What Benjamin Fletcher Did To Generate Affiliate Commissions And Sales

What Benjamin Fletcher Did To Generate Affiliate Commissions And Sales

Hey guys. This one took me by surprise but let’s get down to it. Let’s find out what this “Top Affiliate Marketer” did to generate affiliate commissions.

So during the launch promotion of Email Marketing On Fire, I came across an email by Benjamin Fletcher.

He was promoting Email Marketing On Fire in his email, but he was also giving bonuses away in return for affiliate commissions.

He gave away three bonuses in his promotion:

  1. A solo ads video training course
  2. his list of reputable solo ad providers and
  3. his template where he generated a 40% conversion rate on his squeeze page.

This was based on the product he created for the release of Email Marketing On Fire.


The Ghastly Details…

So, Ben Fletcher’s promo went something like this:

If you buy Email Marketing On Fire and any one of its upsells, you would have received as an affiliate bonus a new product, a PDF of sources and a squeeze page.

Here’s my thing: I already had the product Ben was promoting (Email Marketing On Fire) so I didn’t want to buy it again.

But, after contacting Ben Fletcher, he let me know that that’s how I was going to get his affiliate bonuses (by buying the product again through his link).

After looking at his “bonus bridge page,” I realized that I could get his affiliate bonus package outside of buying EMOF again.

Ideally, this is another way to make (more) money…

by offering your subscribers the option to buy your affiliate bonuses from you… just in case they bought through another affiliate marketer’s link or through the vendor’s link.

So, I decided to buy Ben’s affiliate bonuses directly from him.

It would have cost me a pretty penny if I had paid for Ben’s affiliate bonuses separately… based on the value of his bonuses (probably over $200+ easily).

So that’s why I said to myself, “what the heck” and bought Ben’s bonus package directly.

Had I purchased Email Marketing On Fire through Ben’s affiliate link, he would have generated affiliate commissions (Duh)…

But, he probably made more money from me buying his affiliate bonuses directly from him… than me buying EMOF and receiving affiliate commissions (crazy, right?).


When I got to Ben’s “product”, I was a bit surprised. The product that I had purchased from him, I already owned!

As a matter of fact, this was the third time I purchased the same product (silly me)!

So, that was a rough lesson for me to look at my purchase as an expensive learning lesson.

Without seeing the product, there was no way to know for sure that I was getting something I had already invested in (that’s a good thing).


I Decided To Learn…

So, to appease myself, I broke it down like this: Since I already have the product, I might as well go through it now that I bought it thrice.

Plus, now I’m more obligated to go through the product and use the two bonuses Ben supplied with it.

Also, I had full intentions of figuring out how Ben promoted Email Marketing On Fire from start to finish.

I can’t say what product he used without exposing it, so I will not.

But, I must say that whatever Ben did to get his subscribers to buy Email Marketing On Fire was not unethical or wrong.

It was just a clever marketing move he did and it worked in my opinion.

Barry Rodgers did the same but differently (Barry used the products to create his product “launch”).


So, with that said, it’s not out of the ordinary to use products to create your product. The key is that the product you use has to be of high quality.

Only then will buyers not care much about if the product is sound or not. If it teaches what it’s marketed to teach then it’s good in my eyes.

Technically, Ben took use of the product in the right way; He added to it, turned around, and sold it. This method can be used with PLR products as well.

Plus, depending on your license rights, you can give the product away as a bonus for affiliate commissions.


The Method Works…

You can do the same thing Ben did; acquire PLR products, add to them then turn around and sell them.

You have to make sure that your marketing is spot on for this to work.

Without good marketing, you’ll just have a good product sitting around.

If you use this method, you have the option of going the public product launch way or the private promo to your email list way.

(In Barry Rodgers’s case I think Barry did both… the private launch and then the public launch.

So you can do both or just one, whatever works for you.)


Liz Tomey might be the first I’ve seen do this PLR monetization method. Barry maybe the second. Ben is probably the third.

This is the crazy part: Barry & Ben did this while the “products” were still on the market. Quite brave, if you ask me.

I wouldn’t do this unless I knew the products were off the market for good and nobody was selling them.

This way, people would not be able to tell that the original product was a PLR product.

That’s how I would have an “advantage.” Plus, if I wanted to, I could continue to use the old “product name” as leverage (or as a hashtag/traffic generator).

This is just in case some people were trying to get the product but can’t, they can still look up the old product name and find it.

(Then again, for rebranding purposes, it would not make sense to leverage a (PLR) product name for getting sales.

That’s because that product name is still tied to a PLR product that may be able to be found [via a sales page or by Google, etc.].

Does that make sense?)


Most Importantly…

Either way, people should not care if the product is still sold on the market or not.

If it’s good, it should not matter.

But, in the case that it is still sold, by all means, rebrand/rewrite/reformat/repurpose it so you won’t have to deal with the consumer problems.

At the end of the day, even if you add to the “product”, it’ll be your own “offer”… so, in a sense, it is your “product”. 


To Conclude…

Generating affiliate commissions and making money this way isn’t impossible. Like anything in life, It just takes some work.

It can be highly lucrative if you decide to do this.

I know I have a bunch of limited PLR products that came off the ‘net. Some of which I can sell as is or with PLR rights.

So, I can do this as well and for me, it’s only a matter of time until I start to.

I’ve seen too much success from multiple people now to not do it.


By the way, the launch pricing for Email Marketing On Fire ended. It’s still quite inexpensive given the concepts you’ll learn and the bonuses included. Take a look if you haven’t yet.

I reviewed it here.

Till Next Time…

P.s. Ben has a product coming out next week. Get the notification on the drop by signing up to my list. The sign-up box is in the upper right corner of this website. I’ll be reviewing Ben’s product when it launches so look out for that.

EDIT: That review for that product is right over here. Check it out.

p.p.s. If you want to check out Ben’s website, you can check it out at fletcherblog.com

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