How To Use Limited PLR

How To Use Limited PLR, Even If You Can’t Rewrite It, Rebrand It Or Repurpose It

Hey again. It’s always been a while. Let’s jump into this post about Limited PLR.


Limited PLR is exactly what it seems; a finite amount of PLR content. Just like how Bitcoin has a finite amount (21,000,000 bitcoins), Limited PLR providers also have a finite amount of content they are willing to sell to their customers.

What sets this type of PLR content apart from regular PLR is the fact that it’s limited.

Regular PLR offers can sometimes be sold on and on until the PLR seller removes the offer from the internet. Limited PLR offers usually have a set amount of PLR that is sold.

For example, marketers like Jimmy D. Brown, Tiffany Lambert, Arun Chandran and Alessandro Zamboni (just learned he does this!) come out with random limited PLR offers.

From a person that buys from them all, trust me when I say they are random. In fact, they are so random that some of the time I cannot get my hands on the PLR that I want.

Tiffany will sometimes have her limit at 50.

Arun, much less at like 15 or 25.

Jimmy D. Brown, about the same as Arun depending on the product.

Zamboni, I’m not too sure but I know he removes the product after a couple of days.

Every seller does it a bit differently but the consistent theme here is that the PLR is limited.

This gives the plr buyers a sense of exclusivity due to the fact that everybody online will not have access to the PLR content once the limit amount of PLR is reached or the time limit.


How You Can Use Limited PLR

For example, I stated earlier that Tiffany Lambert tends to do 50 order-limit PLR offers. Last month, she came out with a 5-day Limited PLR offer.

So, ultimately it depends (on Tiffany) whether she wants to sell 50 packs of her (limited) PLR or do a 5-day Limited PLR launch.

So, the question is, what do we do with the limited PLR we purchased?

For starters, you can rebrand and rewrite it. You can change up the graphics (if supplied) or get a whole new graphic designed.

Of course, after you do that, you can sell it.

But you don’t have to do all of that if you don’t want to. Here’s the thing: because the PLR was limited, it’s easier to relist the PLR as a personal use product online.

After all, it’s limited, so in the case of Tiffany Lambert’s limited launches, one could relaunch it with the same information and the same title.

A lot of marketers do this with Jimmy D. Brown’s content (since it’s so good, it doesn’t need a rewrite).

Differentiation is Key

As a result of doing this with limited PLR, one can capitalize on the “buzz” of the product name, just by reselling it “as is”.

Of course, the catch is, that one person would be 1 out of “X” number of others who could potentially sell it.

So if the product is being resold by everyone as is, then that person has to find out how to make their offer stand out.

This could be achieved by rewriting & rebranding the product. One could add bonuses to really make their offer stand out, but the bonuses have to actually “add value”.

Nobody wants to buy a bunch of (bonus) products that used to sell for “a certain price” but are completely worthless now.

For some consumers who may have missed out, they may elect to just buy the content for personal consumption. I know I felt like that on a bunch of Tiffany Lambert’s limited launches.

I even tweeted about it:


So ideally, you should go a bit harder for Limited PLR launches. The reality is, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

What’s worse is, for the majority of PLR buyers that buy this limited PLR, they don’t actually resell it for personal use to anyone.

If they do, it could be a private sale, so nobody would actually know where to get the personal use product once the Limited PLR is off the ‘net.

This is why it’s imperative to grab limited PLR while it’s available.

You can potentially make money from it (even if you resell it with its original name) just because people couldn’t get access.

Also, the PLR rights will allow you to remake, rebrand and rewrite the product to make it better than it has ever been.

So, you can even come out with a vol. 2 (or 3 or 4) depending on how far out you want to run with it.

But you won’t get those opportunities if you don’t grab the PLR while it’s available.

Worse, you don’t wanna end up like me from time to time, checking my email at too late a time only to find out that PLR sold out.

You might as well grab it while it’s there.

Extra Uses for PLR…

Plus, all of the extra ways to use PLR are still in play. You can:

  • Turn it into videos or audios
  • Turn it into a powerpoint presentation
  • Use it for a webinar presentation
  • Talk about or use the content on a podcast
  • Use the content for traffic purposes (a blog post or an article, maybe a lead magnet)
  • Present it with your brand name for offline use
  • Use the content to spring new ideas from
  • Use the content across different niches (slanting or nichefying)
  • Translate the content to different language(s) to target a different demographic
  • Use the content to promote products (affiliate marketing)
  • Use the content in your autoresponder (list) messages
  • Etc.

These are just a bunch of tips and I have plenty more but this is a small start.

Every one of these tips are supercharged when you get a piece of Limited PLR to do this with.

Remember, you should assume that everyone buys from regular PLR (offers and launches), so the odds of someone using that PLR is high.

But only so many people own (and use) Limited PLR, so the odds of that being used are drastically reduced.


To Conclude

It’s still possible that people will take a stronger look at Limited PLR offers and will start to use those limited plr products (especially after this blog post gets published).

But in reality, the smart marketers are going to use Limited PLR. They know their competition is much lower in the use of Limited PLR, so they will take the time to acquire it, no matter what time it is.

Marketers will still use regular PLR especially if it’s high-quality. But there’s something about a limit that makes a PLR release different… just saying.

Just make sure that if you decide to do any of this you are not in violation of your PLR license.

(By no stretch am I saying that dumb marketers only go for regular PLR launches or smart marketers only use Limited PLR.)

Till Next Time…

P.s. I had an offer that would have fit perfectly with this post but I couldn’t post it just yet; it was too rushed. But this offer I would have posted was part of the “main offer” I am going to post very soon.

If you know, you know. If you don’t, you’ll know soon.

By the way, here’s how you can build a sales funnel so you can sell your Limited PLR as personal use content.

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