My Journey With Untapped Traffic Advertising (Part 2)

My Journey With Untapped Traffic Advertising (Part 2)

Hey. Let’s get down to this second part of the journey with Untapped Traffic Advertising.

Ok, just in case you haven’t checked out the first part of Untapped Traffic Advertising, please do so here.

There’s a chance you won’t understand much of anything here if you do not, LOL.

If you do happen to understand everything, then by all means, do stay.


At the point of writing this, more than 8 days have passed. But to be fully transparent, I will only be taking account of the days before I made any changes.

So, despite my writing this on a Tuesday, if I didn’t make any changes to my ads on that day, then I will note what day I did make changes.

(Spoiler: I ended up making two changes a week and a day later [Wednesday the 15th]).

I intend to include those changes here.

Some of the changes that I am thinking about are the following:

  • Should I switch the Splash page to a different one?
  • Can I get better conversions if I switch to desktop only? (Since I’m on desktop/tablet right now)
  • Should I add Singapore as a country? (they’re T2, but they’re not a bad country to advertise to)
  • Should I attempt to build a list instead of passing the click straight through to the website?
  • Could I be using an ad that doesn’t get much traction?

I’ll tackle all of those down below.


A Short Review Of The Current Progress With Untapped Traffic Advertising

So far, here’s the reality of things: I still have no sales. Yes, 0.

I have made the switch to desktop/tablet only (since in the past it was mobile, desktop, tablet, and console [which is smart TV’s, LOL]).

Once I made that switch, my numbers did drop drastically.

Also, my daily ad budget ($2) never got satisfied, which meant that people weren’t saturating the ad consistently.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still getting clicks, but instead of in the first 8 hours, I’m getting clicks all day.

I don’t have a problem with that, but I figured that my budget would get paused because of saturation.

This is one of those things when it’s like “Damned if it is, damned if it isn’t.”


Here Are The Ad Platform Stats

So, what are the stats?

Without counting Feb 24th (since this is the day I made the first switch), here you go:

  • On the 25th, I got 85,654 impressions and 60 clicks.
  • On the 26th, I got 85,398 impressions and 61 clicks.
  • On the 27th, I got 71, 630 impressions and 76 clicks.
  • On the 28th, I got 97,273 impressions and 74 clicks.
  • On the 1st, I got 98,297 impressions and 120 clicks.
  • On the 2nd, I got 84,139 impressions and 107 clicks.
  • On the 3rd, I got 66,082 impressions and 81 clicks.
  • On the 4th, I got 75,101 impressions and 127 clicks.
  • On the 5th, I got 99,679 impressions and 112 clicks.
  • On the 6th, I got 95,101 impressions and 134 clicks.

As I said, it is quite the drop-off (from part 1’s statistics). So, despite this happening, it does lead me to two questions that I asked myself.

Would anything change if I changed the splash page?

If I switch to desktop only, would I get better conversions and higher-quality clicks?

I’m not completely sure that changing to desktop only will make a huge difference. I do believe that switching the splash page may change stats for the better or worse.

So, I figured I’d switch both and see what happens going forward with the same source.

After all, I don’t think many decision-makers are on tablets… but then again, I could be very wrong.

I did get some good clicks even though I switched to desktop/tablet… so it’s not all that bad. Overall, it could be better but that’s just me thinking about constant improvement.


My cost per click stayed relatively the same within Untapped Traffic Advertising.

But throughout the 10 days (that I’m counting), there was only one day that my daily budget was almost satisfied.

That day was a Monday. Prior to that day, another day that my budget got close to getting satisfied was Saturday.

As much as I’d like to correlate weekends to a theory that “there’s more traffic on the weekends”, in this case, it’s not true.

Why? Because on the Wednesday before Friday, I got over 100 clicks. Even on the next day (Thursday), I got over 100 clicks. On Friday, I got 80 clicks.

Of course, these stats are all coming from the advertising platform. The splash page platform most likely has the real number of clicks.

Here’s where it gets a bit weird… Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I got over 100 clicks. But Monday isn’t a weekend. Make it make sense.

I really have no clue and this past Monday (March 6th), wasn’t a holiday as far as I’m concerned.

My reasoning is that if people are off work, they’ll be exposed to more ads.


Splash Page Stats + Total Stats

As far as the splash page statistics, this is what it received in terms of traffic regarding those days:

  • February 25th (Saturday), 63 total clicks, 51 unique clicks, and 20 real visits. 5 clicked through.
  • February 26th (Sunday), 53 total clicks, 48 unique clicks, and 17 real visits. 6 clicked through.
  • February 27th (Monday), 83 total clicks, 68 unique clicks, and 31 real visits. 9 clicked through.
  • February 28th (Tuesday), 66 total clicks, 57 unique clicks, and 33 real visits. 3 clicked through.
  • March 1st (Wednesday), 146 total clicks, 115 unique clicks, and 48 real visits. 6 clicked through.
  • March 2nd (Thursday), 135 total clicks, 107 unique clicks, and 52 real visits. 7 clicked through.
  • March 3rd (Friday), 82 total clicks, 71 unique clicks, and 23 real visits. 3 clicked through.
  • March 4th (Saturday), 131 total clicks, 122 unique clicks, and 26 real visits. 5 clicked through.
  • March 5th (Sunday), 131 total clicks, 117 unique clicks, and 32 real visits. 4 clicked through.
  • March 6th (Monday), 146 total clicks, 122 unique clicks, and 54 real visits. 7 clicked through.


