7 Ways To Monetize Your PLR Content

Seven PLR Monetizing Ideas That Will Get You Traffic, Leads, and Sales

Hey. Let’s talk about a couple ways to monetize your PLR content real quick.

Ok, this was long due, and I had been talking about it (7 Ways To Monetize Your PLR Content [to my list]) for quite a while now.

I finally finished editing the product I had created (or revamped) many years ago.

I originally wanted to give it away for FREE to everyone. To be honest, I did end up giving it away, but to a select number of people.

The only people that benefited from that “FREE” giveaway… are the people on my list. LOL.

Otherwise, it’s going to be here at a price.


Now don’t get your panties in a bunch.

I know I could potentially charge $27. But I decided against that.

$17 isn’t a crazy number either but it’s not going to be that.

$12 is great, but still, not that.

Ideally, I wanted to set the price at $9.95.

In my opinion, that price is typical, but it still won’t be that price.

$7 sounds nice but even still, I didn’t want to charge that.

Ideally, since this is my first product, I wanted to make it as affordable as I could.

So I think I had settled on $5 or $4.95.

But then I decided to go against that price because I wanted to just get the product out.

I was deliberating with myself on pricing for too long.

Plus, given that we are all in a recession, I figured dropping the price would help us all.

So then I decided to charge $3. Quite a drop from $9.95, if you ask me.

But then I decided… “What’s the lowest I can charge using Warrior+?”

trust me, I was going to try for $0.97, but that’s not possible to my knowledge

I remembered that a product creator I know of, Arun Chandran, created a product about 20-40 pages long around the time Warrior+ got rid of Free WSOs.

It was either that or the Warrior Forum got rid of Free WSOs. If anyone has the true answer to this, enlighten me because it was quite a while ago. I don’t remember LOL.

Then, he listed it for $1 in the Warrior Forum (I think, I’ll have to double-check).

(If you’re a War Room member, you can get Arun’s product for free over here.)

So, I decided to do the same thing. I took the product I created and decided to list it for $1.

Believe me when I say I wanted to give it away for free.

But unfortunately, with Warrior+’s changing of their rules, I can’t list anything without charging at least $1.


What You Will Learn In 7 Ways To Monetize Your PLR Content

So here we are.

The name of the product is “7 Ways To Monetize Your PLR Content”.

Here’s what’s inside the PDF:

  • The One Method Every PLR Buyer Uses To Generate Money From Their PLR Content
  • This Strategy Is How Internet Marketers Generate Leads Using PLR Content
  • This Method Can Help You Increase The Value Of Your PLR Product
  • Add A Second Stream Of Income By Using This Method With Your PLR Product
  • This Method Is Tried And True… Plus People Will Value Your Finished Product More
  • A Common But Underused Method To Expand Your PLR Content 
  • This Method Allows You To Target Different Audiences You’d Never Think Of

It’s a 19-page, 4,594-word document, all for un dollar. (That’s $1, or One Dollar for the English speakers LOL).

I’m basically handing this over to you for free, but there’s a reason why I’m deciding not to.

That reasoning is simple; I would like to create a buyers list and this would be one of the easiest ways to do so.


It’s Just 100 Pennies… Or 10 Dimes… Or 4 Quarters… (LOL)

Let’s be honest: Who doesn’t have a dollar they can’t spare?

Yes, I understand that right now times are tough, but trust me, you’ll get quality information here.

This $1 you’ll spend is most likely better than some other products you’ll buy and not use or read.

Especially with the holiday season upon us. You know that there’s a chance you’ll buy something you’re not going to use within these next 8 months (till June at least).

I believe the odds are high that if you exchange $1 for this report, not only are you going to read it, but you’ll learn about some ideas that will help you in monetizing your PLR content.

If not, no biggie. It’s just a dollar.

You and I both know we’ve thrown out food, shoes, clothes, electronics, and/or books that cost more than that.

With that said, there’s nothing to lose here, and everything to gain.

It only costs the price of a Poland Spring Water bottle.

Even that, I’m not too sure if that (bottle of water) is still a dollar.

So in reality, this report will be cheaper than most of anything you’ll purchase (due to tax, inflation, recession, you name it).

Besides, does anyone sell anything for a dollar anymore? I mean really…?

Anyways, pick up this report now to increase your knowledge of Monetizing PLR content.

It’s long enough to be worth $9.95, but short enough to read in about 20-30 minutes.

Click Here to grab it now.

To Your Success,


p.s. If you were on my list, you would have got this for free. But $1 is basically free, so you can still grab it for the cost of a water bottle.

p.p.s. If you’re looking for more information on the subject of monetizing PLR content, I have a free post here. Also, I will have a product later on that goes in great detail on this subject. Look out for that. Once I post it, I’ll link to it in this blog post.

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