics on the following topics:

  • 10 Things To Look For When Choosing A Web Host
  • What To Look For When Choosing An Autoresponder
  • 9 Things That Make A Good WordPress Theme
  • What To Look For In A Page Builder
  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Gumroad
  • 5 Reasons Why You Must Use A Social Proof Tool
  • 7 Learning Management System Features To Consider
  • How To Choose A Good Domain Name
  • 10 Features To Consider When Choosing A Keyword Research Tool
  • 10 Reasons Why Shopify Is Awesome
  • 10 Awesome Features Of Thrive Suite
  • 11 Points To Be Aware Of When Choosing A Solo Ad Vendor
  • 10 Reasons Why Marketers Love Clickfunnels
  • 12 Awesome Reasons To Choose Kajabi
  • 7 Features A Screen Recording Tool Should Have



The good: These infographics are jam-packed with information. Krishna (the graphic designer) really did a great job with these designs.

There are .psd files for each infographic plus you get PLR rights to them, so you get to modify them as you wish. 

The bad: the PLR rights are very limited, but this is expected. There’s only so much you can do with infographics.

I don’t know why I thought there would be an infographic for each article, but it is what it is. 

The way I see it is that 15 infographics is more than enough for all 9 categories. At the end of the day, these infographics are editable.

It’s not too hard to insert information from other articles into them to post on your blog, website, social media or for use offline. Lastly, even if you don’t use them, you can always learn from the infographics.

I’ll show you I bought it, just in case you’re wondering:

Passive Income Infographics

Now check this: This infographics launch is on sale (“launch pricing”) for right now. So, if you’re interested, I suggest you get it now because in a couple of days, it won’t.

When I purchased it, the clock said there was 5 days left.

Who knows what the clock or the price might be when you get to it. 

I don’t wait for Arun’s launch pricing to go up. False scarcity is not a thing for him.

You see that he drove the price up on his previous launch.

Don’t miss out on this small one if you’re interested.


Till Next Time…

p.s. You can check out Arun Chandran’s site at arunchandran.com

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