How To Survive And Thrive Selling PLR Content In The Digital Age - Part 1

How To Survive And Thrive Selling PLR Content In The Digital Age – Part 1

Hey guys. Here’s a post about how to start selling PLR content within our digital age.

In the world of Internet marketing, there are numerous business models you can choose to pursue.

The sale of private label rights (PLR) have been popular since the late 1990s to early 2000s.

Newbie marketers continually ask whether or not this business model is poised to survive in the coming months and years.

Because online entrepreneurs need an abundance of content to be successful, the answer is always, “Yes!”

However, the variables of this business strategy does evolve from time to time.

You have to understand what changes are taking place so that you can sell your PLR consistently using best practices that help you achieve longevity with this business model.

This post will aim to help you navigate the current state of selling PLR as a vendor to other Internet marketers and professionals.

You have some decisions to make about where you sell your content, what kind of rights you allow, and how you use tools and collaborations… and you will gain insight into how you can stay on top of the most popular, in-demand topics that your customers crave.


The Best Platforms for Distributing and Selling PLR Content

When it comes to selling PLR, you have to figure out where you want to list your content so that people can buy it and promote it.

You have a bunch of different options now. What you don’t want to do is have it for sale on all of them.

If you are having a PLR launch, which means you are recruiting affiliates and hoping to get as many sales as possible, it’s best to keep it all on one platform so that people can see the volume of sales and conversion rate.

If you spread it over many different platforms, the sales volume will be low on each one. That can make it look as if the PLR is not selling.

When it comes to the actual listings, you can sell directly to your audience or use third party platforms.


What has changed with this aspect of selling PLR content is that many vendors are now preferring to sell directly from their own website, rather than listing their content on a third party platform where they have to pay fees in addition to commissions their affiliates earn.

In order to sell directly to customers, and avoid the fees, you will need to have a platform built into your own website using whatever tool you choose to leverage.

Most PLR sellers these days are using AMember or Thrivecart to get the job done.

(I use Thrivecart.)

If you do choose to use a third party platform, most PLR vendors are using JVZoo or WarriorPlus.

On these platforms, you have a built in affiliate base and customer base, so they may be better for large content launches where you can host a contest, etc.


Finding Popular PLR Topics That Have Profit Potential

The next thing you need to know about is how to find popular PLR topics.

These change from year to year, as new trends arise and the others fall out of popularity.

Not every topic you get a request for will make a good PLR content pack.

Because your content is priced well below what a ghostwriter would earn, you have to make up for those profits with the volume of sales.

That means you have to have enough buyers who are interested in the topic as private label rights content.

Sometimes, common sense will tell you what direction to take your content in.


For example, the make money online and weight loss niches are always going to be popular.

These are two topics that are very popular with Internet marketers, and consumers alike.

However, within those two topics, you’re going to have subtopics that become more popular at certain times of the year.

With Internet marketing, you’ll see topics like short form content exploding. This is because it has grown in popularity over the past year.

Or, if you see a social media platform that is growing in popularity, you can create PLR that teaches marketers how to use it to their benefit.

Another thing to be on the lookout for are strategic changes, such as an SEO (search engine optimization) update that Google puts out that can have consequences for website owners.

(*cough* Helpful Content Update 2023 *cough*)

Check Out What Goes Viral

If a new technology emerges, such as artificial intelligence (AI) tools, then that’s another good sign that it would be a good concept to write about.

With weight loss, you just have to pay attention to the news and social media buzz to get fresh ideas for your PLR.

There are always different diet plans that rise and fall in popularity.

For example, if you look on TikTok, you might see three weight loss concepts that are very popular:

  • semaglutides
  • calorie deficit diets
  • and low carb or ketosis diets.

From time to time, you’ll see a big buzz about something like a new fasting strategy.

With that said, you can jump on those topics and create PLR for your buyers.

As a result, they can be one of the first people using the content. This can attract an audience that is interested in learning more.


There will always be customers who email you with a very specific request.

For example, they might request something like, “Grooming a long-haired chihuahua.”

You may not want to create an entire PLR pack about that one, narrow topic.

