My Journey with Untapped Traffic Ads (Part 1)

My Journey with Untapped Traffic Ads (Part 1)

Hey. Let’s get to this post about my journey so far with Untapped Traffic Ads.


Ok, so I bit the bullet and grabbed up Untapped Traffic some months ago. As said in my product review, I think it’s a really good product and it’s very in-depth on at least 3 different traffic strategies.

Without fully talking about the product, I figured I’d post about my experience with using one strategy.

I would say I used this strategy across two websites, but as you read on, you’ll understand why I say “one website” so far.


Ok, before I get to anything else, it’s fair to explain what type of offer I would be promoting.

It’s a traffic offer that is recurring. When I first came up with using this offer, I didn’t think much of it.

Now, I think it may be kind of a reach because getting someone new to commit to a “recurring offer”, no matter how cheap it is… is extremely difficult to do.

In my opinion (and maybe with my limited experience).

But I decided to do it anyway, and we’re here now and I’m 8 days in (at this time of writing). So, I might as well share my results so far.

Mind you, I also had to use a bridge/splash page for this (because the vendor wasn’t comfortable with running the traffic directly to the sales page, potentially resulting in his conversion rate dropping).


My Budget for Untapped Traffic Ads

My intended budget was going to be no more than what I would/have spent on Facebook ads. This would be in the ballpark of around $5 a day, maybe less.

I don’t have a huge advertising budget for Untapped Traffic Ads, so that’s why I think $5 a day isn’t too bad.

Plus, if I’m willing to spend $10+ on food every day eating out, there’s no reason why I can’t spend $5 a day on ads. At least, that’s how I look at it.

Also, I believe in keeping budgets consistent between platforms. I think it’s fair to do so to truly see how much one can get from each platform.

With that said, I have no problem investing in another platform the same amount I invested into FB ads. It’s just fairer in my opinion.

Now that we got the offer and the budget out of the way, I’ll explain what happened with the first site I signed up with.


The First Website I picked from Untapped Traffic Ads

The first site I signed up with was kind of straightforward. This was also the site that gets a ton of impressions every day.

The problem with this site was that I was led to believe that I could use a budget of $5 a day. It wasn’t until I verified my ad and the ad creative that I realized that the lowest budget was $25 a day.

That’s a 5X increase!

Clearly, I wasn’t willing to risk that amount of income per day with an offer. I still believe $5, if not less is a pretty good “testing” budget. Of course, if you got $25 or more to burn (and not care about) per day, then please, the world is yours.

But I don’t… so I’ll revisit this site once I have $25 to use for a 1-day advertising campaign.

Also, this very site had me going through a lot to finally be able to add funds. I still haven’t added any, but for a US customer, it was a lot more than I expected.

So, I moved on to another site I wanted to use. I didn’t quit on the method within Untapped Traffic.


The Second Website I picked from Untapped Traffic Ads

The second site I used was also straightforward but was much easier to use. Yes, I still had to go through an approval process with my ad creative and my ad, but after than was completed, everything was pretty much smooth sailing.

Don’t get me wrong, the process definitely took a day.

But the best part about this website was that it took cards. So, I could load up with a debit or credit card. It made it so easy to start that I couldn’t wait to get things situated.

It even suggested countries I should advertise to and showed different tiers (T1, T2, etc.) plus the Cost per click from each country.

Since I decided to only promote to predominantly English-speaking T1 countries, the countries I targeted were the following:

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Virgin Islands (British) – didn’t even know of this one!
  • Virgin Islands (US) – this one either!

This ad site suggested these T1 countries as well. So through this experience, I learned about a couple of English-speaking countries that I wasn’t even advertising to on Facebook.


So, before I hit you with the statistics so far, let me give you a timeline for the second site.

I joined on Feb. 14th (LOL, Valentine’s Day). I set up my ad campaign that day. My ad campaign was approved the next day (the 15th).

Based on the statistics, I started to receive traffic that day (the 15th).


The Advertising Website Statistics

The moment you’ve been waiting for: the statistics.

Oh, by the way, I decided to set the budget for this website not at $5, but $2. This was because the CPC was 1.5 cents.

Ok, here are the statistics:

On the 15th, I had 174,641 impressions and 78 clicks. That’s a CTR of 0.04%.

On the 16th, I had 532,607 impressions and 133 clicks. That’s a CTR of 0.02%.

On the 17th, I received 183,988 impressions and 133 clicks. The CTR was 0.07%.

On the 18th, I got 93,312 impressions and 133 clicks. The CTR was 0.14%.

On the 19th, I got 431,343 impressions and 133 clicks. That’s a CTR of 0.03%.

On the 20th, I received 248,424 impressions and 133 clicks. That’s a CTR of 0.05%.

On the 21st, I received 32,149 impressions and 133 clicks. The CTR was 0.41%.

On the 22nd, I got 119,800 impressions and 133 clicks. The CTR was 0.11%.


You might realize after the first day, I started to receive the same number of clicks. That is because of my budget.

Because I set it to $2 per day, it got hit relatively fast, mostly within the first 8 hours of the day.

