[PRODUCT REVIEW] Side Hustles And Quick Money Tactics Vol. 1

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Side Hustles And Quick Money Tactics Vol. 1

Hey guys. Let’s go.

Today I will be reviewing Side Hustles And Quick Money Tactics by Kam Fatz.

Kam Fatz is the creator of three PLR email products that I’ve reviewed on this blog. Those products are Free Traffic ResourcesLost Affiliate Secrets, and 14-Day Quick Listbuilding Challenge.

I had no idea there was another PLR email series coming to the market.

Regardless, it still did. Since I like the product, I’m going to review it.


The General Overview

There are 14 email messages.

All emails come in the form of a Word document (.docx), Open Document (.odt), PDF (.pdf), Rich Text Format (.rtf), and Text (.txt).

All of the emails are together within each document. None of the emails are separated from the document(s) in a 1-of-1 fashion for each email.

You get PLR rights to the emails.

You also get cover art for the graphic plus a couple of bonuses:

You also get access to Avatar Attacks, an unlisted video course that is 11 videos long.


The Breakdown

Email #1 is a general overview and talks about the one thing all the side hustles have in common.

Email #2 talks about a strategy that employs using a p.o.d. website along with images to create a side hustle.

Email #3 talks about using a source that has over 1 billion active monthly users and a royalty-free website to create a side hustle.

Email #4 talks about using a free online service along with a website that generated 96.3 million active buyers in 2021 to generate a side hustle.

Email #5 talks about an economy-style service website where you can create a side hustle using 5 different methods.

Email #6 employs using a website that is the second most visited website in the world to create a side hustle.

Email #7 is about 5 apps that can pay you cold hard cash.

Email #8 employs using the same second visited website in a different method to create a side hustle.

Email #9 talks about an app that pays you for doing what you were going to do.

Email #10 is a basic check-in email for the reader to respond to.

Email #11 employs using a paid strategy along with an affiliate program to generate a side hustle.

Email #12 is about 5 different websites that can help you build a small side hustle.

Email #13 employs using a website that has been around since 1995 to create a side hustle in an exclusive niche.

Email #14 talks about 3 websites that one can build a side hustle from and a short conclusion.


The Good

I liked emails #4-#9 and #11-#14. That’s not to say that I didn’t like the other emails but I will get into those later on.

Although Email #4 reflects upon email #2 in some way, it’s still a good method because it goes more in-depth and employs more resources.

Email #5 I like it a lot because I am always fighting myself in trying to figure out whether I should come back to this website or not. With the information provided, I might as well try my luck.

Out of all of the methods I have heard over the years with this website, I hadn’t heard of these 5 (and a way to get them done easily).

Email #6 is a method I like because I tend to run into these all of the time, browsing either on the website or the app. I always wondered how these are created. Now, I know and I can do it myself.

Email #7 is a good email. I had only heard of one of these ideas and I thought that idea was “prehistoric like Jarvis”. Or ask.com, geocities.com, etc. (If you know about this stuff, you’ve been on the internet!)

Anyway, the previous methods in this are great but what stuck out to me was the last idea. I want to do that method badly but I sometimes think about someone leveraging whatever I sell, so it’s a mental battle for me LOL.

Emails 8-14

Email #8’s method is so simple by theory but it can take a bit of work to execute. However, I see this as an evergreen method, so I don’t count it out.

Email #9… I figured someone would create this at some point. It was only a matter of time in my opinion. I’m just glad it’s finally here.

Email #11 is the one that you’ll have to throw on your internet marketing hat for. But, it looks like it can be very lucrative if you play your cards right. I had no idea a website as this existed… so I may want to test this out myself.

Email #12 reminded me back in the day of the websites where you could literally earn money in minutes. It wasn’t significant, but it was true as long as the website stayed online and you were able to cash out. As a matter of fact, this very email reminds me of a website that’s probably still online today.

Email #13 takes a bit of searching and good luck but it can still be a viable, cash-generating method. I could see myself doing this one day if there’s still a market for it then.

Email #14 is a method that’s been around for a while. To be honest, I wanted to do this method but I psyched myself out of it because… I’m not a good writer! LOL. One day, maybe I’ll get on these services if I really need to. For now, I’m good; I don’t think my writing is up to par.


The Bad

Email #2 I had already known of… but that’s ok. It’s still a solid method.

Email #3 I personally have a problem with since it employs using a website/app that does shady things in the background.

  • Sidebar: my friend showed me a video of what this “website/app” does and after I saw it, I made sure I told all my friends to delete that from their phones. I digress…

While I like Email #12, I know that employing this method requires a ton of consistent work. In most cases, one may not like the amount they get paid based on the amount of work they put in. So, that’s the caveat here.

I could say the same for Emails #6 and #8, among others.

Those are my little nitpicks.


The Conclusion

Overall, I like this series and I’m glad I grabbed it. Kam gives quite a lot of insight into a bunch of side hustles one can start up today.

Honestly, this doesn’t even deserve to be in email format; This should be an ebook or PDF or something. While there were some ideas in here that I did know about, there were a bunch of ideas and websites that I did not know about.

So, I’m happy to say that I learned a lot from reading this series. I’ll definitely be referring back to it every now and then.

I believe there’s plenty of information here that one can generate some income online with. Get this: Even if one doesn’t use the information, he or she can still elect to sell it.

This email series comes with PLR rights, so it’s actually a great deal. Coupled with the bonuses, it becomes a steal.

I highly recommend anyone who’s trying to create side hustles online to grab this.

Check out Kam Fatz’s Side Hustles and Money Tactics Vol.1 today.

Till Next Time…


p.s. If you grab this using the link on this post, send me an email with your receipt and I’ll let you know about the website that’s “still online today” in Email #12 under “The Good”.

I earned a small amount using this website many years ago. I was able to do this because the amount of work wasn’t that much. Plus, the wages were better than most of the methods in Email #12 and the money came quicker.

Talk about “Alertpay” days… LOL.

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