[PRODUCT REVIEW] Newbie Affiliate Secrets

[PRODUCT REVIEW] Newbie Affiliate Secrets

Hey. Let’s get down to this product review about Newbie Affiliate Secrets.


Stuart Stirling, who is an affiliate marketer, created Newbie Affiliate Secrets. He has made multiple sales using multiple affiliate marketing platforms.

He has been doing online marketing since 2006 and has been helping newbies since then.

The General Overview of Newbie Affiliate Secrets

Newbie Affiliate Secrets is a 5-volume course detailing how a beginner can start earning $100 to $200 per day in affiliate commissions using a 100% Tried & Tested Newbie-Friendly Method.

There are 5 PDFs describing Stuart’s method in full. Stuart calls these PDFs “volumes”, so you’ll get 5 volumes, each of which is at least 10+ pages long.

Here are the Bonuses:

  • a 15-minute Q&A Zoom Video Call with Stuart Stirling
  • a 37 hair-on-fire niches for affiliates in 2023 pdf (4 pages)
  • a conversion formula cheat sheet (4 pages)
  • a 3-video course about ChatGPT Traffic Secrets
  • And potentially some Unannounced Bonuses


The Breakdown of Newbie Affiliate Secrets

Volume 1 is 30+ pages long and it talks about picking your starting point and handling some technicalities in creating an affiliate business.

The 2nd volume is 15+ pages long and it talks about taking care of more technicalities like setting up crucial pages for the success of your affiliate business.

Volume 3 is 20+ pages long and it talks about guidelines for products you may select and platforms you may decide to find these products on. It also talks about the methodology behind promoting a product and handles more technicalities.

The 4th volume is 10+ pages long and it talks about email marketing along with setting up an email marketing campaign.

Volume 5 is 10+ pages long and it talks about generating traffic to your pages. 2 traffic-generating methods are described in this volume.

The 37-niche report covers niches that are desperate for a solution right now.

The conversion formula cheat sheet covers 3 methods to boost conversions in your affiliate marketing journey.

The 3-part video course is about 20+ minutes long. It leverages 3 websites (including ChatGPT) to achieve the overall goal of generating traffic.


The Good in Newbie Affiliate Secrets

The Volumes have a lot of screenshots in them, which leaves “no chancing it” for most steps in the volumes. Put simply, everything is clear-cut and shown step by step.

The content within the volumes is very detailed and straightforward.

Stuart also adds a 15-minute live Q&A, so if there are any questions, one can speak to him live to get a better understanding.

Plus, he does mention within his volumes that he is available for any questions or feedback via his support desk. So, it’s not like one is left high and dry with this course.

Out of all the volumes, I like Volume 3 the best. It gives a true insight into how one should select a product.

Also, it describes the proper process a potential customer should go through when promoting an affiliate product.

There was a lot of attention to detail in this course within the volumes.

I know I mentioned screenshots earlier but, the last time I had seen a course with this number of screenshots was in Checklist Masterplan by Benjamin Fletcher.

Continued + Honorable Mentions…

The 37 “hair-on-fire” niches report was surprising to me because *spoiler alert* there were more than 37 niches in the report! So, Stuart overdelivered in that report, which caught me by surprise.

The conversion secrets report was good, as it did tackle one tactic about conversion that I’ve mentioned here on this blog. Check out this article to learn about it.

But I did learn something new with one of the two methods left (within that report). I plan on using it if a vendor allows me to do so.

Lastly, the 3-part video course was good also. I had heard of this strategy but I wasn’t sure how to do it. This course shows how to get traffic by using these websites for free to do so.

Honorable Mention: The first OTO blew me away because I’ve been wanting to use Bing/Microsoft ads for a while now. I’ve used Facebook ads before, but apparently, they cost more than Bing, so I stopped.

Now that I have this Bing ads course and I’ve gone through it, I’ve learned quite a lot and I can’t wait to get started using it.

Honorable Mention #2: If you grab Newbie Affiliate Secrets, Stuart will add you to a VIP list. Since I’ve been on it (for 6 days), Stuart has given me access to 6 courses.

I did not expect this (the VIP list with these courses) at all.  That surprised me.

Ok, that’s really it for the good part.


The Bad in Newbie Affiliate Secrets

Given that this is a newbie course, I kind of knew most of the things that Stuart taught in this course.

I was leaning heavily toward learning about the traffic source he described in his sales copy.

The way it was marketed, it seemed as if most people wouldn’t know about it. That genuinely piqued my interest.

When I learned about it, it turned out that I had in fact learned about both methods.

Did I use both methods yet? No… LOL. But I know they’ll work.

The problem is that they take a considerable amount of work for them to work.

One of the two methods is directly correlated to the amount of work you may put in. While the other is more of an “I do this, you do that” kind of thing.

The problem with the second method is that it assumes that you (the newbie) have an audience.

Newbies… typically don’t have an audience at all!

Without an audience or a solid way to get traffic, this (second) method falls flat.

So, in my opinion, there’s only one (solid) traffic method within the 5 volumes.

(That method I’ve yet to try, but in the long run, I believe it’ll work.)

The best way for both methods to work is to use the first method to build a list.

Then and only then can you leverage the second method (since then you will have an audience).

(Or, you can use a different method of getting traffic to replace the first method. Then, leverage the second method.)


Now Stuart didn’t leave me hanging because he did place a 3-video bonus course about getting traffic using ChatGPT.

While the 3-part video series about getting traffic is good, it may require money and work.

Newbies typically don’t have the money, but they can work, so that’s the trade-off.

The problem with this video series is that it may require money to get access to a larger archive of assets to use.

Plus, it requires using ChatGPT which could lead to penalties if the information that’s created isn’t checked.

(I’m trying my best to not fully give the method away while explaining the potential problems.)

One can use this method day in and day out, so long as that person has the resources to do so.

But the key is making sure that what is produced… isn’t trash and that it’s quality information.


In Conclusion

Newbie Affiliate Secrets is still a good product in my eyes. It serves to help out newcomers who want to generate an income using affiliate marketing.

One can take the information within this course and build his or her affiliate marketing business.

That person can potentially make commissions as well. But to speed up the process and the potential reality, it makes sense to leverage every method within the course, as well as the whole funnel.

Don’t get me wrong, one can make commissions with the bare minimum within this course. But to separate from incidental or accidental commissions, one must generate traffic consistently.

Leveraging all 3 traffic methods within this funnel (1 in volume 5, 1 in the 3-part video course, and 1 in the OTO), one can get there successfully if one perseveres and puts in the work.

(Mind you, that first OTO is Gold… so do pick it up if you want to learn about using paid ads.)

Plus, when you consider the VIP stuff you’ll get (6 courses), this is an insane deal even after the launch has ended.

I forgot to mention that one of the 6 courses he gives away deals with Bing ads again. Mind you, you don’t have to purchase any OTO to get on the VIP list.

All you must do is get the front end, which is just the 5 volumes + the bonuses (Newbie Affiliate Secrets).

I even took the liberty of checking my email to see if my (VIP) signup was triggered via the first purchase or the OTOs. Rest assured; it triggered on the first purchase.

I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to get started in affiliate marketing and doesn’t have a clue about how to do so.

Till Next Time…

p.s. If you would like a free ebook teaching you a 3-step system to generate your first $100 online, click here. This comes from Stuart Stirling himself, so do check it out. No opt-in required.

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