[PRODUCT REVIEW] Barry Rodgers $20 Into $5367 PLR Case Study

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Barry Rodgers $20 Into $5367 PLR Case Study

I know by now you have probably heard of this, but if you didn’t, you came to the right place. Time to check out Barry Rodgers’ PLR Case Study: $20 into $5,367.

Barry Rodgers’ $20 into $5,367 PLR case study is really good. 

This piece of work right here is one of the leading case studies that’s out right now. It’s on the topic of using PLR. 

In this case study, Barry Rodgers gives an in depth explanation and break down of what he did to generate a four figure income from a product that he could have otherwise sold for $20 in random one-off sales. 

The Good…

It’s very real and it’s not like it’s a case study of some bs. 

It’s realistic in the sense that you can go and find the public stats for the offer he did (that is, if you’re on w+ [warriorplus]). 

It’s realistic because Barry shows you exactly what he used to create his product and how he structured his sales funnel for selling the product.

Barry also talks about the tips he used to test his offer before he did an official launch. 

Lastly, Barry gives insight to the one thing every product needs in order to generate income from it. 

When I learned about this “thing” something clicked for me because it extends past products; It’s a thing that any employee, spouse or person of authority needs in order to show their worth.

So, in this case study there’s no hiding and he’s not holding back at all.  



For what it’s worth, the PDF case study is well worth it and I will be going back to it from time to time to refresh my knowledge in PLR among other things. 

Honestly, within the IM field, it’s rare that there are marketers who do a launch and then right after the launch, show exactly what they did to get those results. 

For some marketers, they do the case study but they’re not fully transparent. Some do a blanket barebones case study (which is not really a case study lol). 

So it’s quite refreshing to not only see the offer (and I bought it) but to then be able to be taken behind the scenes to understand… I have a higher regard for marketers like those. 

Kevin Fahey does it from time to time… I believe he did it in one of his previous products and I was shocked that he was that forthright with his exposure of numbers and knowledge. 

(Don’t get me wrong, some marketers are upfront too like Brendan Mace… but his products aren’t the greatest…)


The Bad…

Couldn’t his product have been a little longer? I mean I enjoyed the thing a lot, there could have been a bit more info in there…

I can accept the length of the PDF (24 pages) but at the end of the day if it were too long it wouldn’t make sense launching it for less than $10. One could make their product look less worthy if they’re offering too much value for such a cheap price. 

Overall, the pricing has to fit the offer. This one fits the bill (pun intended) quite well. 


I highly suggest you grab this to expand your PLR knowledge of using PLR among other things. 

I did, as you can see here (but I was an early-bird):

$20 to $5,367 proof of purchase

Take a look at it here if you haven’t yet

In his thrivecart offer I believe you can get access to his process of the PLR product’s transformation on video, but it’ll cost a bit more for that. 

I believe it’s still worthy of value because the next step is to see, completely understand and to take action. 

I haven’t purchased that part yet but I intend to so I can fully learn all of the concepts Barry is teaching. 

Then I can use those concepts in the utilization of any PLR I have sitting around. 


The Conclusion

Lastly, one of the best things about this case study is it shows exactly what Barry did recently. Not a year or two ago. Recently, like a month or two or 3 ago. 

These are actionable ideas that one can use today with the PLR they have. They’re not outdated ideas of the past that don’t work. 

Barry shows that everything he did in his PLR case study worked, hands down. As a continuing student of learning how to use PLR, I could not resist this PLR case study especially since I got the funnel he created. 

Grab it here if you haven’t yet. It’s well worth it. 

By the way, I might come out with my own case study too. Once it’s complete, I will post it here. But it’ll talk about an IM (Internet Marketing) strategy with email and list building. 

All in due time. Just like my “offer” that I am yet to post about. For now, I’ll just focus on these articles and product reviews. 


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Till next time…

p.s. You can checkout Barry Rodgers at https://www.barryrodgers.com/

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