[PRODUCT REVIEW] Lost Affiliate Secrets Vol. 1

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Lost Affiliate Secrets Vol. 1

MHey guys. Man, it has been so long. Regardless, let’s get started. Today I will be reviewing Lost Affiliate Secrets by Kam Fatz.

I grabbed access to this product late. So technically I didn’t follow my own rule at the bottom of this post.

As a result of that, I ended up paying full price for this instead of paying less than $6. This was also a great product.


The General Overview

Lost Affiliate Secrets is 58 pages long. There are 16 email messages inside this product.

All emails come in the form of a Word document (.docx), Open Document (.odt), PDF, Rich Text Format (.rtf), and Text (.txt).

All of the emails are together within each document. None of the emails are separated from the document(s) in a 1-of-1 fashion for each email.

You get PLR rights to the emails.

You also get cover art for the graphic plus a bunch of bonuses.


The Breakdown

Email message #1 is an intro email talking about the most important concept that Kam uses to promote affiliate products.

Message #2 talks about Kam using a specific emotion in the email to draw in subscribers.

Email #3 talks about a tactic that can be used for almost every affiliate marketing campaign you run.

Message #4 refers to a tactic that employs showcasing the result of using the product that you’d promote.

Email #5 talks about a classic promotion method that’s worked continuously over many years.

Message #6 covers an “upfront transparency tactic” that also works out as an incentive if a subscriber takes the desired action

Email #7 talks about a strategy that Tony Shepherd typically uses in his email campaigns, at least a couple of times a month.

Message #8 is a general engagement email that gathers information from your subscribers.

Email #9 talks about creating a unique strategy to help promote the product you’re promoting.

Message #10 deals with a strategy that takes the subscriber “by the hand” to ease them into the product you’re promoting.

Email #11 refers to a tactic that gathers insight and enables you to create useful, promotional material for your audience.

Message #12 talks about putting a spin on the “useful, but incomplete” strategy that most marketers use today.

Email #13 deals with using mainstream information and a common denominator to promote a product.

Message #14 involves using a subject line that has gotten Kam the highest open rate over several years.

Email #15 refers to pulling ideas out of a “medium” to pitch the product you’re promoting.

Message #16 is a general conclusion email referring to using these emails to help you in your journey.


The Good

I liked this email series also. I like it a lot as a matter of fact and I will be referring to it when I write emails from scratch.

Kam Fatz did a great job with this series. Email #1 hooked me.

His ability to segway in and out of ideas is a high-level skill.

My favorites out of this were Emails #1 (obviously), 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15.

That’s a lot of emails so I won’t break them all down (because you won’t buy the product lol).

That’s not to say that the other emails were bad. These emails happened to be the ones that stood out to me the most.


The Bad

I don’t have anything bad to say about Lost Affiliate Secrets but I do have some small nitpicks.

I originally thought it would be 16 messages of straight tactics; it was 14. Maybe I led myself a bit astray with that.

Email #3 was a bit too salesy for me; it seemed as if the tactic was something I’d read off a sales page.

Email #7’s idea works for email masters like Tony Shepherd… but it may not work for everyone. It can be a bit difficult to use.

Email #9’s tactic can be hard to use if the person using it lacks the insight needed to use it.

Like Free Traffic Resources, I thought the last email (Email #16) would include a strategy, but it didn’t. That’s not a deal-breaker but it is observable.

Someone could say that this product isn’t 58 pages long due to the spacing of the content.


The Conclusion

Overall, I still enjoyed Lost Affiliate Secrets despite the nitpicks I found. After all, if I said the product was perfect (and nothing’s wrong with it), would I be doing a good product review?

I think you can benefit from this as well to learn from and use. You can even sell it; Kam gives PLR rights to this email series.

I highly suggest that you take a look at Lost Affiliate Secrets and grab it.

Yes, the price was under $6 but if you check this offer now, it’s sitting at $14.99.

In my opinion, that’s a more justifiable price for the quality of the product you’d get.

Plus you’ll get a couple of bonuses:

  • An Affiliate Program Blackbook on some of the tools, programs, software, and platforms you can promote.
  • A Thousand dollar Email that earned Kam Fatz $1,395 in 2.5 hours.

Check it out today.


Till Next Time…

P.s. If you want me to go in-depth about the “Good” of this product (and the emails I chose), comment down below.

p.s.s. For the most part, when I’ve created these product reviews, they’ve all been after the “launch pricing” time of the launch. So, the launch price that I got could have been the same price that you got if you had “the drop” or the notification of the product release.

I only give these “notifications” via email. So, if you’re looking to get these notifications when a new product worthy of being bought is released, feel free to sign up for these notifications.

The sign-up box is on the upper right sidebar of this page.

Plus, you also get some free stuff from time to time as well as the notifications for any new blog posts here. It’s a win-win.

You can checkout Kam Fatz at https://epicconversions.com/.

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