[PRODUCT REVIEW] Affiliate Marketing On Crack

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Affiliate Marketing On Crack

Hey guys. There’s a lot in this product so let’s get going. I will be reviewing Affiliate Marketing On Crack by Benjamin Fletcher.

I had access to Affiliate Marketing On Crack a year ago when I bought it but truthfully, I never got around to learning from the information inside it.

Now that I’m doing the product review, it kind of forced me to go through the product, and I’m glad I did.


The General Overview

There are 3 videos and a PDF in Affiliate Marketing On Crack.

The Videos have a total running time of around 61+ minutes.

The PDF has a page count of 62 pages.

Video 1 is 17 minutes long.

Video 2 is 27 minutes long.

Video 3 is 22 minutes long.

It is highly suggested that you watch the videos and read the PDF. There will be some things not covered in the PDF that will be in the videos and vice versa.

The Breakdown

Video 1

Video 1 talks about the basics of Affiliate Marketing and gives a general overview of what the course will be about.

In Video 1, Ben goes over the mindset that you need to be successful in the affiliate marketing business.

The video includes information about niche selection, their differences, and how to pick a good niche.

It talks about the 3 big markets involved in affiliate marketing.

Ben also talks about the most cost-effective way to build a list.


Video 2

Video 2 talks about how to figure out if a product is worth promoting or not.

It goes over specific criteria for good products. It shows how to find good products using the criteria within a specific affiliate network.

Ben talks about two important reasons you could lose out on a commission within the criteria.

Ben talks about how to vet affiliate networks. He also shows more than 5 affiliate networks that he has come across.

Mind you, only one of them you may know of.


Video 3

Video 3 talks about how to increase your affiliate commission. Ben goes over a couple of email marketing hacks, tips, and preferred days to promote.

He talks about which way you should add a link for better click-throughs. He talks about a strategy that you can use to capture prospective subscribers who took no action.

Ben talks about another strategy to get people to do the desired action. He talks about highlighting differences between offers to potentially give yourself a better commission.

Ben talks about how to use proof to make a commission. He talks about answering prospective questions from potential buyers.

Ben talks about a strategy that increases opt-ins by almost one-third (⅓). He talks about a viral strategy that can result in your images being shared on certain ad networks.

He talks about limiting advertisements to certain devices to generate more return on investment. 



Ben’s PDF isn’t super long and it’s easy to digest. Within the first 20 pages, he talks about how much money he generated after quitting his job.

In this PDF, Ben doubles down on some of the concepts he presented via video. He also gives extra information such as the 80% solution, mindset, insight on traffic, more email marketing tips, etc.


The Good

Honestly, there’s a lot to take from this from the video training and the PDF. As said before, there are some concepts covered in the videos that aren’t covered in the PDF.

There’s enough for most if not all affiliate marketers who are not “super affiliates”.

You may think that for an hour-long training and a 60 page PDF that there isn’t much substance. But I’m here to tell you, there is.

I liked videos 2 and 3 because they got to the meat of the content. Video 1 was cool but I found it a bit short.

However, video 1 kept me engaged enough to continue watching the rest of the course. Video 3 was the most jam-packed in terms of content although that video was 5 minutes shorter than video 2.

Video 3 lost me. That video was a rapid-fire-style video in terms of information.

I know I’m going to watch it again because there’s a lot to unpack. 

As far as the PDF, it echoed a lot of the concepts within the videos so if anything it was more of a rough transcript.

However, some concepts were in the PDF that were not in video form. As a result of that, it took a lot of watching and reading to fully understand the concepts.

Lastly, when I first read the PDF, it took me some time to get through. This is because the PDF has a lot of information in it.

By the way, Ben gives out a 365-day money-back guarantee on this product.


The Bad

I don’t have anything bad to say about Affiliate Marketing On Crack. The video production could be a bit better but I’m not trying to nitpick.

I was too engaged with Ben’s videos. I didn’t expect the time to fly by like that. 


The Conclusion

Overall, Ben Fletcher has a solid product in Affiliate Marketing On Crack and I hope you grabbed it up while it was cheap.

This is because this product is easily worth more than what it’s currently selling for.

At the time of this writing, the cost was $17. If you’re interested in grabbing this up, please do so.

You won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, I’ll be going back to this product from time to time to help me in my affiliate marketing journey.


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Till Next Time…

p.s. If you didn’t read the previous post, it goes hand in hand with this product as well. Check it out here. You can check out Ben’s blog at fletcherblog.com

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