[PRODUCT REVIEW 100K/Year Made Simple

[PRODUCT REVIEW] 100K/Year Made Simple

Hey guys. Today I will be reviewing Kevin Fahey’s 100K/Year Made Simple.

Let’s Go.

Kevin Fahey is a well-known Internet Marketer that releases top-quality internet marketing products regularly. He tends to leave out the fluff in his products and gets to the point.


The General Overview

There are 8 modules in this product.

Except for Module #7, every module has a video.

Every Module also has a text section.

It is highly recommended that one watches the videos and reads all the text.

Kevin highlights this in the intro video by saying there will be things left out on video that will be on the text, and vice versa.

Plus, Kevin has 4 Bonuses: Access to his Facebook mastermind group, his IM Newbie course, his seven-figure book bundle, and his how-to profit from PLR training webinar.


The Breakdown

Module #1 covers creating plans for your business and being more productive.

Module #2 covers generating as much money as you can by testing and tweaking everything.

Module #3 talks about putting systems in place so things are “hands-free”.

Module #4 talks about getting others to do tasks that you don’t want to do anymore. It also includes a 1hour video breaking this subject down further.

Module #5 talks about making 100K a year using 3 different methods together.

Module #6 talks about the one thing that plagues us all and 4 methods to get it: Traffic.

Module #7 is about how you can get an extra source of traffic as a product vendor.

Module #8 covers a simple formula to get to 100K a year that you can copy and use for yourself.


The Good

I really liked this product. Granted, the hype was there and as it got closer to the launch date, it became more of a big thing.

But I knew of Kevin Fahey’s products, and one thing he does is he doesn’t disappoint.

So, I was already satisfied in knowing that this would be a good product.

I really liked all the modules. There were insights that Kevin went more into depth over his videos.

So, when it’s coupled together with the text, there’s a lot to learn.

At first, it didn’t seem as comprehensive because it doesn’t look like a packed course.

But, after watching and reading each module, it’s something that must be re-read and rewatched.

My favorite modules have to be #1 (because of transparency), #3, #4 (because of the extra 1hr video), #5 (full breakdown), and #6.

All in all, it is a great product. I believe anyone that is looking to build a business in Internet Marketing should get this product.


The Bad

For some reason, I believed that Kevin would be more transparent by showing his actual stats (since in one of his products, he did it before).

But it wasn’t necessary; Kevin gave a proper breakdown of how to generate 100K by leveraging 3 methods together.

I thought every module would have a video, but as I said earlier, Module #7 didn’t. Given the information in it, it’s acceptable; It doesn’t really need a video.

Lastly, when I tried to go through the course on my phone, it cut off some of the text at the bottom. Unfortunate problem, but it is solvable.

For that reason, I had to switch to my tablet (or my computer) to read everything properly. Not a deal breaker, but a small nitpick of mine.


In Conclusion

Overall, 100k/Year Made Simple is a solid product and I highly suggest that everyone interested in Internet Marketing should get it.

Kevin doesn’t fluff up this product, he delivers the information straight up.

Plus, there’s lots of text explaining more stuff that he doesn’t cover in the videos.

If you combine all of that with his extra 1hour video in Module #4 and his bonuses?

Now you have a steal even after the launch.

Here’s where it gets even crazier: If you grab 100K/Year Made Simple through my link, I’ll give you 3 extra bonuses!

These bonuses are Traffic Five, Commission Five, and Project Restart.

But you can only get access if you grab 100K/Year Made Simple here, through my link.


Ok, these product reviews are getting shorter and shorter. I don’t know why LOL.

I’m just not trying to let the cat out of the bag fully (if you get what I mean).

Look out for some free stuff coming soon.

Till Next Time…

p.s. Check out Kevin Fahey at kevinfahey.net Additionally, check out Kevin Fahey’s last product I reviewed, over here.

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