1 Secret Your Top Affiliate Marketer Won’t Tell You About Getting Affiliate Commissions

1 Secret Your Top Affiliate Marketer Won’t Tell You About Getting Affiliate Commissions

One thing you can do is build a buyers list to get affiliate commissions. 

You see,

a freebie list (giving away a lead magnet in exchange for an email) is nice to have. 

But the most coveted list of all is a buyers list… because someone somewhere in the world spent money on your offer. 

Which means they’re more likely to do it again if you promote your own offers. 

Also, it’s more likely for them to trust your recommendation, since they trusted you enough to purchase your product. 

So, a buyers list is crucial. How you get one…is by selling stuff. Duh. LOL. 


So what if you only have a freebie list? Then what do you do?

The oldest trick in the affiliate marketing book: offer bonuses that are valuable. 

Barry Rodgers did this in his most recent promotion of Kevin Fahey’s List Building and Email Marketing Masterclass

He and Val Wilson offered a nice bonus that I quickly picked up. (As it seems, whenever these two guys get together to create a bonus, magic happens.)

Another person that does this is Eric Hammer.

He creates his own bonuses sometimes and other times he may purchase licensing to then give away as an affiliate bonus. 


Here’s When Things Went Sideways…

Unfortunately, I figured this out on one of Eric’s recent affiliate promotions. 

This is why rebranding, changing the name and changing graphics is very important! Read on…

He had 10 products in there that had the typical “multiple box shot, checklist, dvd cover” graphics in it. 

Me being the clever guy I am, I decided to look one of the titles up. 

Just like in Arun Chandran’s “Rebrand Your PLR” guide, the following was exactly as Arun stated.

I ended up finding that exact product online. 

Now am I discrediting the products Eric is giving away?

No… but it looks a bit weird that he’s giving away 10 of these with resell rights, among other things…


After all he said he spent a small fortune to give them away… but he could have sold them.

It’s just a bit odd to me… but I believe the products have some value in them. 

I just don’t know if they’re high quality… cause if they were, why would they be so cheap to acquire?

With that said, how is the value of each product $397 (according to Eric)?

Plus, I would think any type of rights would warrant a much higher price.

Eric’s giving all 10 products away for free with resell rights for a $10 commission?

It just doesn’t make much sense to me. 


How To Get Affiliate Commissions

Either way, if you employ Barry Rodgers method or Eric Hammer’s method, I do suggest that you rebrand the PLR you buy

Or at least let your subscribers know that it was PLR at first.

But make sure whatever you giveaway is actually valuable.

Benjamin Fletcher did this method of using PLR.

The difference is he rebranded the PLR he purchased so well that I didn’t figure it out until I started to watch the content. 

In Barry Rodgers recent promo, he let his subscribers know upfront that one of the items he was giving away was created by a very good marketer who knows what they’re talking about.

He never professed to creating the content, just presented it with full disclosure. 

The key is differentiation. Separate yourself from the pack (unless you don’t need to). 


Make sure what you giveaway people will want… and don’t inflate the price/value of the bonus to get an affiliate commission. 

One thing I know is that if someone was going to make a purchase anyway, adding something extra to it will make it easier for them to make the purchase.

Especially if the extra item they’re going to receive will be free for them. 

So from a marketing perspective, make sure that your bonus is great, if not over the top (over delivering).

Also, make sure that whatever you’re giving as a bonus… compliments the product you’re promoting and/or fills the void that the product has. 


Get Affiliate Commissions Continued…

Barry did this perfectly. In Kevin Fahey’s List Building and Email Marketing Masterclass, there was one tactic that Kevin did not cover (that I thought he would cover).

For Barry’s bonus, he added that exact tactic that I thought of when I saw the content of Kevin’s product. 

That bonus, among other items Barry added, made my affiliate commission a shoo-in. 

Lastly, Fred Ferguson did this as a brand new affiliate marketer some years ago.

He promoted Arun Chandran’s PLR launch and won the contest.

(Don’t believe me? Check out Top CB Product Reviews 2020 PLR on Warriorplus.)

His bonus package was that good. Plus, he may have created it from scratch.

So don’t be convinced that every bonus has to be created from PLR.

Sometimes, creating bonuses from scratch could be better because it’s an “exclusive bonus”.

In some cases, Tiffany Lambert does this too. But I digress, I think you got the point by now.


In Conclusion

Well, there you have it. I hope I didn’t sound redundant within this post.

These are the keys to generating affiliate commissions in the Internet Marketing Niche.

If I come across more keys, I’ll make sure to update this post. 

Till next time…


By the way, I know I say that I’m not a writer, but when “spur of the moment” ideas come to mind, I write or type while I have the inspiration.

Try it if you want to get better at content creation

All of the items in this post are high quality and I implore you to check them out. They are the following:

A Buyer’s List

Kevin Fahey’s List Building and Email Marketing Masterclass

Rebrand Your PLR (FREE)


I bought all of these too. Grab your copies too so you can learn and use the information to generate income, leads and sales/affiliate commissions. 

Lastly, have you ever checked out any contests/leaderboards for internet marketing launches?

Just sayin, the people winning or in the top 10 of those contests… are either product creators or have generated buyer’s lists.

It all makes sense and it comes back to having a buyer’s list some how some way…

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