[PRODUCT REVIEW] 30-Day Online Business Blueprints Volumes 1, 2, 3

[PRODUCT REVIEW] 30-Day Online Business Blueprints Volumes 1, 2, 3

Hey guys.

Today I will be doing 3 product reviews in one. This is a first lol.

This product review will cover 30-Day Online Business Blueprints Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3.

Please expect this product review to be quite long.

Let’s get going.


The General Overview

30-Day Online Business Blueprints has 3 Volumes.

Volume 1 is a bundle of five different reports. 

  1. Report #1 is 8 pages and 3,329 words long. 
  2. Report #2 is 8 pages and 3,279 words long.
  3. Report #3 is 7 pages and 2,802 words long
  4. Report #4 is 8 pages and 3,370 words long.
  5. Report #5 is 8 pages and 3,337 words long.

Volume 2 is a bundle of five different reports.

  1. Report #1 is 11 pages and 4,569 words long.
  2. Report #2 is 11 pages and 4,411 words long.
  3. Report #3 is 9.5 pages and 4,011 words long.
  4. Report #4 is 10+ pages and 4,246 words long.
  5. Report #5 is 8 pages and 3,384 words long.

Volume 3 is a bundle of five different reports.

  1. Report #1 is 8 pages and 3,250 words long.
  2. Report #2 is 8 pages and 3,171 words long.
  3. Report #3 is 7+ pages and 3,100 words long.
  4. Report #4 is 7+ pages and 3,024 words long.
  5. Report #5 is 7+ pages and 2,987 words long.


By the statistics, the longest volume is Volume 2 with 49.5+ pages and 20,621 words.

Volume 1 is the second largest with 39 pages and 16,117 words.

Volume 3 is the smallest with 37 pages and 15,532 words.


The Breakdown

Volume 1

Volume 1 walks you through the process of building a career as an Internet Marketer. In volume 1, you’ll find one broad overview report, plus four others on specific business models, including affiliate marketing, info product development, PLR launches and service providing.

Report #1 is a 30-Day Internet Business Blueprint. It focuses on the following:

  • niche selection
  • acquiring a domain & hosting
  • blog creation
  • autoresponder selection 
  • building a list
  • product creation
  • overall business development in the Internet Marketing industry.


Report #2 is a 30-Day Affiliate Marketing Blueprint. It focuses on the following:

  • Niche selection
  • Acquiring a domain & hosting
  • Blog creation
  • Email marketing and lead magnet creation
  • Creating product reviews
  • Social media use for traffic
  • “Bonus” creation for affiliate promotions


Report #3 is a 30-Day Info Product Blueprint. It focuses on the following:

  • Knowing your market
  • Crafting the idea behind your info product
  • Funnel creation
  • Product deliverability and price points
  • Choosing a platform for your product
  • Affiliate platform setup and recruiting affiliates
  • Creating your info product and your OTOs
  • Creating your sales letter(s)
  • Testing your offer and leveraging your buyer’s list


Report #4 is a 30-Day Private Label Rights Launch Blueprint. It focuses on these categories:

  • Figuring out which topics you want to offer
  • The format of the content you’d like to sell
  • Funnel creation
  • Content creation
  • Marketing materials for the launch
  • JV networking
  • Email marketing
  • Going live & having a content
  • Leveraging your earnings and buyers into the next launch


Report #5 is a 30-Day Service Provider Blueprint. It covers the following topics:

  • Figuring out your freelancing skills
  • Setting up your business
  • Setting up social media for your business
  • Creating pricing and packaging for the skills that you provide
  • Setting up an online home (blog) for your work
  • Using freelancing sites to your advantage
  • Learning how to make yourself stand out (USP)
  • Increasing the average order value (AOV) with your clients
  • Creating case studies to show your value
  • Using your skills to outshine all of your competition

Volume 2

Volume 2 helps you to learn about the action steps you need to take, and in what order. You’ll learn what to do for niche research, building a blog, coming up with blog content ideas, writing product reviews, and building a list. 

Report #1 is a 30-Day Niche Research Blueprint. It focuses on the following:

  • Generating a list of niches
  • Expanding upon those niches you found
  • Using social media to find out if your niche is good
  • Filling in the voids in your niche while not reinventing the wheel
  • Monetizing your niche
  • Outsourcing when necessary and Freelancing


Report #2 is a 30-Day Affiliate Content Idea Blueprint. It covers these categories:

  • Content creation
  • Types of content you can create
  • Types of product reviews you can create
  • Showcasing/Unpacking products
  • Answering frequently asked questions about the product
  • Extra tips and tricks to develop product reviews


Report #3 is a 30-Day Email Subscriber Blueprint. It talks about the following:

  • Appealing to your audience
  • Setting up your list
  • Lead magnet creation
  • Insights to your Sign-Up page
  • Testing and checking to see what works
  • Keeping your subscribers engaged
  • Ways to get more subscribers


Report #4 is a 30-Day Blog Idea Blueprint. It covers the following:

  • Appealing to your customer through blogging
  • Being transparent & helpful with your content
  • Ideas for intriguing blog content
  • Telling the truth even if it’s bad
  • Tapping into emotion when writing blog posts
  • Writing about something you read or saw
  • Have your competition on your blog via a blog post


Report #5 is a 30-Day Blog Building Blueprint. It covers the following:

  • Getting your blog created & installed
  • Navigating your blog space & getting rid of the fluff
  • Customizing your blog
  • Adding contact information & social media shareability
  • SEO tips for your blog
  • Giving your visitors a blurb about you
  • Monetizing your blog & checking stats
  • Having a solid post that people will frequent


Volume 3

Volume 3 walks you through the process of building a career as an Internet Marketer. In volume 3, you’ll find topics such as social networking, website traffic, multimedia creation and usage, self-publishing, and content.