Here’s the split of how the traffic was between desktop and tablet:

Desktop – 643,633 impressions or 75.91%

Tablet – 204,296 impressions or 24.09%


Here are the total statistics from each platform. From the advertising site:

  • Unique Clicks = 939
  • Raw Clicks = 952
  • Paid = $13.92
  • Impressions = 858,354
  • Click Rate = 0.11% (LOL!)
  • Per Click = $0.015
  • Per Impressions = $0.016

On the splash page platform:

  • Total Clicks = 1,036
  • Unique = 878
  • Real Visit = 336
  • Clicked Through = 55


My Analysis So Far With Untapped Traffic Advertising…

Well, now that I’ve seen this stuff, compared to part 1’s statistics, I can honestly say that the stats did get a bit better. Let me explain.

Although the total exposure went down when I switched to desktop/tablet (1.8+ million vs 850k+), my CTR almost doubled.

The previous CTR was 0.06%, this time around it is 0.11%.

But this is relative to the advertising platform first. Second, these statistics were gathered over 10 days, so that does matter.

If I were to make it relative to only 8 days, then my stats on the ad platform would be the following:

  • Unique Clicks = 694
  • Raw Clicks = 706
  • Paid = $10.28
  • Impressions = 663,574
  • Click Rate = 0.10%
  • Per Click = $0.015
  • Per Impressions = $0.015

Even so, my CTR still almost doubled if we only count 8 days. This means that there is some merit to advertising on Desktops/Tablets versus Mobile.

Regarding the splash page platform, all I’d have to do is subtract two days. After doing that, here are those statistics:

  • Total Clicks = 759
  • Unique = 639
  • Real Visit = 250
  • Clicked Through = 44

So, if we just count 8 days, this is what we must compare to part 1’s statistics. I definitely got fewer overall clicks, but the amount that clicked through stayed the same.

What seems odd to me is that the percentage of real clicks versus unique is lower this time around than before.

Now as far as how long people stayed, I can’t tell you that because the splash page platform doesn’t allow me to check that by day.

I can only see the past 14 days, which will overlap with previous and current stats. Since my recent change will apply to most of the stats, I still find it important.


Duration Of Time Stayed + End Stats Of Clicks

With that said, here’s the amount and duration of how long people stayed:

  • 0 sec – 968
  • 1-5 sec – 265
  • 5-10 sec – 96
  • 10-20 sec – 75
  • 20-30 sec – 9

The number of people who didn’t stay went up. The people who did stay 1-5 seconds also went up surprisingly (by 21).

People who stayed 5-10 seconds went down this time around (by 10). But it went up in the next statistic of 10-20 seconds (by 12).

Lastly, I didn’t have anyone who stayed 20-30 seconds before. This time, I had 9 people. Nice.


Through all of this, you might be wondering, “well where are the end clicks?”

Here are those statistics for 10 days and 8 days:

10-day = 51 hops

8-day = 43 hops

Even so, I still got 4 more hops by making the switch to desktop. Over 10 days, I got 12 more hops.

Still no sales, so it makes me wonder if I have a bad offer or a bad splash page. That is TBD (To Be Determined).

I am wondering if I am wasting potential clicks or potential subscribers. I could be building a list by using this source, depending on if people sign up.

Then I could still pass them through to the destination. Worse comes to worst, I can email them.

But I can’t benefit if I just pass them through to the destination from the splash page (and they do nothing). Food for thought.


In Conclusion With Untapped Traffic Advertising

This experiment did work out a bit better, but there’s still room for improvement.

For one, I must make the decision of attempting to build a list with this method (or not). Or I can continue to tweak things within this ad platform.

But one thing is clear: Desktop users are key to getting potential conversions. So, I’m going to make the switch to desktop only.

Also, I’m going to seriously consider changing the splash page to a different design. Lastly, I’m going to think hard about building a list first to see if it’s worthwhile.

I won’t add Singapore in yet because I’m still making changes to my ad campaign. Maybe as a last resort, I may do that.

Now in the last post, I shed light on talking about a new website, but I’ve yet to get active with them to talk about any type of stats. So, once I get things situated, I will talk about it.

I hope that I get better results using a different platform.

Thanks for reading. I hope to catch you in the next part of this series.

Till Next Time…

p.s. if you’d like to get Untapped Traffic so you can learn about what these Ad sources are, you can do so here. I also wrote a product review about Untapped Traffic, which you can check out here.

p.s.s. Check out the third edition of My Untapped Traffic Ads journey here.

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