[PRODUCT REVIEW] Free Traffic Resources Vol. 1

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Free Traffic Resources Vol. 1

Hey guys. Let’s get started. Today I will be reviewing Free Traffic Resources by Kam Fatz.

I got access to this product when it first launched. I also forgot about this product because there are a lot of products launching every week.

However, this was a good one, hence the product review.


The General Overview

There are 14 email messages in Free Traffic Resources.

All emails come in the form of a Word document (.docx), Open Document (.odt), PDF, Rich Text Format (.rtf), and Text (.txt).

All of the emails are together within each document. None of the emails are separated from the document(s) in a 1-of-1 fashion for each email.

You get PLR rights to the emails.

You also get cover art for the graphic plus a bunch of bonuses.


The Breakdown

Emails 1-7

Email message #1 gave a basic overview of the necessity of traffic and learning how to generate it.

Email message #2 goes over a traffic source that generates 4.2 million visitors a month. Its app has over 40 million users a month.

Email message #3 talks about a 3 step method for free traffic. This method employs a slight twist at the end of it.

Email message #4 talks about an advertising method that has been used and revamped for the internet. This method has been used for as long as 400+ years back. Two traffic sources are covered in this email. These traffic sources receive 235,000+ visitors a month.

Email message #5 expands over email #4’s type of traffic sources by adding 2 more to the mix. These traffic sources receive 142,000+ visitors a month.

Email #6 also expands over email #4 and gives two more traffic sources using email #4’s advertising method. These traffic sources receive 128,000 visitors a month.

Email #7 is more of an engagement email to get responses back from subscribers.

Emails 8-14

Email #8 is about a “non-toxic social network” that gets over 100,000 visitors a month.

Email #9 is about a well-known platform that gets over 170 million visitors a month.

Email #10 talks about using a widely known platform to pull traffic by reacting to content within it. This platform receives over 340 million visitors a month.

Email #11 goes over an older known traffic source that gets over 2 million users a month.

Email #12 talks about a traffic source that gets over 4 million visitors a month that you can publish content to.

Email #13 talks about a traffic source that can rival Facebook groups… This traffic source gets 3 million visitors a month.

Email #14 is the conclusion email of Free Traffic Resources. It also goes over an online social reading platform for stories. This traffic source gets over 189 million visitors a month.


The Good

I liked this email series. I honestly assumed that this series would be all about the typical social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.). As it turns out, I was completely wrong.

Kam Fatz shook up all of my expectations by providing 14 Free Traffic Resources that I haven’t heard of.

Well, I heard of two of them, but I was not using them at all.

So, Kam created a good product and after looking at the traffic sources, I believe they’re solid sources.

One of which (Email #10) I had no intentions of using. I saw potential now and then within it (the site) but I never imagined doing what Kam explains in that method.

When I think about that method exclusively (#10) I think of the first post I did here. However, that post did not use the “platform” that Kam talks about because the post wasn’t there.

It was on another website.

By reading these messages, I relearned that in written and video content, there can be “reactionary-based” content. Regarding video content, it seems to be everywhere (think YouTube or podcasts).

But, when it comes to reactionary written content, I haven’t done any of those in a very long time. In my opinion, this could be an easy solution for writer’s block.


Email #3 surprised me. I had no clue that content could get more traffic by submitting it to sources that may “talk” about it. I am not hinting at guest posts here; I’m talking about a medium that you can listen to.

Email #9 and 11 I had always known about but I didn’t want to upload there because of the idea of “digital sharecropping”.

I may entertain it one day. I need to find the balance between posting here and posting other places first. 

Email #13 also interested me because since forums took an L, I’ve been looking for an alternative. Facebook Groups helps and so does Reddit, but they still lack in certain things.

The traffic source mentioned in this email could be the alternative for me.


The Bad

There are 3 messages back to back employing one method. I didn’t like that because it gave off the impression to me that there wasn’t enough content in the product. However, Kam did give out 6 different sources within those 3 emails, so it’s not that bad.

Email #3 could go over a bit more explanation on how to find the “sources” within the traffic source. I almost got lost trying to find “sources” on the website Kam talks about in this method.

It is just an email and not a full breakdown. With that said, I can resonate with the foundation that Kam set within this email.

Two of the 14 traffic sources I knew about. Again, it’s not all that bad but I thought all of these methods would be “top-secret”.


The Conclusion

Overall, I’m happy with Kam Fatz’s product and I hope you grab it. I sent out a couple of emails about it while it was still cheap. Now that the launch pricing has ended, I assume the price has gone up. But I still think it’s worth the price it’s selling for.

The overall number of visitors over these traffic sources adds up to a whopping 712.8 million visitors per month. This # doesn’t count Email #3’s method, which I cannot count traffic for because that is subjective.

If you use all of these methods and get 1% of the traffic, you’ll get exposed to 7 million visitors per month. Let’s say worst-case scenario 1% of 1%; You’d be exposed to 70,000 visitors per month.

I’d say that’s a lot better than some (if not all) social media today.

Check out Kam Fatz’s Free Traffic Resources today.

You can also use these methods in conjunction with Kevin Fahey’s Free Traffic Shotgun. The product review to that is right here.

Till Next Time…

P.s. I took the low-end traffic count of one of the resources instead of the higher amount of visitors. It was a max reduction of 20,000 visitors since that method was a range.

I’ve reviewed a bunch of Kam Fatz’ email newsletters and this was the first. He has had many more email newsletters, such as:

Lost Affiliate Secrets vol. 1, 14-Day Quick Listbuilding Challenge and Side Hustles and Quick Money Tactics vol. 1.

Check them all out; They are well worth it.

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