[PRODUCT REVIEW] Untapped Traffic

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Untapped Traffic

Hey. Let’s get down to this product review about Untapped Traffic.

I’m always searching for more traffic for my website, my offers/funnels, and anything else. So, when I saw Untapped Traffic, created by Steve Mellor, I had to pick it up.

You see, Steve Mellor is a very honest marketer/product creator.

In his products, he tends to be a straight shooter with his information. So, in a nutshell, he won’t steer you wrong.

Also, he won’t put out crap that you can’t use.

So, when this hit the market, I was naturally interested to see what traffic methods Steve came across.

Trust me, this product is a good one.


The General Overview

Untapped Traffic is a quick and effective video training showing how one can find the cheapest ad traffic on the internet.

It also shows how you can leverage these sources of traffic.

This is great for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, CPA marketers, and even eCommerce store owners.

The information contained within this video training is 100% newbie friendly.

It deals with undiscovered, untapped traffic sources.

You can send traffic directly to offers without needing a bridge page or cloaking your affiliate link.

Using these sources and beat ad blocker technology, you can build your list fast. Also, these sources are super-low-cost and involve multiple tactics.

This video course is 1 hour and 28 minutes long or 88 minutes long. (I rounded up the minutes on some videos, so excuse me if I am technically incorrect.)

It also is 15 videos long and it has 3 bonus video courses within it.

Bonus course #1 has 4 videos and it is about 20 minutes long.

Bonus course #2 is 7 videos long and it is about 15 minutes long.

Bonus course #3 has 3 videos and it is about 7 minutes long.

Total running time of all content: 130 minutes or 2 hours and 10 minutes.


The Breakdown

Untapped traffic covers using 10 different traffic sources and 8 strategies with them across 3 different ad types.

Before I get into how many impressions each source serves, I should let you know what Untapped Traffic is not.

Untapped Traffic is NOT a video course about how to leverage Facebook ads, Google ads, Bing ads, social media, etc.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the specifics:

Traffic source #1 serves 3.2 billion ad impressions per day.

Traffic source #2 serves 12 billion ad impressions per day.

Traffic source #3 serves 6 billion ad impressions per day.

Traffic source #4 serves 1+ billion ad impressions per day.

Traffic source #5 serves 120,000+ ad impressions per second worldwide.

Traffic source #6 serves 1+ billion ad impressions per day.

Traffic source #7 serves 50+ million ad impressions per day.

Traffic source #8 serves about 500+ million ad impressions per day.

Traffic source #9 serves 1 billion ad impressions per day.

Traffic source #10 serves about 3.2 million ad impressions per day.

Total impressions per day across all 10 traffic sources: 35,121,200,000 per day. This is insane potential daily traffic.

Per month (assuming 30 days in a month): 1,053,636,000,000. Ridiculous.

Per year (per day # multiplied by 365): 12,819,238,000,000. My Goodness.

Of course, these are most likely rough estimates, so take this with a grain of salt. But it’s most likely true.


The Good

It’s cheap traffic that you’ll be dealing with. You’ll reduce business costs by getting much cheaper traffic to your destinations.

Plus, you’ll be able to reach new and untapped audiences by using these traffic sources.

This blows away Free Traffic Resources, which I reviewed here which had a combination of 700+ million views per month.

Then again, that was about views, and these sites are about ad impressions. Ad impressions are totally different things from views.

At a minimum of a 1% CTR (Click-Through-Rate), you could potentially get 10 billion clicks per month.

But of course, that would take a lot of testing, tweaking, and a large budget. But I digress. Moving on…

Brands like Eat24.com, Diesel, MeUndies, and Dollar Shave Club have probably used these sources to advertise. Their findings were that their ad spend was 90% less than advertising on Facebook & Google.

Not only that, but they reached a brand-new audience they weren’t reaching before. There was a 4x increase in customer retention.

With that said, their orders went up significantly.

A lot of benefits of using these traffic sources include the following:

  1. You don’t need your own website.
  2. You don’t need your own product to sell.
  3. You don’t need your own eCommerce store.
  4. You don’t need to create any content.
  5. You don’t need to make posts on your blog or on social media.
  6. You can link straight to your offer without having to cloak a link.
  7. You can link straight to your offer without having to create a bridge page or splash page.
  8. You can be a newbie and get these set up with no problem at all.


The Bad

Unfortunately, these traffic sources aren’t the “cleanest” sources. You will find that out when you check out the sales page.

But if you’re wondering if the sources are using “Blackhat tactics”, I doubt that.

Also, you’ll have to either have ad creatives for everything you’re going to promote.

If you don’t have that, you’ll have to create your own.

You can get that done using a free website like Canva to create your images.

What I mean by “ad creative” is basically an ad image. So, if you don’t have any images to use in your promotions, you can create your own.

For US users, you may have to fund your account using crypto since the websites won’t accept certain payment methods.

So, expect to jump through a couple of hoops while funding your account.

I know this because the first traffic source’s payment methods employed the following methods: Paxum, Wire Transfer, or Crypto.

Lastly, for whatever you’re going to promote, you’ll have to get approved. In some cases, with some networks, approval doesn’t come easy.

Examples include Warriorplus, Jvzoo, and maybe some CPA networks.

You’ll probably be able to get away with Clickbank as a brand-new user. But if you’re going to use a network like Commission Junction, good luck.

Those guys want you to do a sale every 90 days just to stay active within their platform. Sucks for me since I’m not at that level yet, just saying (LOL).


My reasoning for saying W+ and Jvzoo are that they are vendor-approved networks. So, you can’t just waltz upon these websites and get approved by anybody and everybody.

If you don’t have a proven track record somewhere else, the odds of getting approved by select vendors and their offers… are low.

But I know someone online (Arun Chandran) that has created a great PDF. It’s all about helping new affiliate marketers to get approved on these sites. Click here to get it for free.


In Conclusion

I really like Untapped Traffic. I haven’t purchased a product in a while that I was so excited to get through… that I ran through it in one day.

In most cases, the products I buy have so much information in them that I get tired of trying to go through them. This was short enough to digest in a short time but still packed with enough information.

I still haven’t gone through the bonuses, but I assume those will be great too. But for now, I’m excited to take action with the information I’ve learned in this course.

I’m a bit worried that some stuff I may promote may not convert, but that’s normal. I’m also worried that any ad creatives I create may not convert or get approved, but that’s normal too.


What I’ve learned from my short time doing paid advertising, is that testing, and tweaking is very important.

So, if you (and I) don’t get the results we want, it’s best to continue to tweak campaigns instead of throwing in the towel.

Don’t get me wrong, at some point if it makes sense to give up, so be it.

But if you’re getting good data on what you’re doing right or wrong, you could be one test away from a winning campaign.

But you’ll never know if you give up.

If you put this course to work and tweak everything as you go, I believe you can have a lot of success.

I’ll be working on it myself to find what works best for me. Lastly, it’s going to be a bit hard to ignore traffic sources that combine for 1 trillion ad impressions a month.

So, I might as well take my best swing at these sources and see what they’re hitting for.

Till Next Time…

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