[FREE STUFF] Email Marketing Digest

[FREE STUFF] Email Marketing Digest

Hey guys. Got another free item for you. This one is called Email Marketing Digest.

For a while I’ve been wondering what free item I wanted to give to you. 

I wanted to make it another video course, but even that you guys don’t or rarely watch. 

So why would I continue to repeatedly give stuff away that you guys don’t care to use?

Yeah, I decided against the video course for now at least. 

Instead, I’m going to give you this free pdf, no strings attached. 

It’s called “Email Marketing Digest.”

No opt in. Just go and grab it. 

I think it can aid you in your email marketing journey a lot, so long as you use it. 

Hope you enjoy. This is some quality stuff here!

Get Email Marketing Digest Here!


A More In-Depth Version of Email Marketing Digest is Below

Again, sorry this took so long. I’ve been doing a lot and I’ve started to post at another place (Medium).

I’m going to start to repost content from here over there, and it will have revisions of the content here. 

So if you want to see that stuff, I suggest you go over to Medium and sign up to see my stuff. 

I look forward to you checking me out over there!

You can go right here. 

Hope all is well. 

P.S. Hate to say it, but Email Marketing Digest was a short version of a more in-depth version.

If you’re looking to get the full version of Email Marketing Digest, go here.

You will also have the option to get PLR rights to it and/or have the information in the full version delivered to you in newsletter form, twice a week for 3 months.

Do check it out if you are interested.


Use Email Marketing Digest and YouTube Together With This!

P.P.S. YouTube may be totally unrelated to email marketing, but you can use YouTube to build a list. And then you can do email marketing.

So maybe it’s a great idea to pick up this IM Checklist by Kevin Fahey which is about YouTube Channel Growth Strategies.

And with this limited bonus package I’m giving you, it’s literally like you’re robbing me. It’s too good to be true, but in this case, it’s actually true.

This Limited Bonus Package includes a 5-day step-by-step workshop to profiting with YouTube using multiple different monetization options.

I also have 3 YouTube Reports teaching about the following:

  1. Monetizing Your YouTube Channel As A Niche Marketer
  2. YouTube Ad Basics for Newbies
  3. YouTube Streaming Profits Blueprint

Plus, you’ll also receive 3 articles about YouTube shorts:

  1. How to Increase Views and Engagement on Your YouTube Shorts
  2. 16 Tips to Follow When Creating Shorts for YouTube
  3. 7 Reasons to Drive Traffic with YouTube Shorts

Lastly, I’ll also give you a new report I just picked up: Elevate Your YouTube Marketing with ChatGPT!

Now, Let Me Make Something Very Clear…

 Let me be very clear: Nothing in the Bonus Package comes with PLR Rights. Everything is Personal Use Only.


This product isn’t sold (Youtube Channel Growth Strategies) on WarriorPlus’s Marketplace publicly.

Other than Kevin Fahey’s website(s), this is one of the only ways you can get a hold of this release of IM Checklist.

(That’s because this offer is “Private” now.)

With that said…

Do grab IM Checklist Vol. 71: YouTube Channel Growth Strategies here if you want these bonuses. They (the bonuses) are in-depth and jam-packed with knowledge.

Trust me, the bonuses are worth way more than what the IM Checklist launch price was, and even when the launch ended, they are still worth more than the current IM Checklist price. 

Don’t believe me? Check the price for yourself.

(Plus, I paid close to $100 to get all of this stuff.

If you try to find and purchase any of these bonuses separately, I guarantee that on some of them you can’t. Or whatever you do find will cost a lot more to get separately in total. 

So you might as well get IM Checklist Vol. 71: YouTube Channel Growth Strategies here to get my bonus package.)


Only Want My Bonus Package?

P.P.P.S. Some of you might not want to get IM Checklist Vol. 71, which is a shame.

He (Kevin Fahey) puts out really good PLR content and content in general!

So, instead I decided to give you the option to purchase the bonus package I’m offering… outside of buying Kevin’s IM Checklist 71.

If you want, you can grab it here.


P.P.P.P.S. By the way, it was Halloween when I started creating this, so I guess this is my version of giving you a candy! No trick or treating required.

Given that it’s the New Year that I’m posting this, I should have two gifts for you next time I post something for free here.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Till next time…

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