So, the website would pause my campaign until the next day. I also decided to set my click method as cost per click (CPC) and not cost per impression (CPM).

I wonder if going with CPM would have changed things significantly…?


The Splash Page Statistics

Ok, now the more interesting stuff: How much of it was junk clicks, and how much of it was real?

How many of those clicks made it to my splash page, and how many actually “clicked through” to my destination?

Before I go any further, I think it’s best to mention here that I used another website to host my splash page. That website also had a stats tracker, so I will place those statistics right below.

According to my splash page website, the statistics were as follows:

February 15 (Wednesday), 71 total clicks, 63 unique, and 25 real visits. 4 clicked through.

February 16 (Thursday), 153 total clicks, 125 unique, and 48 real visits. 9 clicked through.

February 17 (Friday), 146 total clicks, 112 unique, 56 real visits. 4 clicked through.

February 18 (Saturday), 222 total clicks, 171 unique, 68 real visits. 3 clicked through.

Perhaps they got tired of seeing my ad at this point.

February 19 (Sunday), 179 total clicks, 145 unique, and 63 real visits. 7 clicked through.

February 20 (Monday), 187 total clicks, 150 unique, and 83 real visits. 13 clicked through.

That’s crazy for a Monday, but then again it was a holiday (Presidents’ Day).

February 21 (Tuesday), 144 total clicks, 103 unique, 22 real visits. 0 clicked through (LOL!).

February 22 (Wednesday) 169 total clicks, 118 unique, 51 real visits. 4 clicked through.

I think it’s important to note that while I was listing these statistics, I wondered whether the weekend would get me more clicks than the weekdays. As it seems, I’m somewhat correct.

Then again, all these clicks happened within the first 8 hours of the next day… so bear that in mind.



Now going back to the site, I advertised on… The important statistic was figuring out what devices this website was advertising to.

I learned from reading a traffic book I purchased last year… that in the niche of MMO, traffic, etc., it’s best to advertise to desktop users.

When I checked out the stats, I realized that desktop users weren’t getting exposed to my ad that much.

Here are the statistics for the ad traffic split to devices:

  • Mobile – 1,424,089 impressions or 79.93%
  • Desktop – 293,944 impressions or 16.50%
  • Tablet – 41,063 impressions or 2.30%
  • Console (meaning Smart TVs) – 22,605 impressions or 1.27%


The Results from Untapped Traffic Ads Second Website…

I was just advertising, so I didn’t bother to think about the devices I was advertising to.

For one, I would have disabled “console” traffic so fast, because people are less likely to make a purchase on a Smart TV.

Two, Mobile traffic would have been disabled so fast because of the “instant gratification” society we live in.

This is why it makes sense that my CTR is low.

So, I disabled those two options. Now I can’t wait to see the results that come back.

But, to make a long story short, so far I got 0 sales.

Yes, I got some clicks for sure (39 hops registered to the affiliate platform), but no sales at all.

I believe this happened because while society is slowly turning into a mobile-driven society, I think people are more likely to purchase something on a Desktop/Laptop albeit it is a recurring purchase.


To Conclude

This is just part 1 and this only included two sites, one of which I haven’t even used yet.

I’ve got to go get crypto to load into that (first) website to use it.

Plus, I must risk $25. So, there’s going to be a lot of data coming at me once I use that source.

To be totally transparent, I’ll still advertise the same offer (on that first website.

But I’ll probably use a different style splash page and see what happens.

In the next part of this series, I intend on talking about what happened to my stats once I made the switch (in the second website).

Also, I plan on talking about two more sites within Untapped Traffic in the next part of the series.

I already signed up for one of the next two, but I haven’t loaded any ads or money. I’m still testing and tweaking with this “second” site.


Lastly, to give you a final look-in at the total stats, here they are. On the advertising site within 8 days:

  • Unique Clicks = 1,009
  • Raw Clicks = 1,024
  • Paid = $14.63
  • Impressions = 1,816,264
  • Click Rate (CTR) = 0.06% (LOL!)
  • Per Click (CPC) = $0.014
  • Per Impression (CPM) = $0.008

On the splash page hosting website, here were their statistics:

  • Total Clicks = 1,271
  • Unique = 987
  • Real Visit = 416
  • Clicked Through = 44

I also think it’s important to note that my splash page hosting website also noted the number of seconds a visitor would stay.

That is the following:

  • 855 stayed 0 seconds. Sheesh!
  • 244 stayed 1-5 seconds.
  • 106 stayed 5-10 seconds.
  • 63 stayed 10-20 seconds.

I guess this is why people say, “you need a fast-loading webpage”, huh?

I’m willing to bet that a small sample of the 0 seconds were real people, while the 1-20 seconds were real people, making up the real visits of 416.

That would make my click-through rate a nice 10%.

To be totally transparent (again), the affiliate website only registered a total of 39 hops.

But I digress.

Hope to catch you here again for part 2.

Till Next Time…

p.s. I decided to omit statistics like countries that clicked the most. This is because I figured I’d be doing too much. I would have to cover it within two websites (the ad site and the splash page site).

I got a little lazy in that respect. But I will tell you the top 3 countries: Obviously US, Canada, and UK.

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