[PRODUCT REVIEW] Free Affiliate Funnels

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Free Affiliate Funnels

Hey. It has always been a long time since there’s a post. Let’s get going.

Today I will be reviewing Free Affiliate Funnels by Kevin Fahey.

Kevin Fahey is a well-known Internet Marketer that releases top-quality internet marketing products regularly. He tends to leave out the fluff in his products and gets to the point.

The General Overview

Kevin Fahey has given access to 10 products that he has previously sold.

By getting Free Affiliate Funnels, Kevin is allowing customers to give away these products for free to generate affiliate commissions or to build a list (and then generate affiliate commissions).

There are 10 different products in this release and Kevin also gives an option to get 100% commission on all products under $90 (upsell #1).

Also, Kevin added some bonuses to sweeten the deal.


The Breakdown

Product #1 is an email marketing product and the first module Kevin gives access to giveaway for free.

Product #2 is a collection of PDF training from a product that teaches one how to start an online business from scratch.

Product #3 is a product that teaches how to get a ton of traffic from various platforms.

Product #4 is an affiliate marketing product.

Product #5 is a bundle of PLR checklists on the topic of email marketing.

Product #6 is a bundle of PLR checklists on Youtube Advertising.

Product #7 is a bundle of PLR checklists on the topic of Lead Sources.

Product #8 is an affiliate marketing PLR product.

Product #9 is a PLR product about making your online productivity better.

Product #10 is a PLR  report on learning how to work from home.

Kevin’s Bonuses include access to his Facebook group, access to IM Affiliate Funnels 2, and access to a 7-figure book bundle.


The Good…

I liked Kevin’s Free Affiliate Funnels because, at the worst, I could get access to 10 different products and I can learn from all of them for a very cheap option (which is the frontend).

Kevin put work into all of the products he lists in these funnels, so it does surprise me that he would sell access to all of these products for such a low price.

At the launch price it was selling for, it was an absolute steal (and still is). Every product Kevin has in this offer has substance.

In other words, each product holds its weight and is a solid product. 


The Bad…

I usually don’t have nitpicks but…

One of his funnels did link to an offer that was nonexistent. That was weird, but I’m pretty sure that that can be solved relatively quickly.

I’m very worried that nobody will want them once I get to promoting these 10 products as funnels. This may be due to the reasoning that everyone bought the frontend.

This could also happen because everyone is promoting these products. 

As a result of that, it may be difficult to get leads from these “funnels”. However, a fix to that would be the typical “split test” in marketing.

What one would have to do is split test headlines, pages, designs, etc. until that person gets the desired outcome that they would want. 

I could be very wrong but I feel that these two are my biggest nitpicks when it comes to this product.


The Conclusion

Overall, I’m happy with what Kevin created in Free Affiliate Funnels.

I think he did a great job and anyone who grabs this will have a whole wealth of information to themselves to use and build a list (if not many lists) with.

Regardless, if you’re one of the lucky few that did not grab this, now’s the time.

Yes, the launch price may have changed but getting 10 products to learn from and profit from is worth almost a 3-figure price.

Kevin has not changed the price to anywhere near 100+ dollars yet, so I’d suggest that you grab this up while it’s still low.

In a sense, I’m willing to say that for the cheap price he’s offering these funnels, he may be devaluing his products.

So, in reality, you may be getting a huge steal because everything you’re going to get is quality at the minimum.

Check it out here.


Ok, that’s all for this post. 

I hope all is well with you. I hope you join my list in the upper right corner of this blog.

This is so you can know when a quality release comes.

If not, it’s all good.

Till Next Time…

p.s. This might have been the shortest product review I’ve ever done… maybe LOL. Perhaps my next post will be more of a content one. I’ve done a bunch of product reviews already. I’ll still do them… but I need a content post. Look out for that in the soon future.

Oh by the way, Kevin has a superb product about generating 6 figures per year. Not only did I buy it, I reviewed it and you can check it out here.

If you’d like to check out Kevin’s site, here it is: kevinfahey.net

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