[PRODUCT REVIEW] The 365 Sales System

[PRODUCT REVIEW] The 365 Sales System

Hey guys. Let’s get down to this product review about the 365 Sales System.


Kevin Fahey is a well-known Internet Marketer who regularly releases top-quality Internet marketing products to the public.

He tends to leave out the fluff and gets to the point within his products.

The 365 Sales System is a product designed to help anyone generate sales and commissions every single day.

Built by Kevin himself, he teaches this course through a bunch of video modules.

Kevin is not one to create a product of value that he doesn’t use himself.

With that said, you can be assured that he has done everything taught within this video course and currently does today.


The General Overview of The 365 Sales System

There are 7 Modules in this course. Each module consists of a video.

In total, all the videos have a running time of 78 minutes (1 hour and 18 minutes), give, or take.

There are 6 Bonuses within this product, most (if not all) of which are proven selling products.

They are the following:

  • Affiliate Marketing Done Right
  • Marketing Funnels Checklists
  • 10X Traffic
  • Emergency Report for Marketers
  • The 7-Figure Book Bundle
  • Facebook Mastermind Group


The Breakdown of The 365 Sales System

Module #1 covers why the course was created, and how most online marketers are screwing up. It also covers what you need to do to survive in the online marketplace and what is within the course itself.

Module #2 talks about a very common method that most internet marketers use to create an income online. Kevin adds a clever twist to this common method.

Module #3 covers a method to monetize potential subscribers and once set up, it’s hands-off and works passively for you. Kevin explains how one can set this up and the specifics behind the method itself.

Module #4 talks about a method that the stores you shop at (online or offline) use every year, if not multiple times per year. It brings in sales every time it’s used, and Kevin exposes that method in this module.

Module #5 covers a method that has a lot to do with recurring monthly sales. Instead of covering the recurring method, Kevin covers how he monetizes within the recurring method to generate more money from the model itself.

Module #6 talks about leveraging multiple networks to make more money online. It also talks about a method that has been used on sales/checkout pages to increase the average order value of a purchase.

Method #7 covers two affiliate methods that can help to bring in more income. It also covers methods of email marketing and tracking.


The Good

All of it. LOL.

Kevin had asked me to write a testimonial for this, and I did. He hasn’t used it… but why I reference that is because I said within it that…

Whenever Kevin comes out with something new, I tend to learn something new every time that’s out of the box.

Or something like that, not sure.

Now to be real with you, Modules 5, 6, and 7 were the longest, with each clocking over 10+ minutes respectively.

Does that mean I loved those the most? No, LOL.

But what it means is that there’s a reason for those modules being longer.

If someone can convey a message or training succinctly, then it’s not necessary for extra fluff.

So, the reason for those modules being longer is that Kevin goes behind the scenes in those modules.

Within module 5, Kevin talks about networks he’s used and methods he’s used on websites he owns. Plus, he peels back the curtain and shows 3 different websites he’s employed the method(s) on.

Module 6 Kevin peels back the curtain again but this time he goes to 3 different networks to show how the method works.

Module 7 Kevin pulls back the curtain one more time to show how one of his two methods is done. Lastly, he shows how he does his email marketing and tracking on a regular basis.

So yes, everything is GOOD. I can’t say much more to convey that it is good.


The Bad

Well, for the same reason why it’s good, it could be bad. I may be nitpicking, but here are my reasons:

Every module doesn’t have a “pull back the curtain, behind the scenes” part. That’s all right, and not necessarily bad.

Some modules are shorter than others. If every module was around the same length, I wouldn’t say anything.

But the reality is that there are 4 modules that are shorter than 3 modules.

Then again, as I said earlier if one can deliver the training succinctly, that’s more important than a lengthy fluffed-up video.

(Sidebar, I just watched a video from Teeka Tiwari and man does that guy go in circles! Just get to the point! Kevin does that, and that’s why this is a “moot point”.)

Other than that, I can’t nitpick anymore because “the good” outweighs “the bad” by a large margin.


In Conclusion on The 365 Sales System

The 365 Sales System is a great product that works for Kevin Fahey right now and can work for you. But the most important part is that it will take work for it to work for you.

Kevin’s methods aren’t any “click 3 times and make $1,000 per day passively” type of products. His methods consist of a true online business.

Plus, his businesses have been sustained for a long time. You know what people say about things that last long term: they were worked on, and they weren’t created fast.

That still stands true especially when it comes to building a sustainable business (online or offline).


If you care, let me veer off a bit:

  • You want your relationship to work… you gotta put in the work and it’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  • If you want a good working car, you should work on it and put in tender loving care. But before that, you should pick a car that is known to last long term.
  • You want to live long, be strong, and be healthy… you better be prepared to keep your body in shape and eat right (which takes work).
  • If you want an online business to sustain you for the rest of your life… then you’ve got to work on it. Most importantly, you had better use the right methods!

This is a good product that you can model to create a long-term business.

After all, the vendor (Kevin Fahey) literally does everything he’s selling.

It can’t get more upfront than that!

The only way you go wrong… is by not working. But you already knew that… didn’t you?

Check out the 365 Sales System here.

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading this far.

Till Next Time…

p.s. Check out my most recent “Free Stuff” post here.

p.s.s. You can checkout Kevin Fahey here at kevinfahey.net

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