How To Make Money From Any Resell/Resale Rights Product Ever Created

How To Make Money From Any Resell/Resale Rights Product Ever Created

First, you have to put up the resell or resale rights product for sale. Without this step completed, you’ll never generate a cent. 

Then you try to sell it.

No, I’m just joking, LOL. 


This Book Will Help You Sell Resale Rights Products

I came across this ebook that teaches two strategies for “using resell/resale products that you can’t edit”.

It’s a true evergreen ebook in my opinion, which is why I still refer to it now, many years later.

It not only covers those two strategies but ways to create a sales page, using PLR to create a product, creating graphics, etc. 

I can’t give it away to you for free but I believe I can still sell it at a huge discount.

Plus, you’ll be able to get the rights to it so you can sell it yourself (because I didn’t/could not edit it). 

The name of the book is “How to Pull Money

It’s 210 pages and a giant read but it’s a good one. 

You can grab it here for a very low price. I promise I won’t break the bank. 

If you read my most recent post,

1 Secret Your Top Affiliate Marketer Wont Tell You About Getting Affiliate Commissions,

you may be able to figure it out without the need to get the book.

But I still want you to get it because it helps in multiple ways, as I explain below.


An Extra Option That’s Not Covered In The Book

Now, since you read this far, here is a third option (since I like to add to my posts). 

(You can see that in my first post, 6 ways to make money with PLR products, option #7)

The third option is to create a whole new product and market that in your copy with the resell or resale rights product. 

In a sense, your preferred customer will not only be looking at the resale rights product but the new creation as well. 

The key is that the content you create has to be high-quality content.

Plus, it has to add to the information you’re promoting. 

This is a killer way to make serious cash with resell/resale rights products you can’t edit. 


Now the question may arise…

“but I have 100s-1000s of resell/resale rights products! Do you expect me to make a new product for each product?”

To that, I say, nope. That would be a ton of work. 

Odds are that some (if not the majority) of those products are outdated and/or low-quality products. 

So as for the shining diamonds you find (like this one here), YES, create that extra product. 

Besides, you can always use PLR to create it. Of course, as long as you change it up and/or rebrand it. 

The key is to ensure it fits with your resale rights product and that both products (resale and original creation) are high-quality. 

Now you’ve got a killer offer for anyone interested in the information you’re selling. 


Selling Resale Rights Products Can Be A Good Idea

To further this point, I’ve listed some resale rights products on this very site

I may consider creating a product from scratch or sourcing some PLR to add to a resale rights product.

As a result of that, now I would have a unique package that I can promote as my own. 

Can I make my offer out of this with its name? Of course. 

Can I change the resale rights product’s name? No. LOL.

But I can add it in my own “offer package name”, so long as my resale rights license allows it or doesn’t go against it. 

Can I bundle my resale rights product with another product (creation or PLR)?

Yes, but as long as the license allows it. 

The license is just as necessary, so make sure you check the rights.

If you don’t have one, then you may want to get in contact with the vendor you purchased it from. 


In Conclusion

But don’t be deceived; resell/resale rights still have a lot of life in them, especially if they are high-quality products. 

The only problem is that the principle is just like PLR… it gets a bad reputation. 

But just like all PLR isn’t the same… all resell/resale rights products aren’t the same. 

(Now Master Resell/Resale rights… they have a bad rep! LOL Nah just joking…)

Pick up “How To Pull Money” and learn how to sell any resell/resale rights product.

Also, you can get your sales by using my third option. 

Till next time…

P.s. I know I only talked about the product part here. But to be honest, this is just the first hurdle.

There’s much more to do once you get a product created or create your product package.

In some cases, you may still have to create sales copy, graphics, a list for your buyers, hosting for your sales page, JV/affiliate page (if you choose to do so), promotion, etc. 

This is because not all resell/resale rights products are the same.

Some come with complete sales pages and some just come with the product.

(In some cases this happens with PLR too.)

So, while I don’t want to mislead you by letting you think that this is all you have to do to get a certified product up for sale…

I‘d be doing you a huge disservice by not informing you that it takes a little more work than product creation itself. 

p.p.s. Check out my older post about how the greats use Resell/Resale Rights Products here.

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