[PRODUCT REVIEW] Email Marketing On Fire

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Email Marketing On Fire

Hey guys. Today I will be reviewing Email Marketing On Fire by Kevin Fahey.

So, as it turns out, I had access to this product because…

I bought the upsell to Free Traffic Shotgun. You can go take a look at that product review here if you want.


The General Overview

Module 1 is all about setting up your autoresponder.

Module 2 is about email deliverability.

Module 3 showcases Kevin’s highest converting email subject lines and their percentages.

Module 4 is a Case Study about scheduling emails in advance.

Module 5 is all about Split Testing emails.

Module 6 is about using Email Automation.


The Breakdown

Modules 1-3

The first module talks about setting up your autoresponder.

In this module, Kevin talks about how to structure your Name, From Email address, Signature, Tracking, and HTML Emails.

Kevin talks about the common mistakes Email marketers make when they input emails into their autoresponder.

He also talks about list settings, setting up a list from scratch, and what you should do in your emails.

Kevin shows all of this via his autoresponder where he creates a new list and a message.


The second module talks about ensuring that your emails hit your subscriber’s inbox.

Kevin talks about the 4 steps for getting your emails in your subscriber’s inbox in this module.

Kevin also talks about ways to keep your emails out of the “promotions” tab in your subscriber’s email account.


The third module talks about the highest converting subject lines Kevin has used in the past year (2021).

In this module, Kevin goes over his subject lines, open rate percentage, CTR (click-through rate percentage), and CTR to OP rate (click through to open rate percentage).

This is all done by an excel spreadsheet where Kevin can sort by any of the 3 percentage rates to find his best-converting headlines.

Kevin also gives you access to the excel file so you can use it for yourself in your way.


Modules 3-6

The fourth module talks about Kevin’s case study on how he scheduled his emails for up to 2 weeks in advance.

In this module, Kevin talks about how on certain days he scheduled emails for certain lists in his autoresponder.

Kevin talks about the tool he uses to write his emails and being more productive by writing multiple emails at once.

He talks about how to find good vendor launches to promote to your list.

Kevin also talks about when to push your email campaign for a launch hard, when to dial it back, and when to throw in the towel.


The fifth module talks about how Kevin split tests his emails to get the best results from his lists.

This case study was in-depth and it was the longest video in Email Marketing On Fire (29 mins, 4 videos edited together).

Kevin talks about split testing over 3 days and segmenting his list based on certain actions in this module.

Kevin also shows you how he did with his affiliate commissions within promoting the product he promoted.


The sixth and final module talks about how to use automation in your email marketing.

In this module, Kevin goes over how he automated campaigns in his email marketing and what he put in his emails to acquire more average order value (AOV).


Plus, Kevin gives you access to 3 bonuses: Email Marketing Power, 18 Email Marketing Checklists, and IM Emails Pro


The Good

I was pleasantly surprised to find out about the resource Kevin alludes to in Module 2.

I couldn’t believe such a thing existed to test emails. It completely blew my mind.

However, I wasn’t able to use it to my full potential because I use Getresponse.

Regardless, the resource he shows in module 2 is quite eye-opening.


I also liked modules 3 and 5.

Module 3 was very interesting because it allowed me to see a realistic example of what works in the niche of Internet Marketing (within email marketing).

Module 5 grabbed my interest because it showed me how to email subscribers the right way over multiple days.


The Bad

In module 2, Kevin’s autoresponder allows him to send test emails to any email, unverified (meaning you don’t have to confirm the email account you’re mailing to).

In my current use, I cannot do that (because I am using a different autoresponder than his [getresponse]).

Every email I use to test emails has to be verified (confirmed), so Kevin’s resource in this module isn’t as straightforward as it should be for my use.

However, I feel that the solution is to use a dummy email account to send emails to these “test email accounts”.

The only problem with that is, you won’t be able to test it with the “from email address” that you want to use.


The main problem I have is that everyone can’t use this product unless they are going to get a list or already have a list. That’s expected.

However, another problem is that the automation section (module 6) is only relative to email marketers who “pay” for automation. I currently do not have automation so I can’t use that training yet.

Once I upgrade my subscription, then I will be able to take full advantage of the automation that Kevin teaches.


The Conclusion

Regardless, I do believe that this product was well worth the money and it is a solid product.

It did run close to 90 minutes so be prepared to take the time to watch it.

Plus, the bonuses Kevin adds make this product worth more than the cost. In those bonuses, you get to learn more about Email Marketing (one of the bonuses is a DFY funnel).

If you haven’t checked this product out, now’s the time because this product is on a dime sale.

I typically don’t put out product reviews this early (I usually wait until after the launch) but I figured I’d switch it up this time around.

Check it out.

I’m going to rewatch this multiple times, especially modules 5 and 6.

If you’re looking for proof that I bought it, you can check that out by clicking on this link.


For the most part, when I’ve created these product reviews, they’ve all been after the “launch pricing” time of the launch. So, the launch price that I got could have been the same price that you got if you had “the drop” or the notification of the product release.

I only give these “notifications” via email. So, if you’re looking to get these notifications when a new product worthy of being bought is released, feel free to sign up for these notifications.

The sign-up box is on the upper right sidebar of this page.

Plus, you also get some free stuff from time to time as well as the notifications for any new blog posts here. It’s a win-win.


Till Next Time…

p.s. You can check out Kevin Fahey at kevinfahey.net

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