Instead, you can let the customer know that you may not have enough buyers for such a narrow topic.

Instead, you may want to do a broader concept such as dog grooming in general.

To find topics that you feel might be good PLR ideas, there are many different ways you can brainstorm.

Consumers are swayed by what they see in the media. So you can look at the covers of magazines to see what is being discussed that they will soon be looking at more information about.

Simply type the name of a women’s magazine or niche magazine into Google. Then go to the images so that you can see the covers and what is being discussed inside that publication.

This will even help you slant the concept.

For example, if you type in Women’s World Weekly and go look at the covers, you’ll see wording that let’s you know their audience is looking for

  1. fast and easy weight loss
  2. weight loss over a certain age
  3. and problem areas such as their belly that they want to address.



Here are some titles on the covers that explain it perfectly:

  • 85 LBS Slimmer at Age 80 (weight loss over a certain age)
  • Drop 2 LBS a Day (fast weight loss)
  • No Work Weight Loss (easy weight loss)
  • The Cozy Carb That Burns Fat Fast (fast weight loss)
  • Meno-Belly Going, Going, Gone (weight loss over a certain age and in a problem area)
  • Drop 11 LBS in 3 Days (fast weight loss)
  • She Lost Her Belly at Age 68 (weight loss over a certain age and in a problem area)

You can also get on social media apps and sites.

Start looking to see what people are discussing using hashtags, viral videos, and in groups where there are active or thriving posts getting lots of engagement.

Take a peek inside online forums, too.

You will be able to see the threads and how much engagement they are getting.

You’ll be able to see what the mindset is of those who are discussing a specific topic.

Reading forum members’ posts can give you insight into what consumers feel is important.

For example, if you type in to Google the phrase “survival forums preparedness,” you’ll find forums on a site called

Look to see which section has a lot of engagement and then go to see which threads our most popular.

By taking a quick glance, you will see a thread called “Self Reliance as the path to survival and saving money.” It has over 70k views and 83 replies.

When you go read it, it is slanted to small space survival, which is another topic idea for you.


Selling PLR Content: Don’t Push Aside Evergreen Topics

As you sell PLR, you will get a better understanding of what people want to see from you.

There are many different topics that go over well with PLR buyers, including…

  • self help and success
  • weight loss
  • fitness
  • health problems
  • anti aging
  • relationships
  • pets
  • survival, etc.

You can get an idea of which PLR niches are selling best. Look at the bestseller lists on third party platforms.

Also, stay aware of what is being released in the marketplace by other, more experienced vendors.

In terms of best practices, you never want to copy other people’s ideas.

This is something scammy vendors will do. You want to make sure that you rise above that bad behavior.

Be innovative with your ideas so that you are serving your audience in the best way possible.


What You Need to Know About AI and Selling PLR Content

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools have now become a mainstream part of the Internet marketing industry.

(I used AI to help me brainstorm a couple of titles for this post, none of which I used! LOL. But reading those titles helped me to create my own, so that’s why I like AI.)

While most average consumers don’t really understand what it is or how it works, people who buy your PLR do.

They are not paying you to ask an AI tool to create content for them to buy.

They are looking for the content creators who have the ethics and mental capacity to come up with their own unique content.


There are many shady marketers who are going to encourage you to simply churn out hundreds of pages of content to sell to PLR buyers.

This is similar to how they once used article spinners to steal content from other people. They simply swapped the words around to try to turn it into something different.

A.I. tools work off of information that they have been fed from other sources.

Not only are they not coming up with anything truly unique, but they are also blunt about the fact that they can get facts wrong and even “hallucinate” answers.

With some of the content that you will be creating, such as health content, the last thing you want to do is copy and paste AI-generated articles that may mislead someone to the point that it causes injury or worse.



Traditionally, savvy PLR buyers would purchase a content pack the second it went on sale, and run the content through Copyscape.

This would alert them as to whether or not the vendor copied and pasted content from another person’s website to sell to them.

It has to be done early on, because once the PLR has been used by multiple buyers, it will obviously not pass Copyscape, even if the vendor truly did write it from scratch.

