[FREE VIDEOS] PLR Set-Up Masterclass 2.0

[FREE VIDEOS] PLR Set-Up Masterclass 2.0

Hey guys. Got some more free stuff. This time, it’s the PLR Set-Up Masterclass 2.0. Let’s go.

I’ll be giving access to the PLR Set-Up Masterclass 2.0 in this post.

Ideally, I wanted to give this away the same way I gave away the previous 3 video courses: Unlisted, on YouTube.

But, after having a conversation with the creator, he told me that I cannot do it that way.

See, YouTube has this loophole that if one finds an unlisted video and adds it to a playlist, then it can become “public”.

So, I couldn’t use that method anymore.

Instead, I initially decided that I was going to stick this series in a “free membership site” that I was going to create.

So, all you’d have to do is sign up and the series would be right there for you to watch, whenever you want to.

However, through my years of learning marketing, sales, and human psychology, I realized this:

The more steps you give people, the higher chance that they will not execute said steps.

This is the main reason why when people buy those “full home-study marketing programs” costing $1,997+…

Most of them don’t go through the stuff.

It just sits there (because there’s so much information in it). Basically, information overload.

I could say the same for ebooks, video courses, et cetera. You get the deal here.

So I say all of this to say that I decided to put it on a storage site and stick it here for everyone to watch.

Sidebar: You could make the debate that “People are so lazy that they’re not willing to put a name and an email to get a video course full of value for free?”

And I would reply to you, “YES“.

So, to save me the (personal) embarrassment of not getting any names or emails, I decided to upload this for free for anyone to watch, for as long as this site is up.

Ok, I won’t waste your time any longer. Here’s the videos:

I hope you enjoy this video course. Soon, I’ll be listing this course for sale (and the others) so you can watch it offline whenever you’d like.

If you’re interested, you can check out the previous three video courses I have here for free. I’ll have them linked down below.

Hope all is well.

Till Next Time…

p.s. Here are those video courses: PLR Rebranding Masterclass, PLR Repurpose Masterclass, and PLR Set Up Masterclass 1.0. Additionally, check out my previous “Free Stuff” post here.

p.s.s. Piggybacking off of my sidebar… People also don’t finish courses typically. I can tell based on my video stats (on YouTube) and from Arun’s stats when he gave away two trainings he created from scratch for FREE… I have no answers for that. That’s a different story for another day.

p.s.s.s. I’ll have a link so you can download this whole series very soon (for sale).

Quick edit (Feb. 2023)… I intend to switch these videos back to Youtube, so bear with this host for now until that happens.

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