[PRODUCT REVIEW] 2022 Online Money Making Mindset

[PRODUCT REVIEW] 2022 Online Money Making Mindset

Hey. Let’s get started.

I will be reviewing Barb Ling’s latest product, 2022 Online Money Making Mindset.

I can’t lie, on first observation of the page count (85), I almost lost my mind.

One reason was because it’s so dang long. Second, I didn’t believe that I should have acquired an ebook that long for the price that I paid ($9.21).

But despite these reasons, I read the whole thing from start to finish.

It threw me off at first (specifically the title).

I thought this ebook would only be about the mindset needed to succeed online.

Boy was I wrong.


The Breakdown

Barb Ling goes into depth about the mindset needed to generate an income online in her product.

The majority of the ebook talks about what one can do to generate that income online.

In the first 23-24 pages she talks about mindset and ways to make one’s mindset stronger and better.

I would not suggest for anyone to skip that part in the ebook.

This section alone is worth the price of the ebook, if not more.

In the introduction alone I learned about how people remember other people… and it’s not what you’d think.

Once I read that piece of information, it led me to do some self-reflection on some past experiences with people. It also challenged me to be better (in general). But I digress.


The Good…

The mindset section within 2022 Online Money Making Mindset is key and Barb Ling has dropped gems all over the ebook that apply to online income generation as well as life.

As for the online income generation section, Barb Ling goes over 12 different ways to make an income online.

She also gives you the (free) resources needed to research all of these methods and any other method you may come across in your journey.

Then, after that she has another section about mindset again before she closes out her ebook with some parting sections.


A popular quote may be “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but what I did was judge this product by its title.

I failed miserably in doing so. 

I was partially correct (but so was the title) in guessing that this product would be all about mentality and mindset.

As it turned out, this product covered multiple bases (mindsets, online income ideas and lifestyle choices) of things that most aspiring income generating people should be doing.

I will definitely be re-reading this from time to time and I’ll be taking the quotes Barb Ling has provided to write down and hang up in my room.


The Bad…

Honestly I didn’t have any bad feelings or bad observations about the product.

If I were to nitpick, I guess I didn’t expect it to be so long. But regardless, it was an easy read although it was 85 pages long.


The Conclusion

2022 Online Money Making Mindset is severely undervalued. The mindset sections of the ebook and the quotes are enough to be a standalone product (worth more money of course).

With the online income information Barb Ling supplies and the resources with them, this product is worth double than whatever it’s currently selling for in my eyes.

If you haven’t taken a look at it yet, you might as well do so

Her launch may be over but I believe this product is worth every cent that it’s currently selling for.


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Thanks for reading! There are more product reviews and posts coming very soon. 

Till Next Time…

p.s. I do not own rights to the image. Plus, you can check out Barb Ling at http://www.barbaraling.com/

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