How I Got A Subscriber In Less Than 30 Minutes

How I Got A Subscriber In Less Than 30 Minutes

Really, it’s probably in less time than that. Anyway, let’s get on with how I got a subscriber really quickly. 

Introduction to How I Got A Subscriber

I’m all in the spirit of talking about and/or showing exactly what I did to get subscribers since they’re so dang hard to get. Lol. 

So, as it turns out, I wasn’t taking advantage of a website that I was paying for every month in the past. 

Unfortunately, due to some constrained funds, I lost access, and therefore lost my “discount”.

So when I signed up again (this year), I had to pay full price every month. 

“What’s the name of this site” you may ask?

This site is none other than Leadsleap

I would suggest signing up for it because it’s Free free free


You’ll probably get the most out of it if you upgrade to Pro. That’s what I did, and I had a discounted rate of less than $20 (I think).

Now it’s $27 (for me) since I had to rejoin. Now that we done got that out the way…

Here’s what I did…


The Method To Getting A Subscriber in 30 Minutes

It had been lurking in my head to set up ads on Leadsleap since I had been using it to promote other things on it. 

But I hesitated for a long time and I was quite lazy about it. (What a dummy, you’ll find out why soon.)

So finally one day I woke up, but the bullet and said to myself,

Ima set up these ads since I’m paying monthly for this anyway.

The first ad I set up was a free marketing training that most of you have probably seen already. Haven’t? Check out this post to learn more about it

After setting it up, I refreshed the page and I realized that it popped up on the right side of Leadsleap

I was like,

Wow, that’s cool. I hope they don’t advertise to me only or that would suck.

Then I remembered that in the setup, they have 5 different ideas of advertising (which should mean that all 5 work, no?). 

Those are the following:

  • Standard ad
  • Product review
  • Blog
  • Free giveaway 
  • New launch

So I figured, if they have “free giveaway, blog, and product review, I might as well do all 3”. 

(It just so happens that I do do all 3, here on this very blog.)

So I listed all 3. I linked to the giveaway, I linked to my blog and I linked to my recent affiliate marketing product review.

But the first one I setup was the giveaway. 


Here’s What Happened…

Now to the good part:

Since I like to track my visits, I have a tracker. I was going in between my tracker and Leadsleap to set up my second campaign and within minutes, I had 40 clicks. 

Yes, you read that right. 40 clicks. 

I was like…

what the *beep*, this has got to be fake!!

When I checked Leadsleap, I think it said 40-45 visits. 

At this point, I was really losing it. 

I was starting to think I was one of those gurus that proclaimed they “cracked the code“.

But part of me did not want to believe it. 

So I checked my stats on Warriorplus to see if this was just bs or whatever. 

Warriorplus showed me that it was true. I had over 40+ visits and I got a subscriber!




I told myself, let me try this with a product review.

I set it up (in a different category) and as it ran, I checked my tracker stats. 

That product review got over 20+ visits very quickly. In less than 5 minutes. 

I checked my website stats and it was true. I had over 20+ views in such a short time. 

It happened so fast that I even contemplated removing the ad. 

Now did I earn affiliate commissions yet? Nah, I haven’t gotten that far with my advertising with Leadsleap yet. 

But maybe there’s some merit to having Leadsleap pro account, or rather a leads leap account at all. 

I’m just letting you know what works. Plus, what worked for me in such a short time… insane. 

It’s even got me considering advertising what I was advertising within my untapped traffic ads campaign on Leadsleap. (I’m doing that now.)

I think I may have a better success rate on Leadsleap than with the untapped traffic sources. But then again, I haven’t tried them all, so I won’t know until I do. 


In Conclusion

So, there you have it. That’s how I got a subscriber in less than 30 minutes. 

Try this platform out (Leadsleap), even if you sign up for free. 

I’ve known about this for years but never bothered to get involved. Stupid me (I was hating).

Now I can’t ignore it. I hope you don’t as well. 

Till next time…


P.s. because you read to the end, I figured I’d be fully transparent. I got 95 views that day.

42 of them went to my product review and the others probably went to my homepage.

I also listed another post (about resell rights) on Leadsleap pro ads before I went to sleep that night.

The kicker?

I got over 900 views the next day. Insanity. 

445 views went to my resell rights post. 250+ went to my homepage and 200+ went to my product review. 

But of course, the real question is… are these views from genuine real people or are they bots? Judging by the amount of time they spend, some are, while some aren’t. 

I just hope I’m not temporarily inflating my traffic stats to get a subscriber every once in a while. If that’s the case, I’ll stop advertising asap. I’m only interested in real solid traffic that works, not cheap traffic that doesn’t convert at all. 

Trust me, I can get that (cheap traffic) easily from multiple places… and that’s not the traffic anyone wants.

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