[PRODUCT REVIEW] Free Traffic Shotgun

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Free Traffic Shotgun

Hey. Let’s get down to business. Today I will be reviewing Free Traffic Shotgun by Kevin Fahey.

Free Traffic Shotgun is one of Kevin Fahey’s latest products and it teaches how to use Free Traffic methods to get traffic to your websites, offers, or anything.

The General Overview

The first module is an introduction to Free Traffic and the use case behind it.

Module 2 delves into the options you can employ to promote to your potential subscribers.

Module 3 is all about preparing your content for promotion.

Module 4 is about setting up your accounts in a strategic way to get people to the squeeze page.

Module 5 is where the meat of the program is; it delves into 9 separate free traffic methods that can be used to drive traffic to your web pages.

Module 6 talks about the results that Kevin received from using these methods.

Module 7 is all about the DFY (Done-For-You) offer that Kevin gives you for free.


The Breakdown

Modules 1-4

The introduction is a short video about Kevin and how he has negated the concept that free traffic is dead.

He talks about how he has used free traffic methods for over 14+ years in his online business and gives an overall “feel-good” aura about the methods that he teaches in his course.


Module 2 is about the marketing funnel and how you can structure it in specific ways.

It also talks about the 3 things needed for a simple marketing funnel in any niche or market.

In this module, Kevin talks about the tool he used to build his landing page/squeeze page.

He talks about squeeze page conversions and split testing multiple squeeze pages to test which webpage converts the best.

He talks about what you should do on your download page after the subscriber signs up.

Lastly, in this module, he talks about the follow-up sequence and how it is crucial to generate money from an email list.


Module 3 is all about preparing your content for online use.

Kevin refers to this process as a “one-time set-and-forget” in which one prepares the content once and posts it once.

In this sense, Kevin is taking specific points from his content and advertises those points within a graphic that he creates live.

Then after he creates his graphic, he uses a tactic to modify the graphic for 6 different social media networks.

All of the graphic creation is done by the use of free online software.


Module 4 is about setting up the different social media accounts with graphics and content/links that were created in the previous module.

In this module, Kevin adds his squeeze page link to 6 social media accounts, 1 public article marketing account, and 2 affiliate networks (9 total).


Module 5

Module 5 is the nitty-gritty of this product.

It’s separated into 9 parts and the first part is about setting up a split test with your squeeze pages.

In this module, Kevin shows how he sets up a split test with a rotator using 3 different squeeze pages (same as in module 2).

He also shows how he sets up a pixel tracker to check for confirmations.


Part 2 of Module 5 talks about getting the links out on social media.

In this module Kevin posts to 5 social media but posts to three different sections within one social media (total of 7 posts).

Kevin also talks about what one has to do to get followers and engagement for users starting from scratch.


Part 3 of Module 5 talks about the benefits of creating a blog post and how Kevin creates it to get subscribers on his list.

Part 4 of Module 5 talks about how Kevin uses his memberships to promote his squeeze page.

Part 5 of Module 5 is about using banners to generate clicks to the squeeze page to get subscribers.

Kevin mainly references the websites that he’s built over the years to place these banners on.

Part 6 of Module 5 is about using any assets you have used to build a following to generate subscribers with the squeeze page you create.

Kevin also shows how the stats are doing in his split testing and shows where subs may have gone after signing up.

Part 7 of Module 5 talks about using signature links, how long you should use them, and where you should use them.


Parts 8 and 9

Part 8 of Module 5 talks about using pop-up banners on your websites to get clicks to your squeeze page.

Kevin talks about what he used to generate the popup boxes and how they did statistically on his website.

Kevin talks about how he used content to get views on his website.

Kevin also talks about what parts of the website he used the pop-up boxes on.


Part 9 of Module 5 talks about using your home web page to promote your squeeze page.

Kevin briefly talks about placing a link to your squeeze page versus directing new viewers to your blog.


Modules 6-7 and Bonus

Module 6 is the case study from the use of all of the methods Kevin teaches in this course.

It’s a 4-part case study (short videos) and the videos were created from Dec. 21st, 2021-January 5th, 2022.

In this module, Kevin talks about how he got subscribers and how his funnel generated money within a short time.


Module 7 is the Done For You offer that Kevin gives you to create a funnel from.

Kevin also gives you 8 videos to help you set it all up.


Lastly, Kevin gives the execution notes he used during the course.

Kevin also gives away 3 bonuses: How To Setup An Online Marketing Funnel (1 video**), 3X Your Profits Training Presentation, and 15 Monetization Methods.

All 3 bonuses have a total running time of over 2 hours and 30 minutes.


The Good…

I liked Module 3 before I got to anything else within Free Traffic Shotgun.

It showed me how I can use a free online tool to generate graphics along with the likes of what Kevin created.

Also, he showed me a neat tactic on how I can create one graphic and roll over the graphic into different dimensions automatically.

Before I got to the meat of the course, I thought that everything up to that part was worth the price of the course.

That one module opened my eyes to the rest of the social networks I’m not currently engaging with graphics.


Module 4 stood out to me because Kevin posted 3 times within 1 social network.

I would have never imagined doing such a thing online because of advertisement annoyance.


I also liked modules 5 and 6. Module 5 was interesting to me because there are several parts that I can employ right now.

Module 6 I liked because Kevin showed the stats over time and proved that his methods can work as a set-and-forget.


The Bad…

Free Traffic Shotgun did not receive rave reviews from everyone.

The consensus that I have heard is “A newbie cannot use all of these methods” which is correct.

Some parts of module 5 cannot be used unless the “newbie” has a solid following.

Ideally, it would make more sense for that person to start with the social media section and build from there.

But, while Free Traffic Shotgun may not be for everybody starting out, there’s something for everybody in Free Traffic Shotgun.


Now, I did get review access to Free Traffic Shotgun but I didn’t get access for free forever.

So, when that review access was revoked, I went ahead and bought the product (along with email marketing on fire) for the full price (after launch price).

Here’s my proof:

Free Traffic Shotgun and Email Marketing On Fire Proof

You might be wondering, why did he have to put that proof there?

Well, I wanted to show you that I can miss the deals (launch pricing) too.

Most importantly, I didn’t mind paying “full price” for it (but I’m biased; I received review access to the product).

Either way, I felt that the price was still worth it.

Objectively, I don’t just look at the methods, I’m counting the case study, the DFY offer, and the bonuses.

So, with that said, this is still a huge steal even after the launch ended.

Plus the upsell I really liked and purchased too (Email Marketing On Fire).

So, check it out if you haven’t yet. It may help you in more ways than you think.


The Conclusion

Free Traffic Shotgun is a mix of traffic from 6 social networks, 2 affiliate networks, blogs, websites, and membership areas. 

Kevin Fahey has used the methods in this course to generate 50-100 new subscribers every single day. 

You can check it out here.


For the most part, when I’ve created these product reviews, they’ve all been after the “launch pricing” time of the launch. So, the launch price that I got could have been the same price that you got if you had “the drop” or the notification of the product release.

I only give these “notifications” via email. So, if you’re looking to get these notifications when a new product worthy of being bought is released, feel free to sign up for these notifications.

The sign-up box is on the upper right sidebar of this page.

Plus, you also get some free stuff from time to time as well as the notifications for any new blog posts here. It’s a win-win.


Till Next Time…

P.s. I’ll try to be more consistent on the blog. Catch me on my list, if you can.

p.p.s. The only reason why I indicated that the first bonus was 1 video** is because I watched it and I’m giving away both videos (there’s another video). If you want it, get access over here.

You can check out Kevin Fahey at kevinfahey.net

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