The 9 Simple Steps You Can Take Right Now To Increase Your Online Business By Using PLR Content

The 9 Simple Steps You Can Take Right Now To Increase Your Online Business By Using PLR Content

Hey guys. Here’s that “content post” I said I’d put out about “using plr content”. Let’s get going.


Creating content regularly is hard. Writer’s block is a problem that is still relevant today.

That fancy term means that people who write regularly have moments when they cannot write.

However, the advent of PLR content (Private Label Rights Content), has made creating content much easier. As a result of using PLR content, one can save money, time, and energy when creating content.

Plus, using PLR content can be inexpensive versus hiring a writer/content creator. With that said, here are a bunch of benefits you can expect to achieve if you use PLR content in your business.


Using PLR can help you to create content for your website regularly

If you blog, it makes sense to post at the minimum once or twice a month.

If you’re looking to take blogging seriously, post at least once a week. Some people like to post whenever they have content ready. In that scenario, there may be more than 1 post per week.

NichePursuits, a website dedicated to teaching the public about building niche websites, indirectly suggests posting more than once per week.

In many of their podcasts, they feature niche website builders who post astronomical amounts of content per year. I’m talking at least 100-150+ pieces of content per year.

These pieces of content are typically not short; They can be 1000-2000+ words. Keeping up with that type of schedule (average a post every other day or 2) is crazy but it can be very lucrative.

On the other hand, I suggest posting once a week but even that can get quite hectic.


There’s nothing wrong with posting once or twice a week but the quality of the content posted must be good. It’s good to have new content once or more than once a week.

But if the post isn’t up to par, don’t bother. You’ll be better off making that post better versus making a sub-par post.

The biggest problem with continuing to create new content is that it gets draining. Therefore, PLR content can aid in the content creation process.

You don’t have to use it all the time but sometimes when things get slow, you can lean on PLR instead. You can have a whole new post by taking a piece of PLR content, adding to it, and personalizing it.

Now instead of you having to write from scratch, you’ve just alleviated that work by using PLR content.


You can use PLR to create digital products

Digital products can be very lucrative for creating an online business.

To create digital products, one can employ using PLR content.

You can create ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, video courses, checklists, blog posts, articles, graphics, infographics, lead magnets, newsletters, short reports, and so much more with PLR content.

Ideally, you don’t even need to create a product from scratch; All you need to do is source some high-quality PLR content and sell it as your own.

The main key is that you must differentiate yourself from the competition because the odds are that someone else owns the same PLR you have.


With that said, you have to rebrand your PLR content, so it stands out. Currently, pictures are recognizable.

If you have the same image as someone else (because both of you bought the same PLR content) and you’re trying to market it as your own, nobody’s going to believe you.

Also, nobody’s going to go for your offer because there’s nothing “unique” about it. In other words, they can go elsewhere and get the same thing you’re offering for the same price, if not cheaper.

Worse, once the public finds out you’re marketing a PLR product, your reputation can get damaged.

The best way to make your PLR product different from everyone else’s is to change the image, title, and formatting of the product. Or you could just change the image and title.

Just by doing these two rebranding tactics, you will separate yourself from everyone else who’s marketing the same product as you.


You can use PLR content to create Lead Magnets to giveaway to your list

You can set up a squeeze page to get subscribers on your list.

Then you can give them your lead magnet (created from PLR) as a free product in exchange for their email.

This way, you can build a list that you can contact to talk about your blog posts, products you’ll release, or other relevant (affiliate) offers. Plus, if you ever run out of ideas to contact your email list about, you can always use PLR content to fill in the gaps.

For example, Tiffany Lambert never really runs out of ideas to email about but in most (if not all) of her messages, she adds content to the bottom half of her email message. I’m not sure if it’s PLR or not but regardless, that should not matter.

That is because the content she sends is insightful and knowledgeable. You can do the same but instead of adding it to the bottom half of the message, you can add it as a new email message.

Plus, you can add snippets of your blog posts in the email messages as “teaser-driven content” to get traffic back to your website. Also, you can build a strong relationship with your subscribers by giving them free stuff from time to time.

For example, an ebook, article, video, audio, etc. could be given away as a free item.

PLR content can be leveraged to create these free items.


You can use PLR as a real world, real life application

PLR content is not limited to online use only.

You can always take that same PLR content and print it for offline use for flyers, pamphlets, magazines, brochures, newsletters, etc.

In a sense, it can be argued that PLR content used offline may be more powerful than used online because people value print media more than online media.

By putting written work in a print medium, it commands a higher value than the same work hosted online.


You can use PLR to create social media content

Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have been big social media websites for quite some time now.

You can market on these websites by taking the PLR content you have and creating social media images with it. This is repurposing PLR content.

Gary V has created a PDF of all the ideas one can employ to create social media content regularly. Some of Gary V’s ideas can be used with PLR content to create social media content.


You can use PLR for your membership site

Members of a membership site could get access to your content (which could be created from PLR content).

PLR content can be used to create many different items for a membership site.

However, it’s very important to check the PLR license with the content you’ve acquired. Some PLR licenses do not allow their content to be added to membership sites so be careful.


You can use PLR to create bonuses for affiliate promotions

To get affiliate commissions, one can create a bonus by leveraging PLR content as a personal use product.

So, for example, I was trying to promote a product within its launch dates. I could create a product (derived from PLR content) and give it away to everyone who purchases the product I’m promoting for free.

As a result of this, people who were on the fence would be more likely to buy through my link since they’ll get an extra product for free.

Using this tactic, affiliate marketers can subconsciously condition potential ongoing buyers.

I wouldn’t suggest doing this all the time but for the medium-low to medium-high launches, I would employ this method.

This can be subjective because some small launches can have great benefits for an affiliate (commission + launch contest winnings), so don’t turn a blind eye to the small guys.


You can use PLR to create new posts for places other than your website

Guest blogging is still a useful tactic when it comes to generating website traffic.

Granted, when using PLR, it can be more work than usual because one would have to rewrite the whole article.

However, it’s worth it because if the guest site it is published on gets traffic, you can get traffic coming back to your website.

Plus, you’ll have a solid backlink going to your website. Lastly, rewriting PLR is much easier than having to write that guest post article from scratch.


In Conclusion

These were 9 different ways you can use PLR content to further your online business. Every single one of these methods works today.

Out of all these methods, I’ve employed at least 5 of them so far.

I’ve yet to use the other 4 but the majority of these I’ve used and continue to use. It’s only a matter of time till I get to the rest of these methods.

How about you?

Till Next Time…

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I hope you join; It’s in the upper right corner of this blog.

If not, it’s all good.

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