Report #1 is a 30-Day Content Marketing Blueprint. It deals with these categories:

  • Choosing a demographic 
  • Outsourcing vs DIY content creation
  • Creating a swipe file to use
  • Content monetization
  • Learning how to entertain via copy
  • Using social media with marketing your content
  • Creating a schedule/plan for your regular content posts
  • Using PLR for your content


Report #2 is a 30-Day Website Traffic Blueprint. It focuses on these topics:

  • Using SEO to increase organic traffic
  • Using social media to generate traffic
  • Giving away a lead magnet with no opt-in
  • Blogging about your competitors & guest blogging
  • Using paid ads, interviews & email marketing
  • Selling a product on your blog
  • News aggregators & guest commenting
  • Spying on competition & using their SEO
  • Using news & press releases to generate traffic


Report #3 is a 30-Day Self Publishing Blueprint. It covers the following:

  • Picking a genre & protecting your identity
  • Creating your first book
  • Setting up your Kindle account 
  • Creating copy for your book
  • Necessary processes for promoting your book
  • Understanding what you can and cannot do in KDP
  • Choosing between KDP and other platforms for your book
  • Getting bestseller status


Report #4 is a 30-Day Multi-Media Blueprint. It covers the following:

  • Video production and finding your preferred video platform
  • Grabbing the right tools
  • Necessary processes for video optimization
  • Creating a schedule & repurposing your video
  • Podcasting & tools necessary for it
  • Editing your podcast and uploading it
  • Promoting your podcast
  • Transcribing your podcast & analyzing your podcast for future episodes


Report #5 is a 30-Day Social Networking Blueprint. It covers the following:

  • Brand selection
  • Choosing a demographic
  • Finding where your audience is located socially
  • Using 6 different social networks to promote your brand
  • Having a brand strategy
  • Using email marketing with social media
  • Scheduling content & reusing old content elsewhere
  • Using new changes in social media to your advantage
  • Embracing using paid advertising options


The Good…

Let me be very clear; I did not read all of these. I skimmed some of them but because I trust Tiffany’s content, I didn’t need to read all of them. Besides, we’re talking about 15 reports here. 

All things considered, I didn’t put every single attribute from every report in the “breakdown” section of this review. 

I wanted to put all of those attributes here. As a result of that, this review would be way longer than this.

Therefore, I decided to sum them up as best as I could without dropping days 1-30 for each product here. That would be atrocious and a nightmare to read. 

So in reality, whatever I listed here was quite minimal in terms of all of the benefits of these reports.


What Piqued My Interest…

With that said…

The couple of reports that I did read, I enjoyed. While I was writing this review, I was learning things while I was summarizing. 

Most importantly, what stuck out to me the most were the following:

  • the blog idea report 
  • the affiliate content idea report
  • The plr report
  • The internet marketing report
  • The affiliate marketing report
  • The podcast section of the social network report

However, that’s not to say that there weren’t others that were interesting. There were… I just didn’t get to them yet.

Naturally, Tiffany’s content was well written. 


The Bad…

I don’t have any nitpicks except for… I didn’t expect the reports to be so short.

Now I don’t mean by page count. I have to be real with myself and know that these reports have a healthy amount of words and pages.

However, when I saw the days in the word document, I was a bit surprised. It seemed like every “Day” had a small blurb. I thought each blurb would be a little longer… but it is PLR content.

I guess I was expecting an unrealistic 500-1000 words per “Day”. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was thinking of there.

On the other hand, these documents would become ebooks instead of reports if Tiffany did this. Therefore, one “report/ebook” would have 15,000-30,000 words in total.

That would make each of Tiffany’s series 75k-150k words. 

With that said, she would not be able to launch it for $17. Instead, it would have been a $97 launch price with a final price of $297 or more lol.

So, given the price that I got it at and given the quality of the content, I can’t complain

I’m just going to have to add more content when I edit these. That’s all.

Make no mistake though; The blurbs hold their weight in content.

Lastly, a good thing is that you can take each sentence and use it as an outline. So, looking at it this way, it gets much easier to expound upon the blurbs.


The Conclusion

Well, there you have it. I finally got the product review done, 4 years later. LOL.

I tried to get this out sooner than later but work has been kicking my ash. So, hence the delay.

I still think this “30-Day Online Business Blueprint Series” is worthy of being purchased even though the price has been raised.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in getting these, here are the links:

  1. https://www.plrlaunch.com/30-day-online-business-blueprints-plr-vol-1/
  2. https://www.plrlaunch.com/30-day-online-business-blueprints-plr-vol-2/
  3. https://www.plrlaunch.com/30-day-online-business-blueprints-plr-vol-3/

I suggest you check them out; You may find concepts that you’d like to learn about that I didn’t list here.


My Little Problem…

Here’s the reason why I won’t be posting my affiliate link:

As much as I want to get compensated, I cannot. Unfortunately, something happened some weeks back where I cannot get compensated for any potential commission through these products.

As a result, this also affected one of my previous product reviews with the same vendor. 

You might wonder,

If he can’t get compensated, then why would he write this post?

Well, it had to be done and for a while, I was thinking of doing this review. It just so happens that when I got to do it, my links went dead.

So if you’re looking to grab any of these, the sales page is where I will send you (no affiliate link). Ideally, I wanted to track clicks but I decided against it.



Ok. That point is done. Altogether, It sucks that it happened, but hey, it’s part of the affiliate/internet marketing life.

I’ve got to roll with the punches.

Till Next Time…

P.s. You can sign up for my email list if you’re interested in getting notified for early launch pricing, among other benefits (such as free stuff).

The sign-up box is on the upper right sidebar of this page.

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