But now, there are AI detection tools that your buyers can use to see if you simply had a machine do the work for you.

While AI tools are beneficial for helping you fill the gaps in idea generation, they are not good tools to use for the actual content creation aspect of selling PLR.

They lack the human thought process about what is important an emotional standpoint, and that’s an advantage that you will have against these machines.


AI Doesn’t Have Feelings… But You Do!

Here’s a good example for you.

If you were to ask an A.I. tool for a reason why someone would want to be an online entrepreneur, one answer it would give you is:

“Unlimited earning potential: With an online business, your earning potential is unlimited. You can scale your business to reach a global audience, and you can use various marketing techniques to generate traffic and increase sales.”

Its answer is not false. Internet marketing does, indeed have unlimited earning potential.

But what this tool cannot convey to the reader are things like the frustration you feel as a corporate employee having to go to your boss and beg for a raise or financial recognition for a job well done.

It doesn’t touch on the fact that in today’s world, you might be working two or three jobs, and still barely be making ends meet.

It can’t factor in the sadness you feel and not being able to provide for your family, and having all of your hours stolen from you that could be spent enjoying the company of your loved ones.

But you, as a PLR seller, can include those important emotional elements that are so important.

This can help paint a picture for the reader and convince them to pull the trigger on your CTA.


Selling PLR Content Can Go Wrong With AI…

If you do use artificial intelligence tools to help you with your private label rights content, make sure you are doing your own work first to brainstorm creative ideas that are born from your own mind.

You can ask a robotic tool to help you see if you have included all of the important points.

It might be able to pinpoint something you accidentally left out.

After writing your content from scratch, you might want to run it through the tool to see if you have any blatant errors or typos.

But that’s where the use of artificial intelligence for PLR sales should end.

If you are choosing to go a different route and use these tools to create the entire content pack for you, then ethically, you should be transparent about this with your buyers.

There may come a day when Google and other search engines begin penalizing websites that are using artificial intelligence content.

If they are not aware, and they falsely believe that you have created this content for them, you could be sabotaging the future of their website.


Current PLR Media Formats Gaining Steam

PLR content started out primarily as text.

Vendors were selling the rights to eBooks and articles they had created for use on their own site, and simply earning a bit more by allowing others to use it, too.

Then, it expanded into different types of written content.

Not only were courses with sales letters and articles being packaged up, but vendors began selling lead magnets, product reviews, email autoresponders, and social media posts.

Later, they began packaging up full bundles that not only included the text content they could use to sell an eBook with a sales letter, but they also included the HTML website for the sales page and landing page with a lead magnet attached to it.

Many vendors also started including items that affiliates could use to promote these courses.

For example, they would include static and animated banner ads in the bundles.

But these days, private label rights has expanded past text and website code.

Video has become highly competitive with text content. In fact, younger generations prefer to watch, rather than read the content they are consuming.



YouTube is the second largest search engine in existence. Internet marketers who need content want to purchase it in video format, too.

There are also short form video trends that are exploding at this moment, so you can create longer and shorter content pieces that are sold where buyers can include their own branding intros and outros, put their own voiceover on it, add text overlays and more.

They can even extract the transcript and use it as written content, too. Plus you can add that in as an extra content piece for them.

Video PLR can be done easily just by:

  1. coming up with a script
  2. creating a slideshow presentation using a tool like Canva or PowerPoint, and then
  3. using screen capture recording software like Camtasia or CamStudio to record the file for your customers.

Audiobooks are now growing in popularity as a PLR format, too.

Many consumers prefer listening to important information as they do other tasks. These can be walking on a treadmill, cleaning house, and so on.

Don’t forget to include images, too.

Not only are eCover images and banners a good idea, but now, people want things like informative infographics they can use on Pinterest and elsewhere – as well as social quote posters that grab the attention of consumers in a social media feed or to use as a way to break up large blocks of text content in a blog post.


In Conclusion On Selling PLR Content…

By using all of these tactics and strategies, one can successfully maneuver through the Digital Age selling their PLR content with ease.

I’ll be back with part 2 soon. Leave a comment if you enjoyed this post.

Till Next Time…

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